Confessions of a Young Bottom

Confessions of a Young Bottom

By billy69boy

My name is Al. Looking back, I feel like I am the luckiest guy in the world. Here's my story:

For starters, I was lucky enough to discover my life's calling at a young age. It all started out innocently enough: I had a friend who was a few years older than me. He was barely into his teens. We used to play down by the river after school: climbing trees, skipping stones, catching frogs…the usual things boys did together. One day he brought a porn magazine down to the river. It showed Asian men doing various things with each other: sucking cocks and one even put his cock in another man's ass. I thought it was kind of odd at first. I had never really thought of men having sex with each other until I saw that magazine. My hard dick told me I was surprisingly aroused as well.

We decided to try some of the stuff with each other. I loved it all right away. My friend, however, quickly realized it wasn't for him. But he didn't mind getting his rocks off at my expense, so for the next year and a half, I was his willing bitch. Whenever he wanted to shoot his load, I was there to take care of him. He knew he could fuck me in the ass or get me to swallow his cum any time he wanted. The only thing he did for me was to give me a hand job one time, but I didn't mind. I was just interested in doing whatever he wanted. I realized that pleasing him meant more to me than anything else.

And so it all began. When we moved away, I really missed my fuck buddy. I grew restless at my new home, and I really got the sense that something was missing in my life.

One night, I impulsively snuck out of my bedroom window and took a walk. I discovered a drive-in movie theater just a few blocks away, and I snuck in under the fence. I took up a spot by the projection booth and sat down to watch the movie. Despite the fact that it was summer, there was a cool breeze that made me shiver a little. An older man walked by carrying a drink and a box of popcorn. I guess he saw me shaking, and told me he had a blanket back in his car if I wanted to use it. I stood up and followed him to his car. He wrapped me up nice and snug in his blanket. Within five minutes he was touching me, and I liked it. I figured he was in his 50's, but I wasn't sure.

After a few minutes, he said he had to go the bathroom, and if I wanted to get more comfortable, then go ahead. I didn't know what he meant, but I did know I wanted him to continue touching me. At first, I undid my pants and shoved them down to my knees, and pulled my shirt up. But then, I thought maybe I should get completely naked for him, so took all my clothes off and re-wrapped the blanket around me. When he came back, it didn't take him long to discover that I was naked under the blanket.

Without another word, he drove out of the theater and parked in a patch of woods close to my house. He leaned over and lowered the back of my seat so it was like a bed. He carefully peeled back the blanket, like I was a delicate flower or something, and I was very excited: This was the first time I was ever naked in front of an adult. My boyish cock was already rigid, and I closed my eyes. I could feel his hot wet mouth surround my shaft, and he began to gently suck me off. I could hear his breathing get deeper and louder as his head moved up and down on me.

The next thing I knew, I felt something brushing my face. I opened my eyes and I was staring at his stiff member. Instinctively, I opened my mouth, and he slipped it in, and began pumping my face. We both ended up cumming in each other's mouths, and I really liked it. He tasted quite good.

He drove me closer to my house, and he asked me if I wanted to come over to his place the next day, and I agreed. That was the beginning of a long relationship I had with the old man. I owe him a big debt of gratitude, because he became my sexual mentor. He taught me how to properly suck a cock, and how to take one in my ass. In fact, I ended up at his place every Saturday and Sunday afternoon to receive more lessons. He loved to take pictures of me, which I liked, because he made me feel like a glamour model.

When he decided I was ready, he started inviting some of his friends over to test me out. The first time, I was nervous, but willing. He was always kind and considerate, and he never made me to do anything against my will. He always asked my permission if we were getting ready to try something new. But the first time I had one cock in my mouth, and another one in my ass, I was hooked. I discovered that I loved to use my young naked hairless body to please other men. He took a lot of pictures of me, with his friends' cocks stuffed in my ass, and buried down my throat. He didn't take face pictures, just body pictures, so none of the men could be recognized.

In between my visits to his home, I took to hanging out in the nearby park. Men would meet me and take me out into the woods and use me to their delight, and mine. I loved it when several men would take turns shoving their hard meat deep into my mouth and ass. I started spending most of my free time looking for opportunities to please men. I loved being the center of attention, and being treated like an inconsequential piece of meat while giving men what they wanted. Sometimes I would literally get man-handled, and some of the men insisted that I call them "daddy" or "granddad" or "uncle"…I loved it all. I realized that I enjoyed pleasuring older men, some of them 20 or even 40 years my senior. Boys my age didn't turn me on at all.

When I joined the Navy, all my prior experience really came in handy. Every time I had liberty, which was quite often, I would have sex with at least one man and most of the time it was more than one. When I first got to San Diego I would walk from downtown to the roller skating rink which was about 5 or 6 blocks. I would always wear the same clothing which consisted of Penny Loafers with no socks, chinos which had an elastic waist so I didn't need a belt, and no underwear, and a shirt that buttoned down the front.

I would always unzip my pants at the beginning of the walk, and normally I wouldn't walk more than a block before a car would stop and ask if I wanted a ride. I always said yes and I would get into the car. As soon as I sat down my right hand would go under my shirt and I would unbutton my pants and make sure that my cock was free of my pants but still covered by my shirt. I didn't want to expose myself. I had a rule that the man had to start everything and that I would be very passive. It wouldn't be long before the man's hand would be sliding across the seat until his finger would be touching my leg, then his hand would be on my leg and when he knew I was not protesting, he would put his hand on my shirt- covered cock and begin stroking.

At that point I would slide my left hand onto his leg and over to his cock, which I would begin playing with. I would also remove my shoes with my feet and I would begin to unbutton my shirt. The man would usually turn to me with a smile on his lips and ask me what did I enjoy doing and in the beginning I used to say 'Anything, sir' but after a few weeks my answer was: 'I like to get naked sir, and I like sucking cock, and if you want to sir, you can fuck me.'

He would pull off the road and park behind a church or a grocery store that was closed and he would tell me to get into the back seat. It would only take seconds for me to remove my shirt and pants and I would climb over the seat and be sitting in the back seat completely naked, waiting for him, and from that point on, it would be whatever the man wanted. Sometimes I just sucked him off and other times he would fuck me.

When he was finished with me, I would climb back over the seat, get dressed and then get out of the car and continue walking toward the roller skating rink hoping that someone else would pick me up and the fun would continue. If I was lucky I would get picked up 3 or 4 times a night before I had to get back to the base.

One night, while walking around town, I happened upon an adult movie theater close to my base where I figured I could get some action. I was right. Soon it became a regular hangout. I would slip in at night, and sit way in the back. In no time, men would creep up and surround me. I couldn't wait to take my clothes off and feel their hands all over my body. I loved being used and abused by total strangers. I would let them do anything they wanted to me, and sometimes they could be quite rough. But, back then, that was what I wanted. The only thing was, I kept losing my clothes and shoes each night. I would find them aisles away after the movies were over and the lights in the theater came on.

One night, before the movies began, a man approached me, and told me to come with him. He took me up to the projection room and opened a hatch and told me to look through it. I could see everything in the last aisle where I always sat. He told me that he enjoyed watching me have fun with all the men, and he had a suggestion. (It turned out; he was the theater owner as well as the projectionist.) First, he offered to let me in for free whenever I wanted. Then, he gave me a trench coat. He told me to take my clothes off first and leave them in the booth, along with my shoes. He gave me a pair of flip-flops to wear in the theater. That way, I wouldn't keep losing my clothes and shoes all the time. He further instructed me to remain covered up in the trench coat, and to let the men open it up and discover that I was naked underneath. This appealed to me completely, and that is what I did.

That first night, I had more attention than ever. One stranger after another made their way to me and used my body every which way. My mouth and my ass were stuffed full at all times, while other men felt my body up, and jerked off on me while they watched me fucking and sucking constantly. I was their sex ragdoll, and I loved every minute of it. I would come back night after night and do it all over again, but that first night in the trench coat I must have serviced over twenty men, and I was sore the next day when I woke up.

On one of my "discovery" walks, I was picked up by a man who began taking me to private parties in hotels. He would dress me up in provocative outfits that barely covered anything. I was to go around serving drinks to the men who attended. I would get such a rush as I felt their lustful eyes looking my young body up and down. It was easy for me to figure out what they were thinking…and I wanted them to do everything to me that they thought about doing. One party was a costume party, and the man dressed up as a Cowboy, and gave me a skimpy Indian outfit to wear. It basically consisted of a tiny loincloth and a headband with a few feathers. He wrote on my forehead with bright red lipstick: Chief Want Cum, and painted arrows down my cheeks to my mouth. On my back, he wrote the same name, and the arrows went all the way down my back and pointed to my ass.

The men were obviously amused, and I loved all their snide remarks. They called me all kinds of names like "cum slut" and "little fuck toy". The man who brought me liked to refer to me as his "cum dumpster", and at parties he would introduce me as a "party favor" to the men. The first half of the party I was serving snacks to the men while they groped me and the second half of the party they were providing me with their cum in both holes. At one party, I serviced nine men throughout the evening, although not all at once.

I met Larry at one of those parties. Well, actually, I didn't really meet him: he sat in the corner all night, just watching the action. But he gave me his phone number as I was leaving, and I called him the next day. He took me to a fast food joint, fed me, and asked me a million questions about what I liked and didn't like, and what I was willing to do and not do. I told him I wasn't into bondage or spanking or pain, but pretty much I was willing to do most anything else…oh, I also didn't want to have to drink anyone's pee, but I didn't mind if the men wanted to pee on me, so long as I could take a shower afterward.

Larry never had sex with me, but he sure managed to get me laid hundreds of times over. He was a voyeur, and got off watching other men have sex. So, Larry became sort of my pimp, I guess you might say: He would put me in the back seat of his car and tell me to get undressed. Then he would drive to a parking lot near the woods where men were known to prowl for action. I don't know what he would say to the men he encountered, but when they got back to his car, the stranger would climb in the back with me. I would give each man the same opening line: "So, what can I do for you to give you pleasure tonight sir?" The men would tell me what they wanted, and I would deliver, while Larry would watch from the front seat. After the man was satisfied, Larry would go out and find the next "customer" for me to take care of. Sometimes, the man he picked up for me would want to take me into the nearby woods to have his way with me, and Larry would lead the way. I didn't mind. I loved pleasing men outdoors, just as I did as a teen back home.

One time on a train out to my duty station in San Diego from Chicago, I was approached by a man in the dining car. I agreed to accompany him back to his sl**per car, where he gave me a speech to make to his friends: I was to stand naked in front of the men who joined him, with my hands behind my head: "I am a cock sucking, cum loving whore. My mouth is your mouth to do with as you please. My ass is your ass to do with as you please. My only purpose for being here is to provide you and your friends with sexual pleasure." I would then just stand there until someone told me to do something. The anticipation of what was to come next was delicious! I had hands running all over my body, fingers exploring my ass and mouth; they fondled my balls and caressed my erection. I was in heaven. I don't remember how many men had their way with me in that sl**per car, but there sure were a lot of hard dicks wanting my attention. I remember the party went on for hours and hours.

One time when I was on leave, I took a bus back East. It was so stifling and such a long trip, I bailed out somewhere in the Midwest to relax for a couple of days at a hotel. I had a bathing suit that was way too small, but I wore it to the pool and dove in. It was afternoon, and the only other person sitting around the pool was an older gentleman in his 50's with grey hair, reading the newspaper. I could feel his eyes on me. I began to have a few erotic scenes run through my head, so I had to rearrange my cock in my swim suit. I got out of the pool using the ladder right in front of the man. He looked up from his paper and he asked me how the water was. All the while, he stared at the front of my swim suit which showed the outline of my erection. We chatted about the weather and trivial things, and he finally asked if I would like a beer in his unit, which I agreed to do. When we got to his room I asked him if I could use his shower to wash off the chlorine and he told me to go ahead.

I went into the bathroom, removed my swim suit, took a fast shower and wrapped a towel around my waist and went back out to the main room for the beer. When I sat down next to him my towel came untied (accidentally on purpose) and we sat there drinking and talking. He put his hand on the bed between our bodies and slowly moved it so that one of his fingers was touching my bare leg. When I didn't protest, he just moved his hand over to my cock and began rubbing it through the towel. I moved my hand and put it on his cock over his swimsuit and he asked me what I enjoyed doing.

I removed my towel completely and knelt on the floor between his legs, sliding his swim suit off and began sucking his cock. When he was really hard and wet from my saliva, I looked up at him and told him that he could fuck me if he wanted. He couldn't get me on the bed fast enough. As I was kneeling there on all fours and he put his cock at the entrance of my ass, and gave one push and he was buried deep inside me. He grabbed my hips and began fucking me with hard, fast strokes and it didn't take him long before he grabbed my hips really hard, gave one last thrust and started cumming inside me. I collapsed on the bed and he fell on top of me and we laid there until his cock softened and slipped out of my ass and then he rolled off of me. I got dressed and before leaving he asked if he could see me again later that night, which I agreed to do.

About 7:30 that night I was laying on my bed naked watching TV and there came a knock on my door. Because I thought it was him, I stayed naked and opened the door. It was him, but he also had a friend with him. Suffice it to say, I ended up having sex with both of them, one in my ass and one in my mouth and sometimes they switched places. Great motel and great fun was had by all, especially me.

When he brought his friend to my room, I forgot to add that he had brought a camera with him, and I agreed to pose for some pictures, some by myself and some with his friend. Then he put his camera on a tripod and he had a long cord attached to the camera so he could take pictures with that, so all 3 of us were in the picture. I loved posing for pics like that. It made me that much hornier. I enjoyed giving pleasure and in return I received pleasure from doing that. To hear the men's moans and groans, and to hear them talk dirty to me and to feel their hands all over my naked flesh was pleasure enough for me. Whenever I had sex with either a single man or a group, I was always naked and I didn't care if they were dressed or not…but I loved being naked.

Well, these are a few highlights of my sexual experiences as a youth. I hope you enjoyed my stories. I did enjoy reminiscing. Thanks for taking the time to read them. Do I have any regrets? Looking back, I would have to say: Hell Yes I have regrets! I regret that I didn't do twice as much as I did. I had quite a lot of fun, and the men made me feel like a rock star. Even the rough ones were very kind and appreciative of my willingness to serve them in any way they wanted. No one ever hurt me, or made me to do anything I didn't want to do. For me, it was all very exciting: the attention, the groping, the group sex, the parties, the picture taking, and especially the satisfaction I got from pleasuring all those grateful older men. And to think, it all started with a magazine full of naked Asian men.

If I had it all to do over again, I wouldn't change a thing…except that I would have done so much more.


Al (You can call me chiefwantcum if you like!)

97% (51/2)
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2 months ago
yues just what I needed thanks
7 months ago
What a wonderful account of both early experiences and those later on. He was such a lucky boy........
8 months ago
I fav'd your story! One of the best I have ever read. You had me hard from beginning to end. Thanks for sharing.
8 months ago
Great story. Wish I had that gumption.
8 months ago
I've read this several times and it never gets old
8 months ago
What an amazing life, in jealous ;)
11 months ago
I really like this. What a great sexual adventure... I'm a little jelous.
1 year ago
Loved it. Well done
1 year ago
Beautifully written. A grammatical blemish every now and again... but grounded in the all too real world of awakening sexual desire.
1 year ago
excellent life history. so easy to become that way.
1 year ago
I really need to stop reading your stories in the bathroom at my work. They get me hard and it's tough getting back to my desk.

Get stories!
1 year ago
great story ;-)
1 year ago
Great story-I would love to have someone teach me and turn me out like that.
1 year ago
Thanks for posting my story and for those people who doubt that this story is true, let me tell you that the story is about me and 100% true. I may embellish on some of that later one and if anyone wants to ask me any questions please feel free to do so.
1 year ago
was it the Master Bates motel?
1 year ago
wow those were some hot stories more please
1 year ago
As always, excellent story telling. Al, like so many of us, have stories, upon stories to tell. You have such a way with words, made it easy to visualize the thrill of the situation. Thanks again. Hank :-))
1 year ago
wow so good.
cock was hard from the start.
would love to chat to u about it