Supermarket meeting

There I am again, standing next to the jarred pickles, studying the different brands I shop every Wednesday, at the same time you do, and I always stop to smile at you over the fruit snacks.

You slide your sweat soaked hands over your slacks and with a breath make your way over beside me. You needed a jar of sweet gherkins, and just because a male was in your way didn't mean you were going to go without. You wheel your cart over beside mine, and I glance up to smile at you. My blue eyes were warm. You almost lose your nerve, but with a tight smile, you reach over to grasp the jar of pickles. you gap as I beat you to it, and hold the jar out to you with one big hand.

"You love these too?"

For one brief moment, you can't speak, and then you are was nodding and taking the jar from me, forcing yourself to smile.

"Yes...I...there my favorite."

I smile at you again, and you feel your knees grow weak.
You reach out to shake my outstretched hand, your fingers curling around my warmth.
I smile at you, arranging a few jar of pickles on the shelf.

"I see you in here a lot on Wednesday's. Apparently we like to shop together."

You blush.

"Apparently so."

We chat for a few moments, learning where each other worked and so on. You can't help but admire my body, and the careless way I held myself. I seem so at ease and lazy about life. You wonder if I will be like that in lovemaking as well. The vision of us entwined together in a steamy embrace has you breathing a bit harder. You are sure I have noticed.

Then we are parting, and you are checking out and returning home. However, the fantasies didn't stop there. You draw a warm bath and lounge in it, running your fingers over your smooth skin, curling one finger around your hair. Your breasts are pert and high, and you can't resist cupping them in your hands, teasing yourself until you are wet between your thighs.

You aren't one to masturbate, but your vision of my naked body have you slipping your fingers between your legs and fingering yourself into frenzy. When you cum, it is so intense you let her body slip into the now cold water where you drift between ecstasy and sl**p.

The next few days go by so drudgingly slow that you almost race to the supermarket in hopes to get another glance of your supermarket man. When you run into me in the frozen food section, you smile and immediately wheel you cart to minr to say hi. I glance up, smiling, and we engage in polite conversation.

The frigid air from the freezers begin to have its chilly effect on you, and before you know it, your nipples are jutting out from your thin t-shirt. You are surprised that you aren't the least bit embarrassed by it, but you can't ignore the way my eyes are drawn to them during our whole chat. I pause once to lick my lips, and I can't suppress a shiver, imagining my tongue running over your hard nipples. Smiling, you lean forward a bit, giving me an even better glance down your plunging neckline. You are unbearably horny, your masturbations ceasing to ease the hunger that rage inside of you.

"Everything okay?"

I gulp, and with a slight flush to my high cheekbones, nod and resume to fiddle with my groceries. You sigh. So now he was going to play shy, you think to yourself. What a damn shame. You say your goodbyes, and once again find yourself in the check out line, your panties soaked and your pussy throbbing. The second you are in your car and down the road, you unsnap your jeans and thrust your hand into your panties, fingering yourself wildly.

By the time you get home you have come twice and almost ran your car into the side of an old man who wore a shocked expression on his face. You lay awake that night, tossing and turning and burning for me. By the next day, you have made up your mind that you are going to have me. You are aching for me, and certainly, a man wouldn't turn down a lusty half dressed woman.

By the time the next Wednesday rolls around, You have driven to the supermarket and was waiting by the ice-cream, this time dressed to kill in a short sundress of hot pink, its straps slipping and sliding over your soft shoulders. Normally you wouldn't have been caught dead in public dressed so blatantly, but your needs are too much now. You want to be fucked by me, and right now, in the supermarket.

When you see me wheel into the aisle, you smile, and wheeled your cart over to mine. You feel a stir of female satisfaction when my jaw drops, and my eyes trail over your body. You stop beside me and let you hand rest on my arm.

"What a surprise this is."

I manage a nod, and give you a stuttering greeting.

You chat with me for a few minutes, the whole time you run your hand up and down my arm, aware that your nipples are hardening underneath the pink dress, aware that my eyes seem to be fixed on them. You watch my tongue peek out of the corner of my mouth and caress my lips. You almost moan, but instead purr seductively.

"I wonder if you might be able to help me with something. It seems that one of the restroom doors is stuck, and I really have to powder my nose. Could you give me a hand?"

Not waiting for a response, you leave your cart right where it was and walk towards the back area where the restrooms reside. You know I am following along behind you, for you can almost smell my arousal and hear my altered breath.

You pause in front of the women's restroom, waiting for me to catch up with you. When I stop in front of you, my arousal pressed tightly against my pants, you did moan then, and grabbing me, pull me with you into the bathroom.

With a click, you have the door locked, and I am standing there, panting now, and watching you with my eyes. You then kiss me, pulling me tightly to you. I waste no time, but feast on you with my mouth, my tongue slipping and sliding around yours, my hands clamping down on you arms.

You moan my name, nipping at my lower lip, drawing it into my mouth to suck on it. You have been waiting for this. I reach around to cup your ass, holing it with my big hands. I am then pressing you against my arousal, moaning deep in my throat.

"Take me now. Do it."

At your words, I then moan even louder, and pick you up, my mouth still clamped to yous. I hike the skirt of your dress up and sit you bare ass on the bathroom sink, exposing your wet pussy. I position myself between you and lazily kiss you, my fingers reach down to touch you. You cry out at my touch, straining against me, panting hotly.

God, he has such big hands, you think, wondering about the rest of me.

I slip a finger inside of you, seeking your wet walls, feeling you tighten around me. You are so hot, and here I am, about to fuck you. I feel myself shiver, and I press my finger deeper inside of you.

"Oh god...yes..."
You are moaning now, pressing your wet pussy against my hand, squirming on the sink. You face is flush and erotic and I know now that he won't be able to contain myself much longer. I am hard as a rock behind my pants.

I reach down to unbutton my slacks and slide them and my underwear down to my ankles. Immediately, you reach down to take my length in your hand, caressing me, murmuring about my silkiness. Deeply aroused, I use my fingers to rock you to an orgasm, watching, as you turn red faced, and clamp down on me, moaning loudly. When you come, you let out a shudder and begin to beg me.

"Please ."

I push up your pink sundress, letting it settle on your stomach, and then placed myself in front of your pussy. I want you so bad, but no matter how much I want to prolong it, I know I won't be able to. So with a grunt, I slam into you, causing you to arch your back and cry out.

I am so hot and hard that you feel yourself already on the peak. I ram into you repeatedly, causing the small porcelain sink to rock back and forth, your head repeatedly slamming into the mirror. My long cock pounds into you, making your pussy throb with an even more intense heat. Never had sex been like this before, so intense and so erotic that you think you might die from it.

I am making small guttural moans deep in my throat, my throbbing cock sliding into your wetness, so deep that I can feel your womb. I grip your hips harder, lifting you slightly at an angle, sliding into you even deeper, making you gasp in almost pain. Then I am smiling, watching my reflection in the mirror as I continue to fuck you, this woman I barely knew but who had seduced me with nothing more than a pink dress on.

You cry out repeatedly, your nails scouring my back, for you can feel the orgasm rising up inside of you, like a hot spear. You can see your legs open and wrapped around me, your pink heels still attached to your feet and it is one of the most erotic things you have ever seen. That was all it took to send you over the edge. You jump, your body shaking all over, little cries stuck in your throat as you are suspended in that moment of ecstasy, with my cock pounding away in you.

Then you cum, shuddering all over, panting and struggling to keep your grip on me, whispering unheard things near my ear. My face was nothing more than a grimace, my pleasure pent up inside of me begging for release. You came on me, and it caused me to become closer to my own peak. I feel my cock harden and begin to pump, and before I know it, I am spewing my seed into you, ramming myself as deep as I can go, and this woman is moaning yes repeatedly in my ear.

For minutes we don't move, letting the small rippling aftershocks pleasure us. Then I am sliding out of you and smiling, putting myself back together.

"That was incredible, . I think that from now on I will look forward to more shopping adventures."

You can't suppress the laughter, and with one last tug on your dress, you wiggle your fingers at me and was out the door to your awaiting cart. Only this time, you stand in the checkout aisle satisfied, and from the smirk on the cashiers face, you look it as well.

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1 year ago
very good & yes more
2 years ago
Hot!!! needs a part 2!