Creampie Wendy

When I was in my early 20's some 2 decades ago, I worked with this hot 17 year old named Wendy. From our first meeting she made it clear she wanted me to fuck her. I made it clear that I was going to wear her out with my cock & make her my little slut, but not until she was 18. She took that as a challenge, & teased me relentlessly for the next few months. My shift was after hers, she would fuck her boyfriend in his van in the parking lot & come back in to tell me about it, & do all she could to get my cock hard for her.

She drove me crazy, one night she came in & told me her bf had brought a friend, & that she sucked their cocks, & they fucked her doggy style until each had shot a load in her pussy & down her throat. She was all sweaty, hair & makeup a mess, that brought me to my breaking point. I grabbed her hair, pulled her head to my crotch, and began to pull out my hard cock. She had a big smirk on her pretty face, I planned to ram my cock deep into that smirk. Right then another guy came in, so that stopped me from giving the teasing little slut what we both wanted.

As her birthday got closer, we both were hot from anticipation, 2 weeks from the day, I began a routine, since my other girl was gone for a month, it was easy to do. Each day, some days more than once, I would stroke my cock to the brink of cumming, then stop. I wanted to shoot a massive load down her throat once I finally got my cock between her sweet lips. Whenever I saw her the next weeks, I would tell her I was going to make her gag.

My balls were pretty full when she came to my house the morning of her b-day, she had on a negligee with a coat over it, as soon as she was in the door we were on each other like a****ls. I got my hands and teeth on her perfect tits that had been making me crazy, while I told her what a teasing little slut she was. She just smiled and moaned as I pushed her to her knees.

My cock was so hard and swollen as I pulled it out for her. I'll never forget the way she licked her lips and the look of hunger on her face. I tipped her head back and cockslapped her a few times, and her lips parted as my engorged cockhead pressed against them, then I shoved it all the way down her throat and held it there.

She did her best to bob her head on it, but I held her tight until she started to choke. As I pulled out, I told her she would pay for teasing me. She was gasping, but she said "OH, FUCK YEAH!", and I rammed it down again. This went on for a while, I was savouring the sight of this gorgeous little slut with her lips stretched around my shaft, tears running down her face from gagging.

I was on the edge of cumming the whole time, and her throat spasming on me felt so fucking good. When I asked her if she was ready for the load I had saved for her, she nodded eagerly, so I grabbed her blond hair with both hands, drew back my hips and started thrusting as hard as I could.

She was making a high pitched squeal, I was grunting like a savage, after 5 or 6 thrusts I tipped my head back and roared as my cock began to buck and started pumping bursts of thick cream into her mouth. I was shocked at how much cum I fed the little slut, and I loved it when she couldn't swallow fast enough, started to choke and had my cum leaking out and running down her chin.

I remember saying "Told you I would drown you, bitch!". She just laughed, she knew she was a little slut, and she was OK with it. Turns out her bf had given her some speed for her b-day, we did a bunch of that and I spent the next 2 days pounding my big cock into her tight little body.

As time went on I made her my little cumslut. She would do what I told her -- and I used her well. She loved it when I would send her into bars to pick out a guy and bring him outside and suck him off as I watched, then sucked me as the guy watched. It wasn't always just one guy, either.

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3 years ago
great slut more about her
3 years ago
more bill ,,great story
3 years ago
nice, now tell us some more!