After The Races

We had a hot time last night with a guy named Justin. He had sent us a message on Adult Matchmaker, an Aussie dating site. He was attracted by Sophie’s blonde hair, big tits and hot curvaceous body. I contacted him and arranged to meet at 7.30 Saturday night.

Sophie decided to go to the races on Saturday afternoon with some girlfriends. This was perfect. They usually go to a pub after the races so I knew that when I picked her up at 7.15 she would be d***k and very horny.

In fact the races are a bit of a favourite – they are a great place to hook up. On a couple of occasions after going to the races Sophie has come home around 4am looking very dishevelled and ... with cum leaking from her well-fucked pussy.

I picked her up and we went to Justin’s place. He was fit, ruggedly good looking and very easy going. I could tell that Sophie was immediately attracted to him. After about 30 minutes of small talk, I noticed that Sophie had let her dress ride up, exposing plenty of her smooth shapely legs. Then she stretched out and began caressing his feet with hers.

She straddled him and they began to kiss. Soon her dress was off and his cock was out. What followed next was frantic sucking, caressing, and kissing. I had the camera and was snapping away as well as stroking my cock.

It was very exciting watching my wife giving herself totally to another guy.

Then they went o the bedroom and began to fuck. I made sure I took plenty of photos, especially of the golden moment when Justin entered her for the first time. What followed was 30 minutes of energetic sucking and fucking. Sophie was moaning continually as Justin brought her to numerous orgasms.

Then Sophie said, “I want you to come inside me.” With that Justin picked up the pace and began to slam into her. “I’m going to cum,” he said hoarsely. He stiffened and slammed into her again and then stayed deeply impaled as he ejaculated. There is something very exciting about watching another man spurting his seed deep inside your wife and my cock was trembling with excitement.

After a few moments he rolled off and Sophie turned her body towards me. I gently spread her legs and I could see the white trickle of Justin’s semen beginning to leak from her pussy. I reached out and parted her pussy lips and I could see larger globs of cum beginning to ooze out. I ran my finger through them, enjoying the silkiness of the texture.

I love to lick Sophie’s pussy when she brings home a creampie, but tonight I felt awkward and unsure what to do next. Sensing this Sophie pulled me to her and kissed me passionately. Reaching down she grabbed my cock and stroked it up and down her cum-filled cunt. Then I entered her.

“Can you feel his cum?” she whispered in my ear. “Does it feel good?”

“It’s unbelievably good. So silky. I love it when you’re a slut,” I whispered back.

“Whenever you want, honey.”

Then I came, adding my cum to Justin’s.

It was a good night and we plan on hooking up again. It may well be that Sophie sees him on her own. In some ways it’s more exciting waiting for your slut wife to come home than it is being there witnessing the event.

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