My First threesome Part 2

After Ray's step-mother put make-up on me and fixed my already long hair she had me looking like a young sissy boy, that's saying a lot because I was 23 at the time. She then had me slip out of the outfit Ray had given and put me in a red throng and matching garter belt and bra. She had me wear black seamed stocking to make me look like a real slut. She then told me that she had to get ready for Ray's father Bob to get home and that I was to go down to Ray's room and sit with him until then.
When I got to Ray's room he was already dresses similar to me except his lingerie was white, and boy was he beautiful. We sat on the bed looking at each other amazed at how each of us look, I wanted to stroke his face and hug him but he said that it wasn't a good idea because his father was do home soon and he would like to have a fresh girl when he came in.
I asked Ray about his step-mother Betty and he told me that she is the one who got him interested in wearing girly clothes when he was 8 or 9 dressing me up and calling me her little girl. I grew to love the feel of the slips and panties so much that I started to wear them any time I could. I didn't start having sex with Betty until I was 19 when she caught me and a friend sucking each other off. It was strange at first but now I love having sex with her and dad doesn't mind because she lets him have sex with her daughter from another marriage.
Hearing this was getting me hard all over again along with the feel of the panties riding up my ass and the way they felt against my cock, the bra and garter belt& stockings only added to the excitement. Betty then came into the room and sat between us and as she was stroking our nylon encased legs explained to us what she had in store for us. We were both getting so hard that our panties couldn't support our cocks and when she saw that she stopped caressing our legs and had us calm down because Bob didn't like to see the bulge in the panties until he put it there.
Part 3 of this story will come in the next week or so. Until then I hope you enjoy this tale and wet your panties over it.
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3 months ago
part 3 is way overdue!!!! no panties on by very hard now
2 years ago
I see we are all still waiting for part 3...and waiting..
3 years ago
nice very nice story
3 years ago
Cant wait for part 3!
3 years ago
Let me know when you post part 3!
3 years ago
mmm hot and yes it got me hard and wet