My first threesome.

My lover and I just finished sucking each off and were laying next to each just talking and he ask if I had any fantasy's and I said I like dressing in lingerie. He went to his closet and came out with a black bra and panty set along with a full black slip. He asked if I would put these on and I was up so fast I tripped and fell to the floor. I didn't think I made any noise and started to get dressed. He went into his bath while I was dressing and then his bedroom door open and in step his step mother. I didn't know what to do but stand there in the lingerie. She just smiled at me and walked over putting her hand to my face she said what a sweet sissy you make.
My lover Ray walked in then and saw her stroking my face and asked her did you want to join use. She told me she wanted to see me sucking Ray and I got down on my knees and took his cock in my mouth. Even though we just made love he got hard right away, and so did I. Mean while Ray and her were kissing and stroking my head, then she pulled me off his cock and lifted her skirt, she was wearing white panties and she pulled my face into her. I started to try and lick her cunt through her pant which were already wet. She moaned softly and puller her panties aside to allow me access to her. God did she smell sweet and taste good.
We then got on the bed, Ray was nude, me in lingerie and she took off her clothes. We were kissing, fondling each and finally ended up with him entering my boy pussy and me licking her pussy. It wasn't long before she grab my head pushing it in farther and climaxed. About the same time Ray shot his load into me. We fell unto the bed and she turned to me and said you poor girl you haven't cum yet have you. I just shook my head and then she put my cock into her mouth sucking me off with great joy.
After we recovered she took me to her room and started putting make-up on me saying wait until Ray's father comes home he will love how you look.
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1 month ago
now that is hot!!! on to part 2
2 years ago
Now that is a hot story. Now I feel like I had a deprived upbringing!!
3 years ago
im soooo hard and dripping!!!
3 years ago
Dang you are hottie! My cock is stiff and wet!
3 years ago
Hot story! Made my cock hard as rock!
3 years ago
wow that made me so horny
3 years ago
very nice
3 years ago
3 years ago
Short and sweet nice
3 years ago
Hot hot hot
3 years ago
Hope you write a next chapter thanks
3 years ago
mmmm hot story, part 2???