Encounter in Tahiti, on a boat ...

When I was younger my Dad and Mom chartered a sailboat in Tahiti, along with a few other couples and me. It was a wonderful vacation.

The captain of the ship was a tan, wiry little 45 year old French man named Jean Louis with a permanent 5:00 shadow and a permanent cigarette butt hanging out of his mouth. (He looked pretty sexy to a 16-year-old!) The cook was a 40 year old native Tahitian named Bebe (pronounced Bay Bay.) Bebe loved to go topless on the boat.

I liked to lay in the sun when the other people went out sight seeing. When everyone else was off the boat, Bebe would whip off her bikini top and make dinner topless in her bikini bottom with her small, tan breasts exposed and just me and Jean Louis to see her.

My sl**ping quarters were outside on deck on a nice mattress over one of the hulls of the catamaran that was used for sunbathing during the day. Most nights Jean Louis and Bebe slept in their crew quarters, but one night, long after everyone had gone to bed, over the sound of the wind and the waves I could hear whispering on deck. It was almost pitch dark but by the moonlight I could see that Jean Louis and Bebe were on the mattress across the cockpit from me on the other hull of the catamaran, about 8 feet away. I lay completely still and pretended I was sl**ping.

At first it was just voices (in French) but soon I could hear Bebe’s soft moaning, and I felt a fabulous tingling all over my 16 year old virgin body.

It was a magical moment. The boat was gently rocking in the wind and the water softly slapped against the hulls. The warm wind blew over my sheet clad body, and I listened dreamily to my Tahitian friend enjoying quietly at first and then with increasing urgency until she let out a long sweet moan when she came in the moonlight just a few feet away from me.

When they were done, I heard them speaking quietly to each other in French. From what I could gather from my high school level French, Bebe said something like “I hope she didn’t hear us.” And Jean Louis said, “Maybe she could use an education.”

That was the first of a few nights that the slapping of the waves was accompanied by some beautiful love music on the mattress next to me. During the day these two were sexy and alluring presences for me as they went about their daily chores, and at night I got to hear them during their little secret time together.

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a good one