A Vacation Resort 2/3

Finally Mark delved to the bottom--pressing against my cervix and letting his scrotal sac push against my pussy lips like a squashed ball. Mark said that he had so much jizz ready to give me--he could feel his sac so full and ready to explode. He was ready to give me what I really wanted, a pregnant belly.

I'd never felt so full before. I came quicker than usual and my orgasm pushed Mark over the edge. He stiffened and tightened his buttocks and shot his first creamy load deep into me. He just stayed there as he ejaculated, shooting load after load, it seemed he had an endless supply of cum juice.

We began squishing as he stirred his own jizz inside me, then he held himself still at his deepest penetration, grunting and groaning before gingerly retreating and letting his huge meat stick pop out. He knelt back and encouraged me to keep my pelvis tilted up so that his jizz would stay inside. He put a pillow under my butt.

After a while Mark got between my legs and re-entered me. I looked over and noticed that Ron and Tonya had left the room. Mark was erect again and fucking me hard, pounding my cervix, fucking his sperm into my uterus. After awhile we were still enjoined as we slept for a short period. I loved having this stud on top of me as we slept.

I was awakened after what seemed like a very brief rest to hear Mark whispering in my ear that he and Juan intended to keep me penetrated continuously for the first 12 hours of my stay. I was so full of jizz already that we were making an awful wet mess on the sheets, but I knew it meant I was getting loads of semen which would certainly leave me pregnant by the time my stay was over. He told me Juan would arrive in a couple of hours to take his place while he recuperated.

When Juan got to the room he just walked right in, naked, and introduced himself. He got onto the bed with us and as Mark continued to fuck me, Juan kissed me. Then he let me suck his hard penis. Eventually, Juan and Mark swapped positions. While Juan began thrusting, Mark and I kissed. He tugged at my lips and kissed my eyes and playfully licked the tip of my nose. I loved this playful frolicking--like lions mating in the wild. Juan sucked my tits as he fucked me. I loved the feel of their hairy chests and abs--Juan's rubbing between us as he fucked and Marks against my side like a big Teddy Bear. My nipples loved the feel of grazing through their fur.

Mark had me so worked up with his kisses and caresses that I came before Juan. I had to roll on my side and cuddle in Mark's embrace, so Juan re-entered me from behind and continued to fuck until he came.

Then Juan pulled out while keeping his arms around me and massaged my tits. He made room for Mark while he positioned his cock to push into me again from the rear. Once again, I was surprised by his size. I still hadn't adjusted--he stretched my depths with each inch of his penetration until he was in to the max. Jizz squished out between us, but eased his penetration.

He thrust in and out as we lay on our sides for a bit, but before long, he rolled on his back, putting me on top of him and I marveled at how awesome it was to ride this hunk of man. I leaned forward to let him nibble one tit, while Juan, laying on his back beside Mark, took the other tit. With both of them sucking my tits at the same time, I jumped into high gear faster than ever--riding Mark for all he was worth--trying to slide up and down that monstrously thick rod of his.

I wriggled my hips and took him as deeply as I could, squeezing him with my inner muscles as the guys worked my nipples. My clit was having a riot of fun rubbing against Mark's pelvis and soon I was gasping and shouting with my climax, the likes of which I had never had before.

I lay forward on Mark's chest afterward. He bucked upward to fuck me and release his seed, and soon spewed another massive load up into me. He clamped my thighs and hips down to keep us firmly engaged. The three of us drifted off to sl**p for another short while.

The night continued with one fucking after another--first Juan and then Mark, or first Mark and then Juan, but from dusk to dawn, one cock or another was buried in my depths and between the two of them, they must have released a gallon of hot fertile sperm into my eager married and now adulterous pussy. If I wasn't pregnant after that first night, I'd be surprised. They were such dedicated studs.

As the dawn broke, I awoke in Mark's arms with his soft cock still inside me and Juan nestled spoon style at my back with a hand possessively cupping my breast, and Mark whispered into my ear, "Well, love, do you feel impregnated yet?" And just as I was about to answer, Mark pulled his hips back, disengaging us and Juan thrust his cock into me from behind with one smooth firm stroke and began pumping.

I could feel Mark's cock engorge between us and he and Juan seemed to communicate an unspoken agreement and Juan slipped out from behind and Mark entered from the front. He thrust in and out several times, then he pulled out to let Juan thrust in and out again. They alternated back and forth that morning, Mark, Juan, Mark, Juan, Mark, Juan, until finally I couldn't take it any longer and came as Juan jabbed me from behind--Mark giving me deep kisses and massaging my buttocks.

My orgasm milked the seed into my uterus and he came again, spurting still more semen up my love canal, then Mark slipped in again, squishing out Juan’s sperm with his massive size and completing his own orgasm. We slept wrapped up together again for a while before stirring again to start our second day of impregnation.

Mark left me impaled on his cock as he got up from the bed--carrying me into the eating area of the hotel room, where room service had delivered some breakfast. We fed each other lovingly while Juan showered. Mark took the whipped cream and decorated my nipples and then licked them off--giving each nipple another good working over. He sucked and tugged and pulled and chewed and before long I was writhing in his lap again, his cock hard and firm inside me.

I squirmed around his pole, longing for another orgasm. Mark bucked to fuck up inside me, we were so squishy. I took a strawberry and held it in my teeth, while Mark took the other half and we enjoyed a strawberry kiss. He massaged my tits with honey and took the nipples again and I began to climax. He bucked faster and deeper and we came at the same time.

He lifted me up, still wrapped around him as he got up from the table and carried us to the shower where we joined Juan. It was a big shower so we were all able to be in it together. Juan lathered my back and buttocks as I clung to Mark--reaching between my lobes to feel where Mark and I were enjoined. He massaged the base of Mark's staff and his balls as well as my clit and we moaned with pleasure. The warm water spilling over us felt so good--soothing aching muscles from all the love making.

Mark held me against the shower wall and rammed some more. His cock was hardening again. He just pounded into me this time--no mercy. This was truly a fucking. I screamed with the intensity of his thrusts, but he had no mercy--he just kept pistoning in and out--ramming me against the wall. My climax built until I was literally screaming and then he shouted and rammed me for all he was worth--holding me impaled against the wall of the shower. I was sure my back was bruised and my pelvis would never be the same. My legs might be permanently wedged open.

When he recovered from the explosion, he eased his sticky cock out of me as jizz literally poured out of my gaping hole. Juan quickly moved his hand to cup my gaping pussy and massaged the swollen lips, keeping the semen from leaking out as best he could. They continued to soap my body all over and rinse me clean before helping me out into the bedroom where a staffer had changed the sheets on the bed, which they gently tucked me into. They dried off and climbed in on either side of me and we slept for most of the rest of the morning.

The impregnation session was going wonderfully so far. I loved Mark and Juan’s attention. They were so dedicated at keeping me fully penetrated. I felt truly and wonderfully knocked up. I could imagine that even now I was pregnant with one of their babies, but I knew the impregnating would continue. After all, we had purchased the 5 day package.

I woke first at noon to the pleasure of having Mark's chest in front of me and Juan’s firm chest behind me. They rustled in their sl**p a bit and readjusted their holds on me--reassuring me that they were there and attentive. I decided to give them a treat. I gently disengaged from their embraces and found some massage oil in the drawer of the bed stand and after squirting some into my hand, lubed my palms and then knelt between my studs and massaged both their cocks at once. This of course brought them fully awake and they began writhing and moaning with pleasure. They told me to lean down between them and they each first kissed and then sucked one of my tits.

They were working up to orgasms, but there was a rule at the resort that all semen was to be directed exclusively into the guest’s wombs, so they had me stop short of their cuming and reposition for a fucking. Juan stayed on his back while I knelt on my hands and knees over him, leaning down to let him continue to suck my nipples, while Mark knelt behind to fuck me doggie style.

He let his hot meat slip into my depths, then began pistoning in and out, nearly knocking my head into the headboard and making Juan nearly rip my nipples off as he bit down to keep hold. I reached up to hold the headboard so that I could stay more stationary for Mark's pounding and was rewarded by his quick climax and more loads of semen. He was almost angry for getting him so turned on with the cock massage-- he said he was going to fuck me pregnant like a bitch in heat and had just rammed and rammed mercilessly. Honestly, I loved it--he was so hard and brutal and sexy. I felt like a mare being bred by her stallion.

When Mark was done--he pulled out quickly and pushed my hips down to take Juan’s cock inside me before too much jizz poured out. Juan was hot and ready and bucked up inside, nearly knocking me off him, like I was riding some kind of mechanical bull. Mark stayed behind me and reached around to massage my tits as I sat erect over Juan. Juan’s head writhed on the pillow back and forth as he worked towards his orgasm, almost in pain, his need was so fierce. With a great final thrust, he nearly bumped me off, but Mark held my hips down so that we stayed engaged and Juan pumped load after load of his nut juice up to my cervix.
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2 years ago
Hey girls....how does it feel to be really filled with sperm...
How does it feel to carry it......how does it feel when you are back without any...it would be nice to know.......
3 years ago
stereo spermshot: she´s now
probably pregnant with twins
4 years ago
i guess thats y the studs carry the girls beacause they know they wont be able to walk
4 years ago
these guy are some studs she not going to be able to walk let alone crawl