Sharing At A Swing Club

Sharing At A Swing Club

We both get really turned on, when I get shared by my Husband.

We went to a swing club last week on Friday night when they let extra guys in. We had been a few times before but sometime ago.

We arrived a bit later than usual, a lot of people were there already. We went through reception, went to the change room, things into the lockers, stripped then had our towels.

We did the tour of the place, lots of little rooms and the video lounge. We went back to the bar area and had a few drinks. A few guys talked to us, the whole time hubby was like a k** with a new toy grinning from ear to ear.

I was feeling turned on, so I whispered to my hubby. He held my hand as we went one of the rooms which was very dark. There was padded bench like bed on the side. Hubby started kissing me, pushed me back onto it and then knelt between my legs to give me oral. He had me squirming and I was loving it.

In the meantime a few guys were touching my breasts, I didn’t stop them so they took it as an invitation. I reached up under the towel of one of the guys and started rubbing his cock, he already had an erection. I pulled him to my mouth and started to give him a blow job. Hubby then got between my legs and really started to fuck me hard.

Hubby really gets off watching me give guys blow jobs and seeing guys cum over me. With the action was like a green light, I had a number of guys hovering near me, so here I was on my back, hubby fucking me, sucking on a cock and a couple of guys waiting their turns with my mouth whilst playing with my breasts. My husband fucked me fast and then slow, trying not to come for about 15 minutes, in the meantime I was busy and had sucked off three blokes, cum all over my face and neck with a few of guys over my breasts and tummy.

My hubby said he didn’t want to cum yet and was too close, I was annoyed as I was so horny. Before I knew it my husband pulled out and got up, within in a second another cock had filled his spot. It felt huge, it fucked me very hard.

My husband stood near my hips and used some cum that had landed on my tummy and started playing with my clit. This sent me over the edge and I couldn’t suck on any cock as I came so loudly, there was a crowd around me now. The guy between my legs pushed in deep and came inside me.

As soon as he pulled out another guy took his place. He fucked me like his life depended on it, and soon came in me as well. In the mean time a few more guys and squirted their cum over me. Hubby was next and crawled up between my legs and slipped his cock into my very wet pussy. Another of his favourites sloppy seconds/thirds, he didn’t last long and came inside me. With all the excitement and guys touching my breasts and clit as my husband fucked me, as he came I came again.

We decided that we should clean up, to much of the disappointment of the guys in this small room. When I got up I felt like such a cum slut, I was covered in cum and had it leaking out my pussy. We ended up going for a quick shower. I was well and truly shared. We have lots of fun together and these sorts of experiences fuel our sex for weeks later.

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3 years ago
lets help charlie get used and cum covered
3 years ago
Bill I want her too! ;) Great story!
3 years ago
mmm yummm would love to be you, i dream of lots of men cumming on me in me and feeling used xxx
3 years ago
that's AWSOME... want to find a guy who wnts to share me too
3 years ago
Another great one. Loved it. Thanks.