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It took me a lot of practice to be able to cum inside a woman's vagina while fucking and not losing my erection like most men do instantly after orgasming. Some women have told me that they can feel me shoot hot cum inside them or against their cervix and then some have not even noticed.

I guess the secret of breaking that weakness of losing your hardon after male orgasm is to use your body and mind as one to know that you have to go against that natural feeling to stop or relax and to actually go harder or faster.

To keep your senses overloaded and focus them. I have with one of my ex's gone 6 times of cumming before I was just out and shooting blanks. She was oozing of both of our fluids and it felt so good.

Has anyone ever had this kind of experience before? Curious...

I have enjoyed vaginal two-fers maybe 3-4 times, but never 3 or more. My GF loves them because it's usually my orgasm that triggers her's, and that means a two-fer for her. But when I'm jerking off, I can easily cum 3 times in a row, and sometimes 4-5 if it has been a few days, and I have been stimulated for an hour or so beforehand. Each ejaculation is about half the vomume of the one preceding it, but I can usually get at least a drop or two to come out on the 5th cum.


I may have misinterpreted the context of the original question. Since the subject is cream pies, it may have been about ejaculating but not orgasming so you don't lose the urge to go down on her and clean up afterwards.

I have found that I can edge myself up to, but not over, the point of orgasm, causing a mini ejaculation with no loss in the drive to eat it. I can do this 2-3 times in one session, usually cumming some on my lady's boobs and licking it off, cumming some more on her pussy and licking that off, then saving the final ejactulation and full orgasm for inside her pussy, where my spurts cause her to have another orgasm of her own.

And yes, ejaculation for me has always been a little like the half-life thing - less and less as I enjoy more and more. Also, curiously, the consistency and taste of my cum changes somewhat between the first, second and third emissions. But I never felt my dick ache if I did it too many times. That's a shame!


If I'm fucking a pussy and come in it, the loss of friction makes it feel different and I lose it for a bit. Eating her out, her sucking me, watching the other guy or girl make her cum or whatever OTHER play will get me back in the game almost immediately.

Give me a butterd bun, or cream pie an already cum filled pussy or ass and I can fuck it all night, cum repeatedly and often...

It's not a psych out thing at all, it's a consistency thing.. If I cum in a slippery dripping hole, it keeps feeling the same as it did when I got there.


To me it's a matter of friction.. I can stay hard and keep going, but once it's all cream pie, it gets slicker, giving less sensation.. It wouldn't be the first time I stuck my fingers or face in and "cleared the firing chamber" to get more friction again. Sometimes it's the cream pieness of it that makes me neeeed to keep going! Mood, energy, position can all make a difference.

It brings up something I've noticed and contemplated... If I fuck someone and cum inside, the reduced friction my not be quite enough sensation compared to 10 minutes ago, but for the life of me, now matter HOW fucked out I am, if a pussy is filled with cum from the LAST guy a girl just fucked, insty hardon like steel. It's a high level aphrodisiac to me. I've examined it repeatedly, it's not about dominance or competition at all, sluts just turn me the fuck on madly.


Loosing erection ? What's wrong with you guys. I never lost any erection after cumming. Don't know that. For me, ejaculation and orgasm is 2 separated things. I can have my orgarm several times without ejaculation. I can also ejaculate without orgasm. I didn't know it was supposed to be together.


If I make the girl cum before we fuck, I can share her multiorgasmic energy and cum 2-5 times without losing my erection, as we share energy, her orgasm also becomes more direct so she gets some of my energy.

I love the girls who can feel the cum inside, esepecially when it triggers them to cum.


I learned to be multi orgasmic a long time ago. My wife didn't like giving me a blow job, draining me, then not having a hard cock to fill her. So I learned to squirt just a taste and have a couple of shots left for her pussy. I am good for at least two times, sometimes four. And if there isn't enough friction I just reach under her bottom and squeeze her cheeks together. This tightens her right up.


For me, it's about fucking/sucking/stroking right up to the point of orgasm, but stopping just before I go over the edge. Somehow that triggers the ejaculatory process and I produce 1, 2, or sometimes 3 spurts (depending on how long it has been since I last came).

When that happens, ejaculation without orgasm, I don't lose my urge to taste it so creampies, snowballs, and creamy boobs are all fun to consume. After my lady has enjoyed that, I'm still hard and can usually do it again, or just let loose and enjoy a full orgasm - with ejaculation, but less fluid than there would have been if I hadn't done the earlier activity.

You can practice this by yourself, or with a supportive partner. She has to understand that when you stop, she can't do anything that might push you over the edge. That's why some call it 'edging.'


When I cum inside a pussy, unless im pretty exhausted, I will be still hard and will keep going for the second one.

I've always been able to, and it's one of the reasons I love to bareback/creampie my partners. It leads to fucking intense marathon sessions.

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I LOVE creampies,I have a huge fetish for forced creampies and forced impregnation