Slave 1st meet

For our first meeting, you agree to meet me in a hotel lobby - a nice public place where we both are comfortable. We have corresponded by e-mail, and we are both interested in each other, very much. We talked about our kinky interests a lot, and feel good about our mutual interests sexually. Our conversations are adult, fun, and we have a real admiration for each other. You arrive, and find me sitting alone; you sit down next to me on the couch.

You are wondering - What will happen go home alone? What would he do with me? You are getting turned on a little bit with the idea of some kinky fun. "Listen, I'm a dominant kind of man and you are here. I want you to submit to me and service me, sexually, as I please. Now it's time to serve me."

You follow me to the elevator. As we ride, I softly tell you to rub my leg, then to stroke my crotch through my pants, like an obedient submissive. I tell you to lean over, reach your hand into my pants and stroke me through my underwear. You unzip me and find my hard cock covered my silk boxers. I think about telling you suck my cock right there. You are stroking me in a most erotic manner. You whisper in my ear that you are willing to suck it right here. Your pussy is getting wet with this incredible public display, being told to stroke a cock in a public cab, offering to suck my cock like a whore. Your clit is throbbing, and your pussy is starting to get wet. You feel like a total slut.

Since we are almost to the flloor, I tell you to hold off. You are being very submissive and obedient, which gets me turned on even more.

We go into the room. It is comfortably furnished with chairs, a bed, table, and there are some discreet hooks in the ceiling. I tell you to stand in front of the table, it has drop leaves, and I can have easy access to your mouth, pussy and ass, if you lean over the center part of the table. I get out a copy of Fetish Times, a very kinky magazine with spanking, leather/rubber/latex and lots of kinky sex in it, and open it to a page of bondage and S&M drawings and photos, and tell you to look at it, but don't touch, don't move. I go to lock the door, and when I come back, see that you have moved from where I told you to stand. The kinky pics have distracted you. Your pussy is getting wetter.

I tell you that you will be punished for moving. I put a chrome metal dog chain around your neck, attached to a black nylon lead. I lead you around, like a bad doggie bitch that needs discipline to behave, and tell you to get ready for discipline, after some pussy play. I ask, "Will you do as I say?" "Yes" you reply softly. "Everything I say?" "Yes, Sir", you reply again... Then do as I say, to the letter, exactly as I want...

You agree to obey perfectly. I keep you standing. I caress your ass and pussy over your panties, tell you to spread your legs wider, and get one of my favorite sex toys, a very small, powerful vibrator. I start rubbing your pussy outside of your panties. After just a few minutes, I tell you that you can move a bit if you're having a climax. You come hard, letting out a small whimper as you cum, and jerking your hips. You can barely stand. The idea of having anal sex with you crosses my mind. That ass is very enticing, and it's looks so nice to me, such a lovely shape.

I tell you to bend over the table, and get a dildo. This one is 7 tapered inches, designed for clit, pussy, or ass. It's freshly cleaned and lubed. I pull down your panties, and slowly, gently but firmly push it into your ass. You can barely contain yourself. I push it all the say in. After a few minutes, I start using the small powerful vibrator against your pussy again. Your pussy is throbbing and wet. The pressure of the vibrator against your pussy, and the vibrator up your ass is driving you crazy. I take the vibrator out of your ass. I tell you to turn around, and unbutton your blouse. I light a candle for atmosphere.

I pinch your nipples tightly to get them hard, and decide to pull you around a bit by the neck chain. I take the lead, and lead you to a chair. I tell you to sit, and tell you to take my cock out of my pants, and I take your head in both hands, and push my cock into your mouth. Your soft, warm lips start sucking me enthusiastically. It has been fifteen minutes since we left the cab.

Now I am really ready to use you. I tell you to stop sucking, and slowly you quit. Now I have to punish you for not obeying me immediately. I am in the role of a strict Master now, and you must obey my directions promptly and to the letter. Because you did not stop on command, I must discipline you. I tell you to bend over the table again.

Your pussy is wet, and you are nervous and very turned on. You like to submit to a man like me, it arouses you. Your ass is there, smooth and ready for me. I stand next to you, holding your hair firmly, and start shoving a dildo into your wet cunt, fast and hard. The first time it goes in, you can't get over the intense sensations. I tell you that you may not climax without my permission, and I am determined to test you soundly. You are quivering in passion and arousal. I shove it in and out for a long time, leaving you feeling limp with sexual heat. I put it away and say it's time to deal with you.

I'm going to spank your ass, making you feel contrite for sucking my cock and not stopping when I told you. I tell you to stay bent over the table, and I examine your legs, and bottom. I slowly pull down your underwear, to reveal the sweet roundness of your ass. I tell you it's spanking time, and slowly pull back my hand, and start spanking your ass. Slap! Slap! Slap! Slap!I spank you, feeling your ass quiver each time I strike it. After your ass is pink and warm, I stop, and tell you to remain exactly where you are.

I take my cock out of my pants, out of my underwear, and holding your head, I tell you to open your mouth. I put my cock in your mouth. You start sucking it and it feels good. I hold your head, and start fucking your mouth. You know how to provide satisfaction with just your lips and tongue, and I love to fuck a woman's mouth. I tell you to suck me off like the oral sex slave you are. You take your hands, and start gently caressing my balls, and sucking my cock.

I take hold of your hair like it's a leash and keep fucking your mouth. You are just amazing, such a gift to me, totally exceptional, and respond better and better as I am more demanding, really shoving my cock in and out, fucking your mouth. What a wonderful submissive you are! Your mouth feels so good, and I begin to really fuck your mouth hard, spanking your ass as I pump your lips, faster and faster, spanking and pumping, until I have to come, have to spurt my salty cum down your throat, and cum over and over, shooting spurt after spurt of cum into your mouth.

You swallow it all. I let you keep sucking, and licking my cock, until I slowly get softer. We both go to the bathroom, to bathe together, so we can both get clean, and I can also watch you get clean and wet. I'm looking forward to kissing you and fingering your pussy lips as you get a climax from my vibrator. It is a lovely first meeting. I want more of you, honey. I can't wait to see you again...

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very good start