Asian Hospitality

I live in a condo in San Francisco. One of my neighbors lives full time in the Philipines but keeps a condo in San Francisco for business trips. After my divorce, he invited me to visit him and his wife in Manila. I knew he was wealthy, but when I arrived, I was amazed by the mansion he lived in and the beautiful grounds and all of the servants. My bedroom was a guest room in a separate wing of the house, away from the main living areas and away from the master bedroom.

On my first night my host took me out on the town and after dinner we did some nightclubbing, to see the girls. I was hoping to find a bar girl that would fuck me, as I was feeling lonely after my divorce. But my host told me that the girls were not clean and discouraged me from going off with any of them. When we returned home, it was late. As we were parting for the night he remarked cryptically that anything that happened in his house was perfectly safe and not to worry. I asked him what he meant, but he just smiled and walked away.

The next morning, I awoke early and felt my wife snuggling up to me . . . except that I was no longer married! I opened my eyes to see, in the morning shadows, a beautiful Asian girl in bed with me. I ran my hands over her body and discovered she was wearing only a light top and bikini panties. I was instantly hard. I inhaled the fragrance of her hair. She slid her hand down to my cock and started playing with me.

Soon, I could stand it no longer. The months of deprivation pushed me over the edge. I slid off her panties, rolled on top of her and mounted her in one smooth motion. She groaned with pleasure and put her arms around me. I started to pump in and out of her and her pussy became extremely wet. She squeezed me hard with her pussy muscles on every stroke. Her hands grabbed my ass and pulled me into her.

With all the excitement, I only lasted 4 or 5 minutes before shooting my load of sperm deep into her womb. She held me tightly inside her and then started squeezing me with her pussy muscles again until I was hard and able to fuck her a second time. When we were finished, she slid out of bed, smiled at me, slipped back into her panties and left, all without saying a word. It was then I realized I had fucked her bare. I was worried about diseases, and whether she might get pregnant. But I remembered my hosts remarks the night before and relaxed a bit.

Later, I saw my host and he was grinning at me. "Who was that in my bed this morning?," I asked him. It turns out that he has three girls on staff who do some housework, but are primarily there for him and his house guests to fuck.

They are all Chinese or Japanese girls and are not allowed out of the house without an e****t, lest they become polluted by another man fucking them. They are all checked by a doctor regularly. But the most amazing part is that none of them use birth control. They all want to have babies! My friend says that when they become pregnant, after they begin to show he sends them home until the baby is born, and then they have the option of returning if they want.

Every night of my stay was the same. I went to bed alone, but awoke with a beautiful Asian girl at my side, ready to fuck me bare. I stayed two weeks and fucked all three of the girls many times. I may well have impregnated all three of them during my visit. I'll probably never know. But it was such a thrill to have a woman who wanted me, who wanted my baby and who was not looking to catch a husband or trap me. I know I will visit again!
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2 years ago
hey buddy. i intend to go to philipines. canu pls give me the cell no of this friend of yours.
sunny is my name and i am a malaysian
4 years ago
wow, I love it! gotta move to the PI!
4 years ago
very good story & yes a very lucky guy
4 years ago
Lucky guy.