Modeling the Kama Sutra (part 3)

“Oh! What are you doing?! You didn’t even ask me!”

“No, I’m just taking what I want. I’m taking what you owe me.”

“Why do I owe you this?”

“Because I want it. Because I want to take you. That’s all you need to know. I’ve got you now, so don’t try to stop me.”

“I know. You’re already in so deep. What can I do? I’m defenseless and you can **** me until you’re finished with me.”

“Now you’re talking sense. Don’t even think about trying to stop me when I want to take you.”

“You brute!” I knew that this sounded a little strained and contrived compared to our usual fully natural behavior, but I couldn’t really **** Di, nor could she play the part of my **** victim very convincingly; we were too into each other sexually, and we assumed that all viewers would know this from seeing our other positions. They would know that we were just playing ‘****’ with ‘The Surprise,’ just as the viewers should feel inspired to play ‘****’ too. But Di brought in her fertility to increase the excitement.

“But I’m ovulating today! If you sperm me while I’m unprotected you’ll put a baby in me!” Only I knew that Di really WAS unprotected on her ovulation day, and that she had even put fertility gel inside herself!

“So much the better. I’d love to plant my baby inside your womb.”

“But you shouldn’t! I don’t know that I’m ready to carry your baby.” I noticed the uncertainty that she ‘didn’t know that she was ready to carry’ my baby. Maybe deep down she did crave my baby and she was finally getting closer to admitting it?

“Tough! If I want you to bear my baby, then you will bear my baby!”

All this time I was really hammering her from behind, making her shuffle forward from my impacts. Every now and then I would pull her back toward me before resuming the forward pounding. Or I would turn us around and pound her back across the floor in the other direction. It was fun.

“I guess there’s nothing I can do to resist you. If you’re going to put a baby in my womb then it’s going to happen, isn’t it?”

“Damn right! I’ll sperm your womb and give you my baby . . . make you carry my baby.”

“But I’m not k**ding. I really AM ovulating today. If you cum inside me today when I’m unprotected then you really will make me pregnant!”

“I’m not k**ding either. I’m going to make you bear my baby and that’s that.”

“Oh god! So you’re going to make me bear your baby?” By now Di should have been cumming, so I could tell that this position was physically stressful and perhaps she was trying to act too much as well.

“Yes. Here comes your baby! Ahhhhh! Christ! Fuck! Oh, that’s so good!”

“Me too! I’m cumming too! Okay, I’ll take your baby. I have no choice. Ohhhhhhhhh! God! (gasp) I’m yours now. Ohhh . . . god!”

I had stopped pushing Di forward but instead was now pumping my sperm into her with very fast, short thrusts into her rear. Di’s hungry cunt swallowed all my semen and begged for more. I took pity on her bent-over position and pulled her upright and hugged her from behind. That shift partially pushed me back out of her baby hole, but it did allow me to grope Di’s tits and love-bite her shoulders and neck. She appreciated the attentions in this more-relaxed position.

“I feel like you really did **** your baby into me.”

“Believe it. I will make you bear my baby.”

“You sound so convincing; I almost believe you.”

After groping Di’s body from my controlling position behind her, I pushed her back down onto her hands while still holding her hips up at full height. Then I withdrew from her so that the cameras could see my latest sperm injection well out of her ‘****d’ baby chute and slime all down the insides of her legs. It was a sexy sight, even by our standards.

“Oh god, and I really am ovulating now!”

“I know you are. That’s why I know that I just planted my baby in your womb.” Di gave me an odd look, then continued to act as if she were unprotected while ovulating – which she really was but did not know it!

“Now I’m going to swell with your baby. And there’s nothing that I can do to stop it.”

“No. Your fate is sealed. You’re going to be the mother of my c***d.”

“Oh Steve!,” she exclaimed, as she turned and fell into my arms. I had the presence of mind to recognize that she had said my name and thus they would need to edit it from the soundtrack. “I’m really going to have your baby!” Now suddenly I wondered whether Di had figured out my game and did know that she was unprotected. But gradually I figured out that she was just so caught up in the emotions of her ‘impregnation’ game that she was acting the part very naturally. She was really feeling the emotions that she would feel at learning that she was pregnant with my c***d, but she was still unaware of just what was happening within her body, with the wrong gel inside her. “I’m now yours forever. You’ve taken possession of my body forever, haven’t you?!”

“Exactly.” ‘And very well put,’ I thought.

Sam was very pleased with this variation on the Kama Sutra theme.

I’d like to have more different stories to tell you about the next few days, but it was pretty much just variations on a theme, using different positions. Each day I tried to make sure that Di would carry the fetus of my baby in her womb. Each day Di helped me out by inserting fertility gel into her vagina instead of her intended contraceptive gel. I loved it.

But finally the last day arrived. We were doing our last re-take. It was ‘The Moving Windmill,’ in which I lay on my back while Di rotated around and around while sitting atop my erect shaft. Three months earlier that had been our first attempt at a rotating position and our multiple occasions of coming uncoupled while she rotated had been truly comical. But now we had mastered those techniques and even the more-challenging ‘Moving Wheel,’ in which I rotated 360 degrees while lying on and impaling Di! Di seemed not to want this all to end either. Without discussing the matter, we were both working to prolong this bittersweet final copulation as long as possible. Di rotated slowly atop me, around and around, with little up and down twitches, every now and then having a small climax but holding off any orgasm big enough to trigger my own last outburst of semen into her very slippery sheath as it continued to twist slowly on my rigid cock axel around and around and around slowly, slowly. Just lying there and caressing her tenderly as she rotated around, I was able to hold off for a long time. Finally, abruptly, the pain of our ending love swept over us, as if with one thought in one shared mind.

“Oh, I don’t want this to end!,” Di bemoaned. It was actually quite in character for our performance of “The Moving Windmill,’ which we had maintained for an extraordinarily long time.

“Me neither. I want to be inside you forever! I love you, Di!”

“Oh, I love you too, Steve!” ‘Some sound editing needed there,’ I thought, despite all the emotions ripping through me, ripping me apart inside.

I could see tears begin to make traces down Di’s cheeks. I decided that I should play those tears as if they were positives for this sex position video. “Oh, I love you so much, seeing you crying tears of joy to be so intimate with me.”

“Yes, that’s it. I love making love to you like this so much that it makes me cry . . . tears of joy,” she claimed, as she put her best tortured smile on her face. I knew that I had to act right then or Di would fall apart. Only later did I realize that if we had broken down that would have given us another last chance to couple in ‘The Moving Windmill!’ But right then I was too torn with the emotion of the knowledge that I would live the rest of my life without Di – without Di, my incredible lover! – I was too torn with emotion to think deviously and set up another last love session with Di. So I just told Di that I was about to give her the most loving gift in my power, and then my semen blasted up into her as if there would never be a tomorrow and I would never need sperm again for the rest of my life. I gave her everything I had, including my heart! Feeling me cum inside her for the last time filled Di with a hopeless bliss, as she climaxed with me as she almost always did when I seeded her. She collapsed down onto my chest and we embraced and loved each other one last time, kissing and holding each other while tears that we hoped would be believed to be from the joy of our union – not the pain from it being our last union – trickled and mingled on our cheeks. We rolled over onto our sides and my *lingam* promptly fell out of Di’s *yoni*. After a couple of minutes I eventually regained the presence of mind to lift Di’s upper leg so that the cameras could record the spermy puddle that was slowly seeping out between the tops of her thighs. Lifting her upper leg caused a little gush to spill out of her *yoni* – now that we were all done, I did not want do be without all those Kama Sutra things, such as those ancient words that I had not used much until now, the end. As I was saying, my semen leaked out of Di’s *yoni* and then dribbled both ways down the roundness of Di’s lovely thigh, making one of our better messes for the cameras. Di and I just clung to each other as if to life itself until Sam stopped our cameras that last time. After several more moments of silent tenderness, suddenly the whole video crew erupted in loud whistles and thundering applause. That shocked us at first, but then we turned our faces toward them with smiles through our tears. By then we knew the crew so well that we could simply accept their cheers as the only way they could express their sincere appreciation for what we had given of ourselves for this amazing Kama Sutra project – so much more of ourselves than any of us could have imagined going into it!

After that it was kind of embarrassing to try to act ‘normal’ as if a mere job were coming to an end.

When we had a moment to ourselves, I asked Di to break off her engagement to her fiancee that I had never met, so as to marry me. But instead Di broke my heart. She told me that she had promised to marry him and she would honor her promise. Yes, she did love me but she also loved her fiancee. No, she did not love him with the sort of passionate love that we had found with each other over the last four or five months, but she was still his fiancee and she would be his wife by that time next month. We needed to put this behind us, she said, and move on with our separate lives.

“Put this behind us?,” I asked incredulously. “What we shared with each other here?”

“We must,” Di replied. “I’m betrothed to another and I’m sure that you will find someone to replace me. I’m not denying that this was as hot and passionate a sex – a love – relationship as I could ever have; I wouldn’t deny that to you. But we can’t continue this. I’m sorry, but we can’t.” She sounded final but she also sounded as if she was having to convince herself as well as me. Nevertheless, I found that I could not budge her resolve.

Then I thought of the ‘gift’ that I hoped and expected that I had left growing in my dear Di’s womb! ‘At least she will have that from me for the rest of our lives,’ I thought. ‘I will have to live without Di, but Di will always have some of me.’ But I could not tell her that, nor why I was pretty sure that I had left her my ‘gift.’

Sam and the others saw how sad we were that the project was ending, so they left us mostly alone, just praising us to the skies whenever the opportunity arose. I think they were all sorry to complete the shoots too. They knew what we had shared in their presence was extraordinary.

Thus Di and I collected our final pay check (before the promised royalties, that is) and went our separate ways. I tried my best to get over my passion for Di. However, not only did I have no interest in dating anyone new, but I did not even masturbate for a full week. That was a personal record for any time that I was without a sex partner. When I did finally masturbate, all I could think about was Di and after I came I began to sob. This ‘living without Di’ was not starting off well.

A couple of weeks later there came a knock on my door. I opened it and for the first time saw Di at my home. She looked fabulous, as she always did, but she also had an odd expression on her face. I could not read her face. I did the next best thing and invited her inside. She entered and then made an ‘offhand’ remark.

“I guess I need to get my fiancee to fuck me unprotected before our wedding.”

Of course! My ‘gift’ had taken hold in Di’s womb! But I had to play dumb. “What do you mean?”

“Just what I said, ‘I guess I need to get my fiancee to fuck me unprotected before our wedding’,” she repeated.

I figured that it was now ‘okay’ to ‘figure out’ the gist of her cryptic message. “You mean I DID plant my baby in your womb?!”

“You sure did, you rascal. I’m pregnant and it can only be yours.”

“None of your fiancee’s condoms ever broke or leaked?”

“Never. Besides, I just know it has to be yours.”

‘But you don’t know WHY!,’ I thought. “And you will bear the baby and keep it, just as you prom . . . just as you said?,” I asked, confident of the answer.

“Of course I will. I would not abort any baby of my own making, but especially not YOUR baby.”

“Thank you.”

“I don’t know whether to say ‘you’re welcome’ or ‘thank you yourself.’ I’m so excited that I’m really carrying your baby! I do love you and I want your baby more than anything else.”

“More than your fiancee?”

“Yes, even more than my fiancee.”

“Then why not leave him and spend your life with me?”

“Don’t think I’m not tempted. But I can’t do that. Just accept that. I mean it.”

“You seem to.”

“I’m sorry, but I just can’t leave him. But he must never know that you are the real father of my c***d. I need to seduce him unprotected and make him think that the baby is his.”

“That makes sense, of course,” I agreed, half-heartedly.

“I just had to let you know,” Di told me as she rose to depart.

“Thank you so much,” I replied, and I meant it.

“Thank you, Steve, for giving me your baby – along with so much more.”

“You are more than welcome.”

“By the way, you know when and where my wedding will be, don’t you?”

“Yes, I know.”

“Feel free to come and watch, if you aren’t indiscrete about us. I think as I walk down the aisle carrying our baby in my womb I would like to know that you are watching me take that big step.”

“If I can bear to be there I will.”

She left me.

I did indeed muster the strength to watch my love walk down that aisle carrying my baby’s tiny embryo within her womb, and I watched her marry another man, someone that could never know or appreciate what Di and I had come to share. I did not stay for the reception but merely slipped away unnoticed. I felt that was best.

Di also contacted Sam and informed him of our baby that had resulted from his Kama Sutra project. She later told me that Sam had not known how to react until she made it clear that she was very happy to be carrying my baby.

But what developed out of her visit to Sam was a most welcome and unexpected benefit for me. Sam convinced her that the second edition of the Kama Sutra video set should include extra sessions, featuring Di swelling through her pregnancy! Of course, she and I needed to demonstrate which Kama Sutra positions were best suited for coitus with a pregnant woman! Sam had an easy time convincing both of us to sign on for this plan. Because we would only get together about once a month, Di would have an easier time hiding our activities from her husband and we had lots of scheduling flexibility around her time commitments.

So as Di swelled great with my baby over the cumming months we re-visited selected positions and demonstrated conclusively that some of them were great for pregnant sex. These times we found that we were even more emotional in our sex together, now that my baby was growing within her. Whenever we came together it was so powerful! We loved each other so much. I think Di was beginning to question her decision to honor her pledge to marry her husband. Certainly they did not have the great passionate love that Di and I shared – not at all. Di and I had not lost our touch with each other and our ability to couple with erotic brilliance. My personal copy of our Kama Sutra video set, second edition, was perhaps my most prized possession. Di, of course, did not dare own her personal copy of our video set, lest her husband stumble upon it some time in the future.

The second edition of the Kama Sutra project concluded with Di tenderly breast-feeding our month-old daughter. The scene was so sweet that many people would probably not notice that the infant girl’s bare bottom was exposed to the camera’s all-seeing lens, including her tiny female slit. Hmm. The first edition of our Kama Sutra video set did become a best-seller, but the second edition did even better, becoming a modern classic.

The second edition, with all the added pregnant sex demonstrations and the final breast-feeding scene, also stated clearly that the baby girl had been conceived during one of the original Kama Sutra position demonstrations. We told the viewers that I had impregnated Di during one of several specific positions in the video set, which we named for them, but we could not tell them exactly which one it was and we hoped they would all have fun trying to guess which had resulted in the blessed event. We also decided that it would be titillating for the viewers to know that I was not Di’s husband, and thus that the baby was a ‘love c***d’ in every sense of the phrase.

About three months later, Di appeared at my door again. By then I was seeing a few attractive women, but not anyone seriously. Di told me that we would not have to live without each other any longer.

“You’re not leaving your husband, are you?!,” I asked somewhat hopefully.

“No. I have something different in mind. I plan to stay with my husband and I don’t want to interfere with any of your current or future sexual conquests. You are seeing some ‘lady friends’ I hope?”

“Well, yes, but I’m not serious with any of them.”

“But you are having fun again, I hope?”

“Yes, fun, but that’s as far as it goes. But that’s progress.”

“Good. I don’t want you to pine for me forever, though that is so sweet of you, Steve. Oh, I know that you love me and I wish I could be what you want, but I have a different life to live, with a husband who thinks that my daughter is his daughter.”

“Effectively, she is, even though we know that I am her biological father.”

“Exactly. Anyway, I have a plan.”

“Okay, spill it. I’m all ears.”

“Making our daughter with you was the hottest, the most rewarding thing I’ve ever done in my life. I want to do it again.”

“With me or with your husband?,” again with some hope, this time not to be dashed.

“With you! Only with you do I have the passion that befits making a baby. Besides, I’ve decided that I want a big f****y and I want all my c***dren to be full siblings; I want them all to have the same biological father – you! If I let my husband sire some of ‘his’ c***dren in me, nobody would know the difference except me – except you and me, that is. But WE would know. I want all my c***dren to be sired by the same father – you, Steve, my love!”

What could I say? I gave her five! Di and I loved every minute of our attempts to make each of her c***dren, these times with no witnesses or cameras present. We made every attempt to assure that each of our c***dren was conceived by a different Kama Sutra position. If we can correctly assign the position in which we created each of those next four c***dren, we used the upright intimacy of ‘The Pillar,’ the transverse reverse joining of ‘The Great Aperture,’ the repeated acrobatics of ‘The Bamboo,’ and the tenderness of ‘The Boa.’

Di’s husband loved all five of his c***dren. Of course, he thought they were really his. He was a good father to them, until he was suddenly felled by a cancer that had been growing in him for a long time. He was gone so fast. And Di did truly mourn his passing, as she genuinely did love him in some non-sexual fashion.

Her husband’s life insurance handled Di’s f****y’s financial needs. He had planned well in that regard.

After a few months of discretely covert meetings with her, while she was showing her grief in public, I brought my courtship of the widowed Diana out into the open and not long thereafter we married. And you know what? Since then we’ve lived ‘happily ever after.’ Finally I got to claim my five c***dren as ‘my own,’ though we don’t think we will ever tell our k**s the whole truth about how they were made. And our sex together is almost as hot as when we modeled and demonstrated every one of the Kama Sutra’s sex positions, and now it is even more loving.

One of our best times was the night that I finally confessed to Di how I had intentionally impregnated her by switching the vaginal gels! That triggered a series of Di’s volcanic climaxes that I thought would never end! Di was sitting on my lap face-to-face in the ‘Magpie’ position. Her emotions and our passionate sex just took off and she convulsed on my cock until I was worried that she would have a heart attack! Meanwhile she had milked my semen right out of me and into her. Finally she came down enough to speak.

“Oh my god! You sneak! You really did that to me! I love it!” She kissed me with great passion for a while. “You know, I really did want to carry your baby, but I could never face that fact. But you made me do it anyway. I’m so glad you did!”

“Me too. Especially now that we can really be together the way we should have been.”

“Now that I know how you tricked me into accepting your first baby into my womb, I feel inspired to try for number six. Are you game?”

“Six, huh? Well, . . . okay, sure. Let’s go for six!” We did, beginning with the rear-entry ‘Antelope’ position while Di yelled at me, “Breed me again, you sneak! This time I’m all yours and only yours!” We got pure bliss and baby number six. We also used a few other positions before we knew that Di was pregnant again. One was ‘The Rider’ (modern ‘Cowgirl’) position, with me lying on my back and Di sitting on my hard *lingam* while facing me and controlling the motion. That position allowed us to caress and gaze into each others’ eyes and show our total love for each other while we created a new life inside Di for the sixth and last time.

If we ever think we are forgetting to use some of our favorite positions, we simply review our Kama Sutra video set starring ourselves. We always find a position that we have not used for a while but really enjoy. And it blows us away and inspires us every time we watch ourselves share such intensely passionate sex, realizing that at the time of the videos we did not know that we would eventually be able to share it for the rest of our lives.
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