Are You A Porn Star?

Just for fun, an interesting analysis of data from the Internet Adult Film Data Base of some 7000 females and 3000 males.

Data is US-centric and percentage discussions are of women unless otherwise noted.

Weight is the biggest distinction between porn stars and the general population.

Porn stars are quite a bit lighter. At 117 lbs, the average female performer is a considerable 48 lbs under the national average for women, and the average male, at 167.5 lbs, weighs 27 lbs less than the national average for men.

The average male and female performer are the same height as the average American man and woman: 5’10″ and 5’5″ respectively.

Age wise: the data shows that the average age of a woman when she gets into porn is 22 years old—and it has been for the last 40 years—and that’s the case for all women, regardless of race.

Men have been progressively getting into the business at a younger age, though: in the 1970s their average debut age was 29, but now it’s 24. Porn stars of both genders have also been progressively retiring earlier: in the ‘70s, men stayed in porn for an average of twelve years, and women for nine. Now men on average quit after four years, and women after three.

The average age of a MILF in porn is thirty-three. 20% of the ‘MILFs’ were 20–25 years old, 7% were over 40, and 4% were over 50. The average age of a first time mother in America. In 2006 is was 25 years old (22.6 in Mississippi).

I wonder if the proliferation of amateur porn results in demand for only the "ideal age" porn actress in professional films.

As for body characteristics, the most common bra size for a female porn star is 34B. The most common set of measurements for the women was 34–24-34.

Faux blond hair was represented over six times that of the natural population at 32.7% versus 5%. No data on what percentage of the general population dyes their hair blond.

Participation by race generally mirrors the population.

Porn stars of both genders have more tattoos and body piercings than an average person of the same age in the general population. 43% of porn stars have a body piercing (13% more than average) and 45.5% have at least one piece of body art—9.5% more than average.

Sex acts filmed and hence reported may be skewed by what is viewed in the industry as a prosecution risk. However, there is more anal at 62% than the 46% in the general population. Lots of facials at 87% which does not surprise because its a visual money shot (not much to film with ejaculation inside the body and safer than swallowing (31% of participants) or ejaculation yielding that cream pie (28% of participants).

Surprisingly only 6% of the women have filmed fisting. I suspect fisting is much more common in male gay porn but don't have any data.

Interracial sex must flip a few switches in porn consumers because 53% of performers reported it. Based on interracial marriage and dating studies, I suspect this number far, far exceeds the general population engaged in interracial sex, although some of the Atlanta swing clubs seem to cater to this fantasy/kink so perhaps interracial porn caters to a fantasy/kink that is more widespread than we might suppose.

As has long been the case (at least outside of gay male porn), the group of male performers is much smaller than the pool of female performers. Accordingly, they are having lots more sex.

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