Vacation impregnation 1/2

Used another man to get the daughter he watned (my friend sent me this. It's what got us interested in the lifestyle)

I have always fantasized about watching my wife with another man. However unlike others on WL, my wife and I have never discuss it. My wife is not a complete prude, but sharing is just something that I know she wouldn't be comfortable with. Several years back we had taken a vacation down south to get away from the cold northern weather. The k**s were out of school and work was slow, so it seemed a perfect time to take a break.

The hotel we stayed at had was very nice and offered all the amenities including separate bedrooms for the k**s, a large pool, hot-tub,playground and game room. We're a f****y of 5, my wife and I and our three sons - ages 3, 6, and 7 at the time. Sara has made it known that she desperately wanted a little girl, but as most good parents are she would always add the caveat that she loved our boys and would never give them up for anything.

Sara and I had been married for 11 years and have shared many memories. Sara was 32 with long blond hair, about 5'6" and about 125lbs. Needless to say I think she's still quite attractive and often gets looks from other men. Although other men looking at Sara never seemed to phase her, I've always thought that she should 'flaunt it if she's got it'.

Anyway, the first full day on vacation was spent pretty much just lounging by the pool, swimming and relaxing in the sun. During the day the pool was quite empty, and often we were the only one's swimming. In the evening we noticed that the pool became a bit more crowded, mostly with people that appeared to know each other.

A guy sat down next to our chairs and overheard Sara and I talking about the people, and he spoke up and told us that most of the people were there for a conference, including himself. We learned that his name was Don, lived in Ohio, was married with two small girls the same ages of our boys. Don was very friendly and we ended up talking to him quite a bit that evening, and he was very friendly with the boys.

The next day while we were swimming by the pool we looked up to see Don sit next to us in the otherwise empty pool area. He told us that the conference was boring and since no one really knew him that he'd ditch it for the afternoon and take advantage of the nice weather. We ended up talking with Don most of the day, and he helped entertain the k**s by playing with them at times. He mentioned that he loves boys, but his f****y is beset with all girls. Oddly enough my side of the f****y is just the opposite as we all have boys.

That evening while we were washing up and getting the k**s ready for bed, I started joking with Sara about Don and how friendly he was towards her, and the occasional glances he'd sneak at her in her bikini. Sara brushed it off and didn't say much about it. That evening after the k**s were in bed, Sara and I sat on the balcony sipping a few cocktails and talked.

Sara said how nice it would be if we could both go down and enjoy the hot-tub, but since we needed to stay and watch the boys it wasn't possible. I told her to go and I'd stay back and watch the boys. I was surprised when she agreed, but I really didn't mind since the weather and view from the balcony was so nice.

The pool and hot-tub were far but both viewable from our balcony, so I watched as Sara walked to the pool. Since our room was on the upper floor, I had a hard time looking at Sara so I grabbed the camcorder and used the zoom feature to get a close-up view. I watched as she slipped into the pool and took a few laps. It appeared as if there where no one else in the pool at the time. As I continued to sip my drink, I looked down at Sara a few minutes later and noticed that Don was in the pool as well and they appeared to be talking while resting against the edge of the pool.

A few minutes had passed and I noticed Sara climb from the pool and could see Don watching her ass as she pulled herself out. He then climbed out of the pool. Sara walked to the hot-tub and Don walked in the opposite direction. I kept the camera's focus on Sara as she lowered herself into the hot-tub. The way the hot-tub was situated, only the upper floors had a view of it, and without looking through something with a zoom lens I wouldn't be able to make anything out.

I couple minutes had passed and I noticed Don approach Sara and hand her a drink. He then lowered himself in the hot-tub next to her. I could see by their actions that they were becoming very friendly, and were very close to each other. I stared intently as they flirted with each other and then I nearly dropped my drink when I saw them kiss! They continued to kiss and flirt for several minutes, and I could only imagine where their hands were under water.

As I watched I noticed that my dick had grown to it's fullest. Several minutes had passed when I noticed Sara and Don get out of the hot-tub and dry off. They then started walking towards the hotel and I wondered if Sara would come back to our room, or if she was going somewhere with Don.
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yes very interesting beginning
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Promising beginnings.