Latvian Love

I have lived in the Baltic States for 9 years now, and first started visiting in 1993. In those days there was not much money around in Latvia, lots of wonderful looking girls, and not many other foreigners to comptete with for their attention.

It was like letting a k** loose in a candy shop. The few of us that there were went to the Irish pub in Riga town centre almost every night(it was one of the very few open), and would be mobbed by young girls and students, who for the price of a few drinks, or a good night out, would keep you company. They were not professionals, but just did not have much money for entertaining themselves. I was 33 then, and most of the girls were 18-22, and in UK, I would never have had the same adventures with such good looking and young women.The following happened to me, and is true.

It was halloween, the first time that had been celebrated in Latvia since independence,and we were in the pub. I had two girls fighting for my attention, sitting one on either side of me. They were both trying to kiss me, rub my cock through my trousers, tell me what they wanted to do with me in no uncertain terms.

I ended up taking a blue eyed raven haired beauty, with a great figure back to my hotel. Lets call her Aggy. We were both more than a little d***k.

As soon as we got into my room, she was kissing me passionately, pushing me against the wall and somehow also managing to get naked as she did so. Her tits were magnificent, not too big, but very firm 36 dd at least. Her pussy was neatly shaved, and her ass was so firm and wonderfully shaped, I almost came just looking at it.

Aggy had my cock in her hand, giving it a wild hand job. I suggested we shower.., I prefer fresh pussy..she took me there, but before I could even get in I was getting an awesome blowjob. I slowly dragged her in and started washing her..noting how firm everything was on her body. She was only 19. As soon as I started on her pussy, I noticed she was soaking, and not just from the shower.

She was bucking wildly as I washed her pussy lips, clit, and slid a finger inside her...she was so tight. I knew if she carried on giving head the way she was, I was going to blow, so I pulled her off, stood her up, raised one of her legs and started kissing and licking her hot love hole. She tasted fantastic. Soon I had 3 fingers in her, working her clit and g-spot, whilst I tounged her clit. She very quickly had a huge orgasm ... and slumped to the floor, arse in the air ... exhausted.

Seeing such a sight, I couldn't resist, I had a bucketful of sperm just waiting to get in her, I guess through drink we didn't talk, I just rammed my 7.5 inches in her really tight pussy and started banging her like crazy, fingering her clit too. It didn't take long at all before she was bucking backwards and beginning to come,and I was releasing what felt like a ton of come into her hot little hole. We carried on like that all night..and by morning, I had no sperm left to give her.

Nothing was said, and often during my visits, I would see her again for some more hot sex, all bareback. Then for some reason, I could not visit for about 4 months. Aggy got the hump and dumped me as a result. However the next time I went, I got a call from her. She knew i was there (no secrets in Riga)and asked if we could meet for dinner. We agreed a time and place. When she came in, I saw she had done something with her hair, and there was something else different too, but couldn't work out what it was.

It was only when she got up to go for a piss, that I realised she was very pregnant. She came back, and I was really quite worried. I asked her how far along she was, she told me 8.5 months, and I worked out that I was not the father, as I had not been there then. She said that I wasn't, but she wished I was, as the boyfriend she had then was a real loser who had disappeared as soon as he heard. She was only with him when she got lonely when I wasn't around. I was proud she of her tha tshe liked sex enough to get it when she needed it and bareback.

I said I would help her out with stuff for the c***d (she had no money)as I couldn't bear to think of that poor c***d coming into the world without a proper bed or pram, and I did. I fixed up a couple of rooms in her flat too. And I was rewarded by lots of kisses and some really hot sex with a very heavily pregnant woman...I couldn't get enough of her. And it was during one such session when I was particularly turned on, and my cock seemed even larger than normal, that I ruptured her waters and she started getting contractions. She went to hosptial with her enlarging cervix covered in bucket loads of my sperm..

Shortly after I had to leave again, but when I came back, I could not find her..and do not know where she is to this day. Still there was plenty more!!!
(And that's another storey, or 3 or 5 or 10)...

I am happy to say those wild days in Riga are changed now, mainly as a result of d***ken British stag parties spoling it for everyone else People make a mistake if they think baltic girls are loose. They are not, but they are so damned pretty ... but be careful ... lots of STD's around ...
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5 years ago
That was hilarious. The kid probably came out with his/her first facial full of your cum.
5 years ago
good story sounds like my time in thailand