Leaves Wife for College Student

Julian is a thirty five year old car designer living with his wife Michelle a thirty five year old receptionist who he has been with since they were both eighteen.

Despite being together for s*******n years they started to have problems, Julian wants to have c***dren but Michelle doesn’t want c***dren at all. Julian has now been begging Michelle for a few months now for them to start a f****y however he starts to feel a bit unwanted around her and did consider leaving her at some point.

One night he went to one of his local bars where a bunch of college students were celebrating that their exams have now finished, all of the students were beautiful as Julian was staring at them wishing he was around their age.

He saw a couple of the girls making out for a laugh and it was the first time he has seen two beautiful women just kissing only a few feet away. He leaves for the bathroom and when he comes out he bumps into one of the students.

“I’m so sorry!” Julian said embarrassed

“No problem” says the student

Julian looks around noticing that al the other girls have left and he looks back at this student.

“What’s your name?” he asked

The college student responds “My name is Candice, what’s yours?”

“I’m Julian, how old are you if you don’t mind me asking Candice?”

“I am twenty, how old are you?” Candice says.

“I’m thirty five, can I buy you a drink?” Julian asks

“Yeah, if you want.” Candice replies

So Julian buys Candice a drink and they really hit it off, talking about anything and Candice starts to rub her leg against his. He starts to like it but he thought that he should stop since he’s married. He offers Candice a lift home which she accepts and when he drops her off at her place she quickly kisses him. Julian was shocked at first, not knowing how to react, Candice had a horny look on her face and even lifted up her skirt teasing Julian. As she starts to get out of her car he grabs her arm back into the car and they start to kiss passionately.

“Let’s get out of here!” Candice says

Julian drives to a quiet area not far from where Candice lives and they kiss even more. Candice’s hand rubs Julian’s trousers and it wasn’t long before he got hard, she unzipped his trousers, pulled his hard cock out and started to suck it. He had mixed feelings over this, it felt good but bad at the same time, and he took her braless top off started to rub her tits. Candice started giving him a hand job and as they kiss he lifted up her skirt, pulled her panties down to wear her pussy was exposed and started to finger her. She stopped kissing him, took off her panties and led him out of the car to the front.

“You want to fuck me?” she asked

“I really want to!” he replied

They got on the bonnet of the car, Candice spread her legs and Julian slipped his cock inside her. During a few minutes of non-stop fucking Julian though he should pull out so he asked Candice should he pull out.

“No! Don’t pull out!!” Candice said, wrapping her legs around.

“Cum inside me!” she said

Little did Julian realise that Candice was ovulating and he gave her a few more deep thrusts before he shot his load inside her unprotected pussy. After they got back in the car they fucked again and Julian shot another load inside her. He drops her off and they part ways. When Julian gets home Michelle was waiting for him.

“Got held up at work?” she asks.

“Went to the bar.” Julian replied

“Okay” Michelle says.

A few days later one of Julian’s sperm reached and fertilised the egg in Candice’s womb. Three months later Julian runs into Candice not noticing that she is now pregnant with his c***d.

“How are you?” he asks

“I’m good” Candice replies.

They talk for a bit catching up and Candice invites Julian to her place. Julian thinking that they were going to have more sex accepts the invite. When they go to her place they make out and Candice stops.

“There’s something I must tell you.” Candice says to him.

“What, you can tell me anything.” Julian says to her.

Candice turns her back, takes her clothes off and turns back around revealing her pregnant belly to him.

“You’re pregnant!!” Julian says in shock.

“Yes I am!” Candice says happily.

“Is it mine?” Julian asks

Candice goes up and kisses him.

“Yes, it’s yours. I was ovulating when we fucked and I was so horny that I wanted cum inside of me. I wanted to get knocked up.” Candice says happily while stroking her belly.

“You want to fuck a pregnant woman?” she asks

Julian responds by kissing her and they then fuck everywhere at her place and Julian is cums inside her a lot during that time. They started an affair to a point that Julian decides to leave Michelle for Candice. Michelle of course is heart broken to find out that he has got a college student pregnant and that was the reason why he left her. They both filed for divorce and Julian and Candice move a couple of hundred miles away two months later.

When Candice gives birth to their c***d, Julian couldn’t be any more happy that now he has a c***d. Candice tells him that she wants more c***dren with him and hoping that they would be a happy f****y.
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4 years ago
me too .. :D
4 years ago
luv making baby stories
4 years ago
nice story
4 years ago
at least he found a woman that wants kids as much as he does