UK e****t online ad ...

UK e****t online ad ...

Full Bushed Pregnant Babe hopes to entice you to give her your sperm deep into her Bushy Pussy!

To all you horny guys... make sure your number is in any email you send me or I will not reply!

A brief introduction to myself, The fab, Fun MatureBushBabe.

As you may be able to tell, Im three months pregnant!

I know I am a little bit older than a lot of mums but I like the cycle and hope to get pregnant yet again after this one is born!

I just love to be fucked while my womb is full,I know there are lots of you hot horny guys out there that love it also,

I love the feeling of my breasts being swollen and full of milk,Would you like me to play mummy?

If you like I can cradle you in my arms, wrap you in a blanket and breast feed you, or if you would rather I can express my mother milk and give you a bottle, change your bottom talc you and rock you to sl**p...

I love to be fucked bareback and feel every inch of your rock hard cock pushing my pussy lips apart as you enter me, I just love how being pregnant makes me so horny, I can't wait till I have this one and will be looking to get pregnant again straight away.

I have no preference as to colour or race of my c***d, so a huge black throbbing cock would fill me up just perfect, or maybe a indian man would also be able to take the position up....

As you can tell by my name I hate shaven havens.... thats bare pussy.

I love the totally natural look of a full bush, its natural for hair to grow down the insides of your thighs, theres nothing better than when im lying on my back ,legs spread wide open ready to recive your spunky load and all you get is a glimps of my pink pussy lips pertuding through.

Its great the way the hot cum cream feels matted in my pubes ready for you to saviour with your tounge, my arse is hairy, my tight brown hole is nicly hidden beneath a blanket of hair ready for you to part and find your way to a tight fit bit of heaven, Mmmmm nice....

My cunt is starting to water just thinking about our dirty sex sessions!!!

I love the taste of creamy thick cum cream fresh and warm straight from and from your still twitching, pulsating member, would you like to share with me your love juice (snowball)???

My next favourite is watersports, taking you warm fluid in my mouth drinking it down and licking my lips clean.

You could bend me over ram your cock inside and fill my cunt hole with your golden water, and watch as it gushes out of my showering my bush hair and legs, would you love to be sitting beneath me while we play this game.???

So to clarify I will be getting pregnant well in to my fiftys, Do you fancy a lucky dip?

100% (4/0)
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3 years ago
oh my,you sound perfect,god i`d love to play with you,filling your stomach with my cum