A Vacation Resort 1/3

One of my friends told me about an interesting website. She knew my husband and I had been trying to make a baby for sometime now without success. We had all the usual medical tests which only confirmed the fact that my husband has a low to basically non-existent sperm count. The website advertised a resort hotel. Let me tell you about it.

It's located, ironically, in the Virgin Islands--a little out of the way tropical paradise. It's staffed by professionals that cater to every wish and desire of the women guests who go there to be impregnated.

The studs appear to be in wonderful health--so strong and well-built. They have a brochure that profiles each available stud, showing him as a baby, then full naked frontal and rear poses with close-up insets of his erect cock from several different angles. There are statistics for each stud--age, height, weight, number of successful impregnations, and a close-up shot of his sticky flaccid cock next to a beaker containing a typical load of semen.

There was one guy there, named Mark, who was listed at 6'2", 200 pounds, wonderfully tanned all over--they must live in the nude there--with thick black hair, a mustache, broad shoulders, lean stomach that led down to his wonderfully thick cock, springing forth from a full scrotal sac. He had firm thighs, strong legs and rather bony long feet. His hands were long-fingered and somewhat bony, but very neatly groomed.

His rear portrait revealed nice tight buns I just ached to run my palms over. The close-up of his flaccid cock and semen beaker, showed a brimming cupful and his impregnation record numbered 146. He had been on the staff at the hotel for almost four years, so I figured he must impregnate almost a woman per week.

He was smiling and radiated confidence. I knew if I were going to check in to the resort, I'd pick Mark for my stud.

There was a page devoted to pictures of women being impregnated in various settings. One naked woman was leaning over at the balcony railing of her room, looking out at the beach while her naked lover was pumping her pussy from behind, his buttocks tight with full penetration. Her full tits were hanging down from her bent over torso like cow udders, and you could tell she was gripping the railing to anchor her during the intense fucking she was receiving.

Another naked woman was just climbing out of the hotel swimming pool, still standing on the bottom rung of the pool ladder with her naked lover right behind her, prodding her with his thick meat stick. Her nipples were obviously excited by the cool breeze that must have been blowing, because they were tight as pencil points, well, big pencil points, and she too was gripping the ladder handles quite tightly with the intensity of her fucking.

Another naked woman was in an examining room, lying on her back on an examination table with her legs propped on supports to keep them spread. Her lover was standing between her legs, his cock thrust to the hilt--his heavy scrotal sac could be seen squashed between them. She had a wonderful smile on her face and he was gazing down at the woman with an intense expression of purpose--he was happily impregnating her, giving her exactly what she wanted. A medical assistant was standing by in this picture, naked too, except for a lab coat that hung open. She was massaging the stud's balls as he pumped the woman full of semen.

It was explained that inseminating women was allowed and encouraged anywhere and at any time at the hotel. So that explained why the dining room pictures showed naked women straddled across the laps of their lovers, riding their rods and laid out on tables with their lovers standing between their spread open legs getting their fertile cunts fucked, while waiters stood by patiently for them to finish and place their orders for drinks or dinner. On the dance floor, naked couples could be seen fucking to the music coming from the stage band. One stud at the bar was standing behind his woman while they had drinks, penetrating her from behind as she leaned against the bar railing.

There were testimonies from women who had success stories to share. One woman raved that her stud, a fellow named Christopher, fucked her so thoroughly for 5 days, that she also trimmed down 5 pounds before happily putting it on again as her pregnancy advanced.

Her stud had met her at the door to her room at the hotel, stark naked, cock erect, took her bags, helped her strip out of her clothes, which she never donned again until she checked out days later, bent down to suck her nipples, massage her moist love hole, then hoisted her onto the bed, spread her thighs and with one firm long deep stroke delved into her depths and began a thorough fucking to make her pregnant.

He brought her to a quick orgasm and soon shot his first creamy load at her cervix. They left the room naked with his seed dripping down her thighs and went down to the bar for drinks, where he sat on a stool with his cock rising from his lap like a mast. He hoisted her onto his rod, lowering her with a squishing sound as his cock made it's way through the jizz from their previous session.

She sat there, impaled on his thick cock, while they had drinks at the bar, but soon had to set the drinks down when their need to fuck became too intense to ignore. He tilted his pelvis up to fuck her and she wriggled on his pole and the bartender, seeing her bouncing tits while she rode the stud, came around to suck one tit and massage the other, which felt like heaven, together with the fucking her pussy was getting.

With her clit rubbing against Christopher's hard lean stomach with each thrust, she came fast and hard, gasping and moaning and had to lean into his embrace with a slump after her climax receded. Chris shouted a bark of triumph as he shot another load up deep into her vagina--again coating her cervix with his seed. When he recovered from his climax, they sipped from their drinks again--he lovingly nipped at her nipples. The bartender was smiling at them with approval.

Chris decided to stay coupled with his lover this time and carried his woman still impaled on his staff, into the dining room and sat at a table with a nicely upholstered chair that had no arms, so that the woman's legs could dangle as she straddled him. He ordered finger food that he could feed her as she nestled against his chest. For dessert, he ordered a Kahlua and had the woman dangle her nipple into the sweet sticky liquid so that it was coated with liqueur and then sucked her nipples until she was squirming on his hard cock again.

Part of the excitement, she said, of being at the resort was being around other women and studs who were constantly mating. At any given time there'd be a couple mating in the booth next to you, or at the edge of the pool, or on the next chaise lounge or naked on the beach, or above, leaning over a balcony railing. The sounds of gasping and moaning from orgasms, squishing from thrusting into love boxes full of load after load of hot baby juice, mixed with the low-key jazzy music and the constant roar of the ocean breakers pervaded the air at the resort. Not only often, but usually, couples would encourage one another as they fucked.

I looked at another page and I saw there were some specials coming up--presumably during their off-season. One was where a woman could check in and either be impregnated by one or two studs of her choice, exclusively spending their time together; or another where a woman could have her pick of any available stud at any time during her stay, mating with as many and as often as she wanted. For an extra surcharge studs could be reserved ahead of time to insure they remained celibate for at least 48 hours prior a prearranged coupling time in order to maximize their potency.

My husband, Ron, and I had previously discussed the usual alternatives such as adoption, invitro, artificial insemination, etc. but I craved a natural conception. I showed him the website but he was hesitant about me having that kind of sex with another man. As we reviewed the “specials” available at the resort we discovered the Cuckold Special. It was a considerably more expensive option but I could tell Ron was warming up to the idea. It involved reserving two separate but connecting suites, one for each of us. His suite came with a full-time chambermaid of his choosing that would be available exclusively for his pleasure 24/7. The chambermaid would keep my husband entertained and satisfied while I was being romanced and impregnated by someone else.

Taking into consideration my cycle we began to plan the best time for our reservations. I knew this was the place for me. I wanted to be made pregnant in the worst way, and this place seemed like heaven. So I decided to go initially with a two stud special--Mark was one, and the other was a Latin looking guy named Juan. I also opted for the 48 hour celibacy thing for both Mark and Juan. Of course we chose the Cuckold Special and Ron selected one of the girls named Tonya from the chambermaid listing. Her stats were listed saying she was 18 years old and the caption on her photograph said “I want to be your wife” She looked like a teenager, very petite with very small breasts, narrow hips and skinny legs.

We flew to the island and were greeted at the airport by a hotel staffer who chauffeured us to the resort. At check in we were asked to sign various hold harmless, non disclosure and waiver forms. After check in, while our bags were taken up to our rooms, we were e****ted to the medical facility where we were screened for STD’s and fertility by licensed physicians and lab techs. Finally, a handsome and fully naked bellboy e****ted me to my suite while a naked female physician’s assistant took Ron to his suite.

In my room the bellboy introduced me to Mark who was waiting for me there, also stark naked sporting a beautiful erection. He was every inch the man I'd imagined. When the bellboy took his leave, Mark began caressing my body, turned me around, unzipped my dress and proceeded to strip me. He said he was going to love making me pregnant and commented at how well toned my body was and how sexy my hair and tits were.

He bent down and nibbled at my tit, first licking and then taking one nub firmly in his lips, tugging and sucking and making my pussy lips wriggle, starting to moisten and engorge. He slipped his fingers into my vagina and I couldn't help but dance in his hand, it felt so good. He asked if I wanted to take a bath to freshen up after the trip. I was so hot I couldn’t wait. I wanted him right then and there. Then Ron and Tonya, both naked, stepped through the adjoining passageway holding hands. Introductions were made with Mark still fingering my pussy. At the same time Tanya started stroking my husband’s cock and telling me I should taste Mark. In the flesh, Tonya actually looked more like she only 13 or 14 years old.

I dropped to my knees and started giving Mark a blow job. Soon Tonya was kneeing beside me sucking my nipples and fingering my pussy as she whispered in my ear, “He has such a beautiful cock and right now his nuts are filled with 2 days worth of pent up sperm, hot fertile sperm. He’s been waiting for you and baby, take it from me he shoots a big jizz load. I have had his seed in my womb but the Docs here have me on birth control. When he was shooting into me and fucking his love up my uterus I wanted to have his baby so bad. I’m jealous; I wish I were you right now, having him inside me. I’d be begging him to fertilize my fucking egg”

Mark pulled me up and we started kissing. Then he picked me up and carried me to the bed. As we lay on the bed we caressed each other’s bodies and continued kissing. Finally he got between my legs. As he put the head of his penis into the opening of my vagina Tonya crawled up on the bed next to me, caressing my body and encouraging me with lots of dirty talk to “get fucked and let my husband watch Mark seed my fertile married womb”

During the next hour Mark fucked me expertly in various positions. I had never had sex or made love like that before. It was so beautiful. All the while, Tonya was there encouraging us. Finally as Mark was getting ready to orgasm, with us back into the missionary position, I noticed Tonya had left the bed and was kneeing in front of my husband beside the bed giving him a blow job. By then I had already had several orgasms and as I sensed Mark was about to have his I felt another one building up within me. I heard Tonya talking to Ron saying things like, “Oh look at that, he’s about to seed your wife. Isn’t it beautiful? Come on Honey, you can shoot it in my mouth as you watch him fertilize your wife’s womb. Then you can take me to bed and fill my fucking womb with your love juice”.
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3 years ago
The climate does wonders on the Virgin Islands.
The smell of feromones make women ovulate.
Which explains the continued success of
this lovely little Paradise on Earth! ;-)P

About virgins´ and women´s rights,
see my "Gina´s Gyno Club" series.
4 years ago
Sounds like a great trip would love to take my wife there sometime
4 years ago
i would never let my wife do that if i had one
4 years ago
interesting story line