I Don't Care

I knew what the 18 year-old beauty wanted when she broke off the kiss, looked up at me, and said "Do you think I'm a c***d?" When we got back to my place things got hot and heavy fast. As I was unbuttoning her jeans she said "I don't want to get pregnant," and I assured her we had plenty of condoms. She watched me slide one on and then smiled and held out her arms.

As we were thrusting together all of sudden it felt like there was no condom at all. The heat was rising for both of us, but I did the 'right' thing. I pulled out and sure enough there was just a little rubber band of shattered condom at the base of my cock. As soon as I pulled out she said "Why did you stop?", and when I told her the rubber had broken she said "I don't care just get it IN!"

Those words sealed the deal, I threw down the condom I was trying to open and slid back into the groove. I couldn't believe how much of a turn-on it was going bareback on purpose. We didn't last long at all before she came hard, and as she squeezed and squirmed I filled her womb.

A month later she told me she was pregnant ...
38% (3/6)
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4 years ago
ruh roh ;)
4 years ago
more details what does she look like
4 years ago
to short