Re: Bridal pregnancy

Re: Bridal pregnancy
Tue, August 24, 2010 - 1:44 PM

When my wife and I first got married we didn't know about the lifestyle. We were both pretty naive back then. She was a virgin on our wedding night so I wanted it to be special. I talked her into letting me hire a photographer to shoot us while me fucked for the first time.

The guy I hired was black, a great photographer.

We both had a little bit of wine. Its just us and the photographer and we are both naked. Shes covered in cum. My wife notices the photographer is tenting in his pants so she reaches out and grabbes it. He is embarased so we tell him to get naked too. Now we're all naked. But she wants to suck him. He is so hard so I let her and before I know it he's plowing her, going deeper than I ever could. It was so hot.

She got pregnant that night I think. We can't be sure. Unfortunatly the baby didn't make it so we don't know what color it would have been. Since then we have been trying to get her pregnant at a few local swinger parties.
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Show us the photos!