Modeling the Kama Sutra (part 2)

Sam loved it. It looked like we were three-for-three after the first sex positions. How could there possibly be a better video of this sort?

Di and I wondered to each other (and to Sam) whether I could in fact have pushed enough sperm past the lethal bio-adhesive gel so that she could get pregnant despite her precaution. I think we all knew that this could have increased the risk of impregnation, but none of us knew how much the risk increased.

For the next few days I continued to feel that Di was not yet wearing a diaphragm, despite being in her most fertile days. She never let me see her apply the protective gel, though I was pretty certain that she always did. As excited as she was by the idea of my making a baby inside her womb, I thought that she really did not want me to make her pregnant. But she was not above making me wonder. However, we didn’t want to overdo our act of perhaps impregnating her ‘unprotected’ womb, so we didn’t indulge in that act during the next several positions, which were quite varied and stimulating.

Eventually I raised the matter of Di not using a diaphragm as additional protection, but rather just relying 100% on the contraceptive gel. Di confessed that she had decided not to get a diaphragm. She felt that the gel was protection enough and she had come to love the feeling of me shooting my semen deep inside her with no artificial barrier to interfere. I admitted that it felt great to me too, but I did not voice my reservations about the reliability of the gel alone for contraception, especially given the frequency and intensity of our copulations.

“But what about your fiancee?,” I asked.

“Oh, he still uses a condom every time. I couldn’t change our routine without possibly tipping him off about why. I don’t want him to suspect that I’m having sex with anyone else, even if it is professional acting. I’m sorry – that didn’t sound good – you know I’m not just acting with you, don’t you?”

“Of course I do. I know there’s real feeling between us.”

“Yes. Anyway, he always uses a condom. And besides, he and I only have sex maybe once a week, if that, . . . and it’s never the same as with you,’ she added wistfully. Then she blushed as she realized that she should not have admitted that to me. I just comforted her and told her how great it had been in that day’s position, ‘Spoons.’

The next day we were scheduled for the position some call ‘The Anvil’ and others simply ‘The Deep One.’ I was thinking about how much I would enjoy that position, and hoping that Di would too, when I heard her exclaim.

“Oh no! There’s almost no gel left in the tube. I only got a tiny glob in the applicator. Now what?”

“It’s Sunday. The pharmacy is closed,” said Jack.

We all looked at Di. She thought, then stated, “Oh well, it should be okay. I’m getting pretty close to my period anyway. It shouldn’t be very risky even without any gel, and I do have a little left. I can buy a new tube tomorrow.”

Sam looked relieved. “Okay, let’s go.”

I saw how little gel she had in the applicator and it was not much, maybe about like a pea.

In ‘The Deep One’ or ‘The Anvil’ position, Di was on her back and we bent her legs all the way up so that her knees were by her tits and her feet were on my shoulders while I pounded very deep inside her with my thrusts slapping her tight-stretched ass cheeks and my upper weight was supported by my straight arms gripping her shoulders and pinning her down to the bed with maximum f***e. Yes, this was a really deep penetration, with my cock strongly stimulating Di’s G-spot with each stroke on its way to push into the opening of Di’s cervix. I hoped she would enjoy this and not feel too much discomfort.

That G-spot stimulation must have started it. Di began to cum even faster than usual. I could feel her cervix bouncing up and down on my cock head and sometimes it seemed as if her cervix was trying to nibble the end of my cock! I swear, it did feel like that! As I pounded her into total submission I thought about how little gel was protecting Di’s womb. Of course, I also realized that Di thought she was too close to her period to be impregnated, but how could she be sure? Besides, if any position would be good to pound sperm directly into her womb, it would be this ‘Deep One.’ When the time came I eagerly spermed her womb yet again, pushing hard right against the opening of her cervix and trying to inject my hot semen right through it into her uterus in the hopes that there was actually still a viable egg waiting there. As always, Di orgasmed when she felt me filling her with my big load of sperm. She seemed to be so conditioned to cum with me that I doubted that she could keep herself from doing so! Of course, my reading had told me that if the woman orgasmed with the man’s semen against her cervix that would increase the chance of pregnancy.

This time when I pulled out we left Di in her jackknife position so as to hold my semen deep inside her as much as the elasticity of her vagina would allow. A camera moved close in to show that semen pool filling Di’s entire baby hole. By suppressing her urge to contract her sheath – and thus expel the semen pool – Di held it all within herself for a long time while a camera got great views of the pool and other cameras captured our afterglow faces of joy. Eventually Di let her cunt muscles take over and push out much of my semen, making a photogenic waterfall of pearly sex slime.

Monday came and I asked Di whether she had bought a new tube of gel.

“No, I forgot. But it shouldn’t matter, because I’m now even one more day closer to my period. It should be absolutely safe now. If I didn’t get pregnant yesterday, then I shouldn’t today, even with no protection at all.”

I didn’t know about that, but I didn’t say anything. Also, I found her phrase “if I didn’t get pregnant yesterday” to be exciting, as it did acknowledge some risk. And she was going completely without protection today.

So I enjoyed – we both enjoyed – the diagonal ‘Star’ position with nothing protecting Di’s womb except the time of the month. The same was true with each new position until Di’s period did arrive on schedule. This result reinf***ed her faith in the gel as sufficient protection. I did not think that a wise conclusion, but who was I to object?

As soon as Di’s menstrual flow had stopped, we were back at the studio for another session. During our preparations I again saw no sign of any protective gel. I asked Di about this.

“Oh, I forgot again! Silly me. Oh well, I just finished my period, so I can’t get pregnant yet.”

I knew that this was not literally true unless her cycle were completely regular and of sufficiently long duration. The latter seemed to be the case, but I didn’t know about her regularity, nor whether Di understood that this was important. So Di again received her daily sperm injection without any protection.

The following day Di really was embarrassed about forgetting yet again to buy a new tube of gel. But that was not enough to prevent her from shrugging it off again as ‘too close after her period to get pregnant.’ I knew that the odds were still in her favor, but they were still just odds and they would rapidly change if she kept this up. This time we performed ‘The Scorpion’ with Di unprotected. This position had us both lying on our backs, with Di atop me. I entered her from behind while driving her wild with my hands on her entire cunt, clit, tits, and nipples. I also bit her ears lightly and swabbed them with my tongue, which set off her orgasms like a string of firecrackers! As always, afterward we gave a good show of Di’s sperm-filled cunt.

Di did buy a new tube of gel the next day, and she resumed using it until she was again closing in on her next period, when she consciously chose not to protect her womb. “I just like it better, and there’s minimal risk this many days after when my ovulation seemed to happen,” she said. Again, who was I to complain?

We continued to love sharing very passionate sex in a different position every day. We were not becoming bored with each other; if anything, we were just getting better at orgasming together, if that is possible. And in every position I always came inside her, as deep as that position would allow. I loved to try to nudge Di’s cervix open for my sperm, first with my cock head and then occasionally with my fingers afterward. But I never did anything to interfere with those first camera shots of semen leaking out of Di’s well-fucked birth canal; there always needed to be proof that this was real sex with the sperm going where they were supposed to go.

The next month I noticed that Di chose not to use the bio-adhesive gel for a little longer time after her period had ended and for a little longer time before her next period was due to arrive. Following that second period, on the last day that she chose to be completely unprotected, Di returned to our act for the cameras about possibly impregnating her. Except with her pushing the limits of her ‘safe’ days, I wondered if it was all just an act? Maybe Di herself would be surprised.

In that day’s position, Di was sitting on the edge of the bed leaning back on her straight arms with her thighs spread and her lower legs wrapped around my pelvis while I knelt on the floor between her thighs and thrust myself into her with my hands on her hips or around her back. It was called ‘The Courtesan.’

“I can feel you going right against my cervix. You know I’m not protected. You might make a baby in me when you cum inside me this time. It’s not safe.”

“Yes, I know you’re unprotected. How close are you to your ovulation?”

“I don’t know, but I probably should not be doing this unprotected right now. I think there’s real risk of my becoming pregnant. And you know that if you do make a baby in me I will carry your baby and give birth to it and raise it as my own; you know that, don’t you?”

“Yes, I do know that; you’ve made that very clear to me already. Do you want my baby?”

She did not answer that directly. “Oh, I should not have your baby. I’m torn. I’m scared. But the idea that we might make a baby in my womb today is so exciting!”

“It’s exciting to me too. You know that I won’t stop or pull out when I cum. I never do. I always fill you full of my best sperm.”

“Yes, I know that. I can’t stop thinking about swelling huge with your baby inside me. Oh god! I’m cumming again! Oh god! Give me all your sperm! I can’t keep you from putting your baby in me!”

That did it. With those last sentences ringing in my mind, I shot her full of my sperm while her spasming cervix tried to suck them in and give them a head start toward any egg that might be appearing soon from her ovaries.

Later, during our afterglow caresses, we discussed the possibility of her becoming pregnant from that particular fuck. As I sucked and nibbled her nipples I remarked that her breasts should enlarge somewhat from her pregnancy.

“You’re talking as if I AM going to get pregnant.”

“With all this sex, you likely will.”

“I suppose so. It’s not as if I’m doing everything I could to avoid it, am I?”

“No, you’re not.” Though we both knew – as viewers would not – that Di took fairly good precautions most of the time. We were not actually lying to the viewers, but we were not telling the whole truth either. But there was enough real risk to excite both of us and the video records of our couplings often showed that pretty clearly. Certainly these days whenever we explicitly discussed the risk of Di getting pregnant by me it was when she was actually unprotected and she was playing a mild game of ‘sperm roulette’ with her fertile dates.

We let my semen make a big puddle on the bed sheet. Then when the flow slowed down to a little dribble I pushed Di down on her back and began to scoop up what I could with my fingers and push it back inside her vagina.

“You really do want to make a baby in me, don’t you?,” she said, matter-of-factly.

“Can you doubt it? I think about that all the time.”

“Well this time you may get your wish.”

“We’ll see.”

For those next two months the days of joy and bliss to be so intimate with Di seemed to blend together, though we enjoyed such a great variety of coital positions, of course. It was the best of endless variety and constant devotion to pleasing each other rolled into one.

As I said previously, toward the end of that third month Di also stopped using the protective gel earlier than she had the previous month. The same was true in the fourth month of sex sessions, that is, the number of days that Di used the contraceptive gel was even fewer. It made me wonder how much risk she wanted to accept. If she really did want my baby, why not just go unprotected every day? Probably she still did not want to bear my bastard baby, but some risk was simply so exciting to her – and to me! – that she had to play the game with her ‘safe’ versus ‘unsafe’ dates. If so, then these months she was upping the ante.

But both Di’s third and fourth periods did in fact arrive, so I had to admit that so far Di had managed to escape the risk. I was now rather sad, because I knew that the Kama Sutra project was nearing its end. We did not need to do very many re-shoots, because our first attempts in most positions were so hot and sexy. Our uninhibited passion for the sex we were sharing, and our enthusiasm for each position that facilitated it, were so obvious to the viewer that it was just what Sam had wanted, indeed more than he had dared to hope for.

The realization that my blissful times with Di would end that fifth month, and that she would then go marry her fiancee, pushed me to another realization – that I was evil. Well, not completely evil, of course, but what I decided to do was clearly evil and yet I resolved to do it anyway. I resolved to put my baby in Di’s womb by trickery! Since Di’s own risky behavior had not made her pregnant by chance, I would try to make her pregnant by certainty!

I did notice that in that fifth, last month Di went unprotected yet another day later into her cycle than she had done in the fourth month. Did Di really want my baby after all, but could not admit that to herself? Her risky decision suggested that to be the case. This helped me rationalize what I was about to do, and it made me feel somewhat less guilty about it. But there were times when I actually trembled as I prepared to do the deed. That next day was when I set my trap.

Di always left her contraceptive gel at the studio. It was the only place that she ever needed it and additionally she didn’t want her fiancee to find it by accident and wonder why Di had it and why the tube was partially used. Thus it was not too hard to set my trap.

I bought an identical tube of bio-adhesive contraceptive gel. I also bought several tubes of that new gel that is used to enhance fertility by nourishing the sperm and keeping them alive longer in the usually-hostile conditions of the woman’s vagina. Both gels were clear and had rather little odor. You probably see where I am going with this, but you don’t know the details until I tell you. The details are as follows. I emptied the contraceptive gel and discarded it, leaving me with a squeezed empty gel tube. Now how to get the fertility gel into that empty tube in its place? If you’ve ever contemplated putting toothpaste back into its tube, you can guess that it is not easy. But it is not impossible! When I squeezed out the contraceptive gel I was careful not to crimp the tube in any way that would make it harder to re-expand the tube. Then I very firmly duct-taped the nozzle of a full fertility gel tube end-to-end with the nozzle of the empty contraceptive gel tube. After that it was a simple matter of a controlled and gentle squeeze transferring the fertility gel into the old tube that had contained contraceptive gel. It was a simple matter but it was not easy. It took a few tries, so I was glad that I had bought several tubes of the fertility gel. But finally I had the contraceptive gel tube mostly-filled with fertility gel. The fact that I could not get that tube completely full was fine, because the real tube of contraceptive gel in the studio was about one-third used up. The easy part was getting to the studio before Di and switching the genuine tube and my replacement tube when nobody was looking.

It was so exciting to know that every time that last month that Di applied her ‘contraceptive’ gel she would really be injecting fertility gel instead! How could Di not become pregnant with my baby that month?! Impregnating Di had become my fondest dream, and now I saw that I could finally make it my reality.

The very day that I made the switch Di did resume using gel. If she had not by that day, then I would have concluded that she really did want my bastard baby swelling her belly. However, now that she was using gel again I could only wonder. I also wondered if Di knew her own mind on the matter of having my c***d. I was sure that she was at least partly ambiguous, but where was the balance in her mind? And how might that balance be tipped in favor of carrying my baby? Oh well, I was taking it out of her hands. I would MAKE her carry my baby, but she would never know the sneakiness to which I had resorted to f***e her to be mother to my first c***d.

When we copulated in the standing ‘Suspended Union’ position with Di completely wrapped around me and clinging like an infant monkey, I knew that it was my sperm’ best chance so far to knock up my lover Di. Afterward we slowly pulled apart and allowed the cameras to catch the slowly increasing dribble of semen out of Di and down the inside front of my thighs, eventually trailing to the floor before we finished uncoupling. By now all these positions were repeats of ones in which we had not yet lived up to our very high standards. We usually did so well that Sam was confident that we could improve on any previous session that had been uninspired.

The next day Di mounted me in a form of ‘The Amazon,’ settling down onto my upright cock as I lay on my back and all of our legs flexed, mine up toward her and hers down to straddle me, with us holding hands to steady her and help her up-and-down fucking motion. That was definitely one of the more exotic Kama Sutra positions, and it was rather challenging to stay in control, which was why we were now repeating it. But like all the others it allowed me to pump my sperm against Di’s womb, which unknown to her was unprotected. Each day greatly increased her risk, but she did not know it.

Next came what in ancient times was called ‘The Cow’ but nowadays is commonly called ‘doggy.’ This was one of the old familiar positions and it was a nice relief on the day after ‘The Amazon.’ I could not remember what, if anything, was wrong with our first performance of good old ‘doggy,’ but we were doing it over in any case. What more need I say other than that I delivered my best load of fresh sperm into Di while her cervix as always was spasming eagerly to swallow those sperm?

‘The Arch’ or ‘The Reed’ was a variant on ‘Missionary’ in which I pulled Di’s hips well up off the bed and she supported the rest of her body weight on the back of her shoulders. We were re-doing that position because the first time we did it Di had gotten so sweaty that my grip slipped several times. ‘The Arch’ was another one of my favorites for sperming Di’s fertile womb. I wondered which day and which Kama Sutra position would do the trick. I had little doubt that one of them would would leave Di with my baby.

“Oh, it always feels like you’re planting your baby deep inside my womb!”

“I’m trying my best.” Little did Di know that there was much more to that casual remark!

“That’s so exciting to imagine,” she cooed.

“I know,” I agreed. “Let me show you how excited that makes me. Here comes your baby!” I flushed her sex with my latest bath of eager sperm.

“Oh god! I almost really do want you . . . OH! I’m cumming!” That was no surprise; her record of cumming while I sprayed my sperm inside her was still over 95%! As I told you, Di was incredible! As we drifted down from our latest simultaneous climax, Di murmured, “give me all your sperm; I don’t care if you do give me a baby.”

I didn’t take her request and comment at face value, as I knew she had not yet reclaimed her rational mind. But I did point out to her that I had already given her all the sperm that I could that day and that they would see what they could do about making a baby in her.

On Di’s ovulation day we were re-doing ‘The Wolf,’ otherwise known as ‘The Surprise,’ in which I took her from behind standing upright. ‘Wolf/Surprise’ seemed wild and primitive in that I simply walked up behind her – without any apparent foreplay this time, though Di was wet for me as always – and shoved her forward, bent over like a jackknife so that she had to put her hands on the floor, and abruptly penetrated Di’s sex as if I were taking her against her will. We had decided to play up this ‘f***ed taking’ aspect, but Di also added the fact of her ovulation that day.
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