A Vacation Resort 3/3

When Juan had relaxed again, Mark lifted me off him. He laid me on my back beside Juan and propped pillows under my hips to help the semen stay deep in the birth canal, seeping deep into my baby box. He laid on my other side, propped up on one elbow and with one large hand, massaged my clit and sucked a nipple as I lay there, until I came again.

After awhile Juan said he would like to go to the lounge for some drinks and a bite to eat. He invited me to go with him and said he would introduce me to some other studs if I was interested. He and Mark needed to recuperate a bit. Mark said he just as soon take a nap, soaking in the hot tub for awhile. So Juan and I slipped on some complimentary house slippers and walked over to the lounge. I could feel the fuck fluids squishing and sloshing as I walked. It was just like the website photos. Couples were fornicating all over the place. I saw my husband and Tonya at one of the tables. She was laid out on the table and he was standing between her legs fucking her. Her pussy was completely hairless. I walked over and pinched his butt saying, “Hey baby, I see you’re having fun too. I bet she makes a good little bed warmer, doesn’t she?”

Ron said, “You bet, I love this little bitch” She was telling him to fuck her brains out. I watched as my husband ejaculated into her pussy. When they were done she got off the table and using her finger scooped some copulating fluid from her little twat. She made a show of licking her finger clean. A waiter was right there immediately replacing the fine linen table cloth. The chairs were also fitted with easily replaceable linen seat covers. Tonya explained to me that many of the guests there were single and married men who come to enjoy the thrill of getting some strange, fertile, unprotected pussy with the hope of making a baby or two. She told me the dance floor, or poolside, were the best places to hook up with such guys. She and my husband then went out to the pool for a swim.

Juan sat at a table and had me sit on his lap with his cock jammed up to my cervix. A waiter took our order while Juan fucked me.

A rather handsome guy cut in and asked if he could dance with me. He was sporting a rather nice looking erection, his name was Tom. Juan indicated he needed a rest anyway so I eagerly agreed. As Tom and I danced, rubbing our naked bodies up against each other, he told me he was married. I couldn’t keep my hands off his cock. He told me he and his wife had two c***dren but now she wanted to make a baby with someone else, so they came to this place. He said his chambermaid was on the pill, which was a bit disappointing for him since he wanted to plant his seed in an unprotected and hopefully ovulating womb. I told him I had just what he wanted. I kind of spread my legs apart and pulled his erection into my crotch, telling him this was my fertile time and my egg wanted his sperm.

Tom bent me over right there on the dance floor and stuck his cock into my cunt. One of the women on the floor looked at us and said, “Give it to her, fuck that whoring bitch, fertilize that pussy and make her belly swell with your bastard baby. You want it don’t you Honey? You want his beautiful bastard offspring growing inside your whore belly, right? Tell him you want it” So I did. As he fucked me I yelled, so everyone could hear me, telling him to make me pregnant with his bastard love c***d. It didn’t take long before I felt him shooting his semen into me. It turns out the woman talking dirty to me was his wife.

Later, I found several more guys to fuck me while other people watched. It was awesome getting fucked in front of an audience and it made me so horny to tell the studs how I wanted them to put a bastard baby deep inside my fucking whore womb. Having other people hear me say these kinds of things while the guys spurted their sperms up inside my pussy intensified my orgasms to the point I got real good at using my cunt muscles to literally suck their semen into my uterus.

The impregnation sessions continued throughout the 5 days. Mark and Juan were so especially wonderful--filling me to the brim every chance they got with semen. As my stay progressed, we recreated more, swam, dined, danced, and strolled on the beach. At one point I went to check and see how my husband was doing. He had told Tonya that the woman that brought him up to room when we first arrived and introduced Tonya to him really turned him on with her being naked and all. So, Tonya made a call and within 30 minutes that woman was in his bed with my husband’s cock jammed up her pussy. At least he was enjoying himself.

I loved the feeling of hot jizz inside me. I loved the smell of semen on me at all times. My nipples were red from being sucked so much, but my skin was rosy and radiant from all the fucking. I was getting a wonderful tan all over from basking naked in the sun with my lovers. I loved frolicking in the pool with Mark and Juan. It was so refreshing and I loved the feel of the water rushing over my naked tits and ass in the sunshine.

On the day I was to go home, I woke in Mark's arms, with Juan wrapped closely to my backside, reveling in how wonderful this time had been--being coddled by these two big Teddy Bears. They had fucked me silly. My pussy was somewhat becoming used to being rammed and prodded continuously, but it was still a little sore and tender.

I played with the hair on Mark's chest and he woke groggily and asked me how I felt. I told him I felt wonderfully pregnant. I was so happy to think that I was now carrying, most likely, one of these two men's babies. Mark asked me if I was sure I felt pregnant, and I told him I just sensed it. My womb was sore from being rammed by these guys' monster cocks. They had certainly done their work. If one wasn't ramming his meat into me, the other was, for most of the time. It felt more natural to be impaled on a cock than it did to not.

Well, Mark, said, we want to be certain that we've done our job, so we're not going to waste any time. Let's get up and watch the sun rise. So we rousted Juan and made our way to the balcony. Mark leaned me over the railing. Juan massaged his cock groggily and brought it to life.

Mark positioned Juan behind me and told him to get to work. So Juan positioned his thick cock head at my dripping pussy lips one last time and pressed his length into me as I looked out at the ocean, the sun beginning to light up the sky and make the water glisten like glass. My tits were dangling from my chest as I bent forward for Juan and I loved the feel of the morning breeze kissing my nipples.

Mark massaged my clit as Juan fucked me from behind and brought me to a quick climax. Juan didn't take long to shoot his final load into me--spurting again and again until he finally spasmed one last time and held himself deeply into me. Finally, he stepped back and let Mark insert his massive cock into me one last time. He squished out most of Juan’s sperm, which made us so wet as we plunged together. Juan massaged my tits as Mark worked my love box this one last time--easing in and out at first with his massive size, before gearing up to full steam and pounding me from behind at full f***e--nearly knocking me over the railing.

He held on to my hips and let his cock ram hard against my cervix--and then it happened--he actually jammed the head of his cock into the opening of my cervix--I screamed and he just bucked harder and harder and jack hammered into me keeping a firm hold of my hips as he pushed his cock into my uterus. The intensity built up so much that I screamed with in orgasm. Ron and Tonya showed up to see what all the excitement was. Mark was like an a****l gone wild.

Mark swore--this'll make you fuckin' pregnant if nothing will--you're going to have my baby, bitch--take it, and this, and this... and he just rammed and rammed and finally dove deeper than ever and held himself firmly in my depths and let his cock spurt load after load of his fertile seed directly into my womb. There was no doubt that he had impregnated me, if there was any before. I felt branded--totally mated to this male. He had made me his and I told him I loved him. I had nearly passed out. We just laid there enjoined, leaning over the rail, gasping for breath, naked in the morning sunrise.

Tonya was telling my husband how beautiful it was to watch such an intense lovemaking session as Mark fucked his seed directly into my baby box. She knew, she could tell that Mark’s penis had penetrated my cervix and was being pushed into the depths of my womb as he ejaculated in a hot orgasm. It wasn’t long before she was on her knees again sucking Ron’s dick. She told Ron to watch his wife take Mark’s seed into her baby factory, to watch another man put his bastard baby inside his wife’s hot fucking fertile belly. Tonya said, “Oh God, it’s just so hot, it makes me want to go off the pill so I can get pregnant again”. Of course Ron ended up blowing his wad down Tonya’s throat.

As we gradually came around, Mark gently caressed my breasts and ran his hands over my sides and leaned back to stroke my back and arms and hair and then reached around to feel where we were joined. He gave my clit a sweet and loving massage. He gently pulled out of me and laid me on the chaise lounge on the balcony so that I could relax and continue to watch the sunrise, but adjusted it so that my hips were elevated. He asked Juan to get us all some coffee and orange juice and then sat beside me in a deck chair.

We all sat on the balcony and watched the sunrise, drinking our coffee and juice and then showered and went down to the examining room to have my pregnancy tested.

I laid back on the examining table, placed my legs on the supports, spreading them so that my vagina was in full view, and waited for the attendant to come in. Mark, Juan, Tonya and my husband stood by watching with my husband holding a hand. The attendant was a woman who was naked beneath her lab coat. A lovely breast and delicate pubic hair peaked out of the opening, and I recognized her from the brochure that I had read about the place. She asked me how I was feeling and I told her "radiant." She grinned a knowing smile and stepped between my spread legs.

She swabbed my vagina clean, using tender strokes that actually were starting to arouse me again. My husband squeezed a hand as they all saw my nipples pucker into tight buds.

The attendant looked at Mark's and Juan’s cocks and remarked that she wasn't surprised that my pussy was so sore, because Mark and Juan represented their largest and their most energetic cocks. The men's cocks leaped with added enthusiasm at the attention. I leaned my head to one side to fondly kiss and lick the tip of Mark's cock and then leaned to the other side to playfully kiss and lick the tip of Juan’s cock and told her, I know, they were great. The guys grinned, but kept trying to stay composed.

The attendant inserted an instrument into my vagina that was meant to detect whether or not I was pregnant, and I waited anxiously for the results. She wasn't sure it was working properly, so she took it out, inserted it again, which got me squirming with arousal again, and the guys had to offer soothing words to help keep me from rocking my pelvis. She shook her head and looked at the instrument, then up at me and then the guys and reported that I was indeed pregnant.

We all shared a moment of ecstatic excitement. The attendant pulled the instrument out of my vagina, which got me more excited than I could handle and Juan reached down and massaged my vaginal opening, before moving the attendant aside and slipping his erect firm cock into my pussy once more. He gently but insistently brought me to another orgasm, while Mark and my husband kissed and caressed me and the attendant washed off her instruments.

Juan hadn't climaxed yet, but he slipped out of me to let Mark continue the fuck. Then my husband, Ron, approached the attendant with his eager cock. Tonya told him to fuck her. He ripped off her lab coat, lifted her up onto the counter in the room and ploughed into her love box--which she welcomed enthusiastically. Tonya asked Juan to fuck her. Mark rammed his massive meat up to meet his baby and bent forward to suck my tits at the same time and I played with his hair, loving the feel of his cock working my already excited pussy--bringing me to yet another and greater orgasm. He shot another load of hot sperm into me for good measure and to celebrate.

My husband brought the attendant to a swift and wonderful climax and shot his load deep inside her belly. Then Juan shot off into Tonya’s love hole as she begged him to fuck his sperm into her uterus. She kept saying she wanted his baby juice in her young hot womb. Afterward we all went to enjoy a soak in the hotel's hot tub--caressing and loving one another--having our favorite drinks, laughing and splashing. A quick dip in the hotel pool refreshed us and got the hotel staffers ready to go back to work. It was time for me and Ron to check out and I was so high. My thanks and greatest compliments go to this fabulous resort. I recommend it highly for the time of your life.
84% (14/3)
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3 years ago
You forgot to take Tonya with you
and liberate her from the pill!

So, only four stars from me
for lack of consequence! ;-)P
4 years ago
Its assumed the bird got knocked up, most resort stories are like this.
4 years ago
did she get pregnant or not u kinda left that out
4 years ago
great series here billstew