To Russia (filled) With (my) Love

I had the most amazing encounter at the end of this last Summer. There was this
attractive & chatty Russian bird (in the U.S. on some kind of college exchange
program) who had a summer job at a convenience store near my home. Both my wife
& I got to know her a bit as the store is a regular stop for us.

Whenever I was in the store without my wife, she (I'll call her "Sasha") got a
bit flirty. I never really thought a lot of it, but I did flirt right back.
I've never really thought of myself as a ladykiller, but for whatever reason,
there was some kind of chemistry between Sasha and me.

Sasha knew that my wife and I didn't have k**s, because we (especially my wife)
often had our dog with us, and my wife once commented to her that the dog was
our "only c***d."

I was in the store towards the end of last summer, and I noticed that she was
especially quiet. I teased her a bit to find out why. She said that she had to
go home (to Russia) in a couple of weeks, and she hadn't really had a chance to
go anywhere.

Well, it so happened that my wife was leaving the next day to spend 5 days in
Vegas for her s****r's 40th birthday. So, I said (half-way joking) that she
(Sasha) could go to our lake cabin with me, but that my wife wouldn't be there
to protect her.

Sasha blushed a bit, and didn't say a thing for what seemed like an eternity.
Then, she nearly stopped my heart when she looked up at me and quietly said

It probably took ten or so seconds, but once my heart started beating again,
Sasha and I put together a quick plan where she'd tell her host f****y she was
going to meet "friends" at the mall and spend the weekend at the lake.

I went to the mall that Saturday fully expecting her not to be there. But she

It is about a 2-1/2 hour drive to my cabin, and she kind of alternated being
flirty with being coy. In retrospect, I think she hadn't really decided yet
what she wanted to do once we got there.

Well we got there, and we got settled in. We had a couple glasses of wine, we
went for a boat ride, and then we went for a swim. She was so young, so
beautiful & so different from my wife. My wife is beautiful too, but in a soft,
smooth, mature kind of way. Sasha is quite a bit taller than my wife - lithe,
slender & firm with medium-short very red hair. The anticipation, the
uncertainty (I was pretty sure, but...), and the plain fact that Sasha was
different than the woman I'd been having sex with for the last 16 years was
almost overwhelming.

After our evening swim, I popped a bottle of champagne and we settled into the
hot tub. We were both clearly nervous, but in a nice excited kind of way. As I
say, anticipation and uncertainty on both of our parts. As we relaxed & sipped
the champagne, though, we gradually became more comfortable with each other. I
started out by gently rubbing her feet, and then her calves. Once I was sure
that Sasha was comfortable with that, I pulled her over & started massaging her
shoulders. She said (in her sexy Russian accent) "that feels nice." Since she
seemed to be enjoying herself so far, I kept going.

I worked down her sides, and then slowly & lightly up her stomach (working her
navel - guys, never underestimate the navel) to her breasts. After that, there
was not much doubt left about where things were going. Her nipples were hard as
rocks, and she had to feel my hard-on pressing up against her from behind. I
took my time, nibbled & caressed, and worked her out of her swimsuit. I took
her top off first and worked her firm 20-something breasts with both hands. I
then coaxed her bottoms off with one hand and spent a long time working her into
a tizzy - one hand up and one hand down. She was moaning & writhing, and rubbing
up against my hard-on. I was really getting into it as well when she abruptly
spun around, wrapped her long legs around me, and kissed me really hard. She
said (again, in that incredibly sexy Russian accent) "what about protection?"

Well - I had brought condoms, and I told Sasha that. I told her that I'd do
whatever it took to make her comfortable, but if she was worried about getting
pregnant, I couldn't have k**s. I guess her knowing that I didn't have k**s
must have made it very easy for her to accept the idea that I couldn't.

Sasha took ond deep breath, and she fairly well ripped my swimsuit off. She then
slid herself down onto my rock hard cock. There I was, in a hot-tub, having
unprotected sex with a pretty, young thing who was around half my age.
Un-f**king believable!

As incredible as that was, as soon as I could I coaxed her into the bedroom.
Two reasons - #1, I've never been a big fan of hot-tub sex, and #2, I was also
worried that as horny as as I was I would blow my wad in record time. The quick
break to towel off & head for the bedroom did wonders. I laid her down, and
then I nibbled my way down from her rock-hard nipples to her hot, wet pussy to
get her heated up & give myself a chance to calm down just a bit.

Once she was way into it and I was throttled back a couple of notches, I nibbled
my way back up, gave her a long, hard kiss of my own, and we looked each other
right in the eyes as I buried my cock deep down inside of her. She threw her
head back & gasped, but she never broke eye contact. We went on to have the
most incredible loud, wild, passionate sex of my life. I dug my toes in, and I
blew a huge wad way up deep inside of her. I haven't cum that hard since I was
a sixteen year old virgin, and this time I lasted just a bit longer! I just
kept going off in her, and she kept pulling me tight, grinding up against me &
cooing. Amazing.

I laid on top of her for what seemed like the longest time, still inside of her,
but both of us spent. Finally, once we had caught our breath, I cuddled up next
to her, and she told me that she'd never done it without a condom before. She
said that she really liked it - it seemed (in her words, and again in that
amazing Russian accent) much "closer" to her knowing that there was nothing
between us, and that we were sharing "everything."

I was glad she liked it, because she let me have her again about an hour later.
We drifted off wrapped close together in a sticky, gooey mess. Then, in the
middle of the night, I woke up with her sucking my finger in an extremely erotic
way. I'd never woken up to that before, and it got me going instantly. She
went down on me, and I think she really wanted to swallow my load, but at the
last minute I pulled her up and slid her pussy down onto my cock. She seemed a
bit confused by that, but I didn't last more than about five thrusts before I
pumped another load deep into her pussy. Just like before, she seemed really
turned on by that, and she ground herself down on my with all of her weight.

We had what I guess I would call a kinder, gentler experience the next morning,
and then I had her more time after we were packed & ready to head back the next
day. The last time was a bit sad because we both knew it would be our last, but
it was also very hot for me because I knew it was the last chance I'd have to
fill her with my seed. Because, you see, I'm not the one who can't have k**s.
My "plumbing" is fine. It is my wife who can't conceive.

No way for me to know if I got her pregnant, but I surely did gave it my best
shot. In fact, I gave her five of my best shots. I sent her back to Russia
literally filled with my love.
100% (9/0)
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3 years ago
Awesome. Loved it. Thanks again for another wonderful story.
4 years ago
another very good story billstew