Friendface contact leading to pregnancy

An Ex girlfriend of mine Rosalyn recently caught up with me on Friendface. It had been over 15 years since we had seen each other and it was nice to hook up again.

When away on a work trip I gave her a call to meet up. Rosalyn had been divorced for about 5 years at this point. We met up in the city and with her 2 k**s had a good day out.

When it was time for me to go back home Rosalyn suggested I stay in town the night so we could enjoy another day together, and I accepted not thinking anything was going to happen. On the way home Rosalyn stopped at the shops to get some dinner and left me to babysit her k**s. At this point she also was in the shops to buy some condoms for later on.

After dinner the k**s went to bed and we were talking about old times. Soon enough Rosalyn and I were in each others arms. I forgot how good she was. In no time we were both naked and in her bed.

I went down on her quiet quickly and she was rather wet. After Rosalyn came Rosalyn put a condom on my cock and mounted me. It wasn't long and I came filling the condom. We did it again the next day protected again before I left.

Rosalyn wanted to meet up again and I told her that I had to work the next weekend but I was available the weekend after, so we made plans to get together then.

It had been two weeks since we had last seen each other, and Rosalyn booked a motel. Her k**s were at her parents house so we had the room to ourselves. Rosalyn picked me up from the train station and we went straight to the room.

As soon as we got in the door we were all over each other. We kissed and undressed each other quickly. Rosalyn and I were naked all over each other in no time. We were standing in the room holding each other. My fingers went down to Rosalyns pussy and I began to finger her. She was wet as hell and I was sucking her tits as well.

Rosalyn at this stage dragged me over to the bed and told me to "fuck her", so I did as I was told and entered her. She was extremly wet and I slid straight in. Rosalyn was so worked up she came quite quickly and pushed me off.

Rosalyn rolled me over and mounted me. Rosalyn told me to let her know when I was going to cum so she could finish me off as cumming in her was not a good idea. Rosalyns pussy was wet as hell at this stage and I was in heaven.

My hands were all over Rosalyn tits by now, and she was wet as hell. I was getting close when Rosalyn said "make sure you don't cum in me" and that was all it took to send me over the edge. All I said was "what" before holding her hips and unloading 2 weeks worth of cum into her unprotected fertile pussy. Rosalyns face was a look of shock as I unloaded in her.

When be both calmed down Rosalyn told me that was not a good idea as she was not on the pill. Rosalyn at this stage was still horny as hell and went down on me bringing my cock back to life. I rolled Rosalyn over and pounded her and came inside her again.

In the morning we had a shower and talked about the night before. Rosalyn told me she had enjoyed it even though the sex had been risky. It wasn't long and I was in her again, and I pounded her and unloaded in her again.

When it came time to leave Rosalyn told me what a great time she had and was a little worried about our unprotected romp. She also told me she didn't normally do this but was "caught up in the moment".

We said our fairwells and departed. It was about 10 weeks later I got an e-mail at work from Rosalyn telling me that our weekend of passion had gotten her pregnant.
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4 years ago
ruh roh :( lol ;)
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uh! oh!
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Story is from elsewhere ...
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good read
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Ouch!! Good story.