One of my good friends is a cum junkie...

One of my good friends is a cum junkie. She'll take cum anywhere she can get it, and she'll swallow every last drop, but the one thing she loves the most and goes absolutely NUTS over is when guys cum inside her.

She's obsessed with the feeling of it - she's, in her words, "addicted." When I asked her to explain why she loved it so much, she said that most women who can feel a guy cumming inside of them, but they can't necessarily feel the cum itself once the guy pulls out unless it oozes out of them.

But apparently, she claims that she can feel the cum itself, even when it's so deep inside her that it doesn't drip out. She says she can feel the heat of it, and that it's a comforting feeling - "like the way tomato soup makes your stomach feel comfy warm on a really cold winter day" was the way she put it.

But she also loves copious amounts of cum pumped into her - it's as though she can never get enough of the stuff, but it's got nothing to do with the taste of it, since she much prefers to have it go directly into her.

She once got a bunch of her guy friend and their friends to all go over to her place and literally take turns cumming inside her one at a time - one guy would go into her room, fuck her and cum in her, then leave so the next guy could go in and do the same thing. I took part in that, and she was truly filled to the brim by the time my turn came around.

There was so much cum inside her that when I pushed my cock in her, it displaced the cum from the other guys and most of it oozed out. I shot my load inside her, of course, washed off, and then left the room so the next guy could have his turn. But she was in heaven, and she said that every time one of those guys blew his load inside her, no matter how much cum was already in there, she said she could feel it hit the back of her pussy and simply felt amazing.

Does this sound familiar to any of the girls here? Are these feelings unique to my friend, or do the women on here know exactly what she's talking about? Sure, she's a cum junkie, but I'm curious to know if what she feels when a guy cums inside her is common, or if it's something unique to her and her body?


Here's how it feels for me:

If a guy cums in my pussy, i can feel the warmness of his cum, but more than that i can feel the spasms of his penis as he shoots his load deep in me. usually i can feel it dripping out of me because of the spread of the warmth. i don't know that i can usually feel it hit the back of my pussy. maybe occasionally? but definitely not regularly.

As for the 'addiction,' i suppose perhaps i have it too. but it is a provable addiction, science has shown, because it acts as an antidepressant:
"Gallup says this suggests, in the simplest terms, that semen is a d**g, and that it's addictive: Women go through a kind of withdrawal when they stop getting it. "


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6 months ago
hot slut.
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3 years ago
Great story, yeah it is a great feeling and so enjoyable and comfortable. We are similar in ways