Creating New Life

I Have An Impregnation Fetish : Creating New Life

Impregnation sex is a totally different from normal sex. It's a sacred act of two loving, passionate people joining their bodies together to create a c***d.

It's giving our bodies in the hands of nature and without any resistance or pressure - totally going with the flow of love. Opening our bodies and inviting each other to experience the deepest connection possible between humans: male and female.

I thinking more and more often about finding passionate, fertile, younger woman who would share the same passion and desire as I do.

She is opened, maybe slightly shy, strongly feminine, loving and happy person. She might already have c***dren or maybe it's time for her to create her first baby. She is very sexual. She is younger, possibly much younger.

She is ovulating and fertile. She feels more than desire for sex. She feels it with her body, mind and spirit - she feels it's time for her to create something so ultimately beautiful that it's almost impossible for her to not think about it.

I yearn to find a woman like that. I yearn to touch her body in a way that no one else touched her before. I want to make her feel like a queen of universe who possesses ultimate powers to create and carry new life inside of her amazing body. I want to make her feel a deep appreciation from me toward her readiness to enter new stage in her life and open her body so intimately for mine. I want to feel how much she wants to sense my sperm with all her being.

I want to feel her muscles relaxed, her hands loving my skin, her legs wrapped around my torso wanting to bring us so close together.

I want to whisper in her ear the silent music of loving words.

I want our room to have a dim light, so we could look into each other's eyes the moment my love juice start flowing deep inside of her wonderful body. Our orgasm will be felt 1000 times stronger empowered by the knowing that it is two of us that just created a new life that otherwise would never happen.

It's magic that worth dreaming about ....

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1 year ago
The writer's fetishes are precisely my fantasies; there is nothing more substantially constructive in a relationship than the ultimate committment, the creation of a new life! The nine-month maternity cycle, the birth, nurturing and rearing a child derived of love of each parent for the other is a concept beyond amazing and normal human pleasures!!
3 years ago
yes it is good
3 years ago
that exactly what i want to experience with a beautiful Asian woman ;)