A Study In Unprotected Sex

A Study In Unprotected Sex

When I was in college and following I had a good friend humor me. She was very sexual. We did our own orgasm study.

I tried to hook up with my own "stunt" vagina to record ejaculations and intensity. Went very well. All 10 measured 8 or above on my pleasure scale. With 7 being 10.

Here is the scale. 1-3: orgasm achieved, mild sensation, one to two contractions ejecting semen. 4-7 orgasm achieved, good sensation, three to four contractions during ejaculation, medium stimulation of penis by the vagina. 8-10 orgasm achieved, 5 or more spurts of semen inside the vagina, extreme stimulation of penis, maximum pleasure.

On many cases I was so stimulated I had at least 7 strong spurts of sperm ejected into the subject's vagina. Conversely this is why natural insemination beats artificial. The sex act makes a man more excited and his penis ejaculates more fluid and sperm than masturbation.

Here are the notes from our sessions. Other studies were not so great. But this one was fun nonetheless.

Subject recorded feeling my ejaculation 10 out of ten times with 7 of the times being most pronounced. 6 coincided with my 7 strongest,which 1 instance while still an 8 for me, she felt strongly. Subject achieved orgasm 10 times. 3 times her orgasm started when she felt me achieve ejaculation. 6 times her orgasm started prior to my ejaculation through "dirty talk, stimulation, etc.", 1 instance her orgasm started because of the thought of "sperm being spurted into her naked pussy".

Her vagina was very soft and each time slick and slippery with copious vaginal fluid. It was present through foreplay and the thought of "doing the experiment".

Subject was not on the pill. Subject had IUD. She reported good moods the following day 9 times. Excellent mood 1 time. Additionally the sensation of my sperm still inside her made her feel "important". Semen was expelled by her vagina for 24-48 hours or so after. Underwear was "smeared" with semen (ejaculate) and damp throughout this period.

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Interesting, she needs another subject to study