Anji, or how my Indian bird got knocked up...

I was 25 when I met Anji. She was a strikingly beautiful Indian girl, 24, with luminous dark skin, and think black hair that fell down past her firm, ripe breasts. We hit it off immediately, and wound up in bed together a week after we met.

She had the healthiest appetite for sex of anyone I'd ever known - most nights we were together, we'd fuck three times in a row, then sl**p it off and go at it once or twice more in the morning. And she usually came more often than I did, which is saying something. Needless to say, I was head over heels in love.

After we had been together six weeks, she asked if I minded fucking during her period. Of course I didn't, especially when she said I didn't have to use a condom. She didn't like the pill, as it killed her libido, which as far as I was concerned was like giving Einstein stupid pills. So we used condoms (and went through a box a week), but I jumped at the chance to go bareback, even if it meant getting a little messy.

Her period came on a Friday, and I spent that night and Saturday with my cock buried in her soaking wet pussy - as good as the sex was before, this was like nothing I had ever experienced. We both got a little bl**dy, but we'd just jump in the shower and go at it again with the hot water washing the sweat from our bodies, and then making us sweat all over again. Sunday, the bleeding stopped and the rubbers went back on.

And then two days later, they came off again. She was talking about how good it felt without them, and about how, three days into her cycle, she was still pretty safe. So she asked me to just fuck her bare for a minute, then pull out and put the condom on. I was paranoid about getting her pregnant, so I fully intended to slide it in, slide it out, then cover myself up before we could get into trouble. But of course, as soon as I was in, hormones took over. She wrapped her long legs around me, and I began fucking her in earnest. I managed to hold off until she reached orgasm, and as soon as she was done, I pulled out and shot all over her belly.

For a few weeks, we were chastened a bit by how close we had come to playing with fire. But of course, the next time her period came around, the condoms went away, and they stayed away for the first three days of her cycle. The next month, we stopped using condoms a week before - she had read that once you ovulated, you couldn't get pregnant in the second half of your cycle. Every time we fucked bareback, I pulled out and shot my load on her belly, or onto her ass. She got increasingly turned on by feeling my hot seed against her skin, and would drive me crazy while we were fucking, asking me to shoot all over her breasts, or even all over her face.

Time passed, and every month that she wasn't knocked up just emboldend us. First I stopped pulling out on her "safe days" - a few days before and after each cycle ended. Then eventually, she trusted me enough that we threw away the condoms and did withdrawl on her unsafe days. So for half the month I'd cover her belly with sperm every night, and for the other half, I'd fill it.

Of course, our luck didn't hold out forever. By our first anniversary, I had shot enough sperm into her womb to repopulate the earth, so it was no surprise when her period was late. As it happened, I had already bought an engagement ring - I had decided months before that there was no way I was letting this girl get away, and had been planning on popping the question, which I did an hour before the pregnancy test confirmed what we pretty much knew - that she was knocked up.

I wanted to get married right away - both our families were pretty conservative, so I thought she'd want to be able to claim she got pregnant after the wedding, not before. But she insisted we wait, so we could get our whole families together. Our parents live on opposite coasts, both sets of her grandparents are in India, and one set of mine are in Italy, so it took about seven months to get everything together.

Personally, I think she wanted to wait that long just so she could hear the gasps from her extended f****y when she walked down the aisle with her eight-months-pregnant belly bulging out obscenely, and her milk-swollen breats falling out of her wedding dress. She wore a sleveless dress that showed off both her slender figure and her huge bulging tummy, and the white dress made a beautiful contrast against her dark skin. I've never seen a woman look more radiant.

A month later, our daughter was born, and two months after that she was pregnant again with our son. She loved being pregnant the first time, so from then on we did away with any pretense of birth control. Now our son's a year and a half old and number three's on the way. Before I met her, I thought two k**s was plenty. But as hard as my cock gets every time I see her belly swell up, and her breasts fill up with milk, I don't think we'll stop having babies any time soon.
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4 years ago
very good story well written