Cougar creampies from college guys

I like younger men. Something about their hard bodies on top of you with an equally hard cock inside of you. Don't get me wrong. I love being with my husband and he knows all the right tricks to get me going. But it's nice to have a younger man now and then. Since this guy was new, he didn't know much about our lifestyle. I had met him a few weeks ago at a local coffee shop and he knew I was married, but he flirted with me anyway. We met daily and I knew he was very interested in me. I talked it over with my husband and he encouraged me to go for it. We arranged for him to be "out of town" for the night.

I set it up for yesterday and it worked out wonderfully. To be fair, I did tell the guy alittle about the lifestyle I'm in and it didn't turn him off. In fact it got him more excited. I brought him home with me where he cooked dinner for me (how romantic) and we had a nice time eating. I could tell he was very nervous and I calmed him down with a glass of wine (just one glass mind you). He then did the one thing I love, he began to rub my feet. It felt so nice. I had been wearing a high heeled thong sandal with a strap most of the day, and as good as they looked, they do hurt the feet. But his rubbing made up for wearing them.

Of course we talked as his hand began to rub my lower leg, then my thigh. I could tell that he was at the critical point of no return, but didn't know if he should go the next step. I help him along by moving his hand right below my pussy area. His hand began to rub the area and I put my head back and moaned slightly to let him know that he was hitting the right spot.

Well anyway we began kissing and his hands were all over me. He then put his head between my legs and started giving me oral right through my panties. I stopped him and said that we need to go to the bedroom. I e****ted him there and then took him into the shower with me so we could clean ourself up (I'm concious about my smell in the "down there" regions). And of course I was able to feel the young man's very hard, very stiff cock which was standing at attention.

We dried off and I changed into a sexy outfil and we got into bed and I slowed him down a bit by talking and not letting him touch me intimately. I wanted to get him under control so he wouldn't spent himself in seconds, leaving me unsatisfied. It seemed to work and he was soon used to me and it was then I let him begin touching me where ever he pleased. Of course I guided his head towards my "nether regions" and he took the hint and gave me some wonderful oral (yes, I did orgasm). We then kissed for awhile before I took him in my mouth, being careful that he not cum, just yet.

Finally, I allowed him to mount me and I could feel the tip of his very hard cock near my entrance tryng to make entry. I put my hand down there and guided his cock to my entrance and felt him push his way in. I told him to go in slowly, which he did, and soon I had him all the way inside of me. Bu the way, he did offer to use a condom, but I told him that this wouldn't be necessary.

No, he didn't have a monster cock that all woman want (not). He had a normal sized penis that had the advantage of being very erect. I actually don't like men with large "members." It's ok if they know what they are doing, but most think they are a gift to all woman kind and all they have to do is stick it in and the woman wll be having a mind blowing orgasm. Not true, not true at all.

Well anyway, I'm on my back, I've got a young, college guy on top of me with his very hard dick all the way inside of me. He started moving and it felt wonderful. I'm lucky in that I can orgasm with just a dick alone. I guess my clit is positioned in just the right place to get great stimulation from the penis. He actually lasted longer than I thought. Once I had my orgasm, I think that is where he lost it. He was able to last a few more thrusts before I could feel his penis starting to pulsate inside of me and I was then flooded with his sperm.

He layed on top of me for a few minutes before getting off me and we both rested for awhile. Though I didn't want him to spend the night, I wasn't going to let him go too early. The great advantage of a youthful man is his recover time between sex. With my husband, he can only manage once a day (twice is sometimes possible). Well the recovery time for this young man was about 45 minutes and we were soon at it again.

I actually like sex the second time around because the guy has already spent himself and now is more interested in exploring and doing new things. Though he didn't want to do oral on me because he said it would freak him out to have his own sperm at his mouth. We screwed in various positions, and he was able to bring me to orgasm twice this time using only his cock.

Finally, knowing he wanted to come inside me again, I had him hold me in the spooning position which allowed him to put his hand on my lower tummy. I love this feeling of a man inside of you with his warm hand on my tummy. His hand was extra good because a finger got near my clit and I was able to position him just right so I could get another orgasm. As I was moaning, I could feel him making his release inside of me. Exhausted, we just layed there for a while. I could feel his hard cock getting softer and softer and it soon came out. After a short rest, I got him dressed and out the door.

My husband came rushing out of the guest room and I was soon on my back with his cock buried deep inside me adding his sperm to the young man's fluids. My husband told me later that he had caught a glimpse of the sex as he stood near the door on his knees listening.

So, that was my night. How was everyone elses?

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4 years ago
great story and more guys should learn the joys of eating creampies out of the women they love
4 years ago
Great story!