Hotel Anon Fun

I was out of town staying at a nice extended stay hotel and i posted for a M2M encounter on a local site. Harry responded but only sent me a cock pick and a phone number. The picture of his cock really turned me on. It was a little bigger than average. Smooth and straight and a nice purple head. I called and he wanted to sent up an anonymous scene. He was pretty insistent and I agreed. He then gave me a list of directions to follow. He told me he would be at my hotel room in 30 minutes.

I followed the directions. Showered, dried off, then put a blanket on the floor, and then I lubed my ass. I went over and slightly opened my hotel room door. Then turned out the lights, knelt in the middle of the blanket, and put my blindfold on.

I waited and waited. It seamed like a very long time, but I finally heard the door open and close. My heart raced as I could hear someone walk over past me. He went into the bathroom and I could hear the fan come on and him undressing. The fan turned off an I could hear him walk up to me . Next I felt his cock head at my lips and I opened my mouth wide, His cock was already hard as a steel pole. At first, He let me go at my own pace as I bobbed up and down on his cock. He then grabbed my head and picked up the pace where he was now controlling the tempo. Each stroke got deeper and deeper. I gagged and he pulled his dick from my mouth and the he shoved it in deeper. Gargling sounds were coming from my mouth as I let him fuck my mouth. He pushed deep in my mouth one last time. As I gagged he pushed deeper. Until I f***efully pulled away.

Harry then pushed me on to all fours and got behind me. He rubbed his cock in my crack until he found my tight asshole. Harry then pushed it in slowly. Arrrggg. It hurt pretty bad but he kept pushing until his hips pressed against my ass cheeks. I was breathing fast from the intensity of the penetration then Harry started to fuck me. Within a couple of strokes he was fucking my ass very hard not giving me a chance to get used to his wonderful cock. I was making all kinds of noises and grunts as he fucked me hard. I could really feel him inside as he would fill me up then pull out. He then pulled out all the way with a small pop. Relief came to my sphincter for a minute or so as Harry took a break.

Harry then pushed is hard dick back into my ass. This time the strokes were slow and deliberate, even pulling all the way out and the in slowly. I could really feel my sphincter open and close as here fucked me. After a few very enjoyable minutes of this fucking Harry started to pull all the way out and slam his dick in me hard. I grunted each time as discomfort returned to my ass from the hard strokes. Finally he started to fuck my ass hard and fast. I knew he was getting close then he pulled out and pulled me up on my knees. He tried to push his cock into my mouth but I resisted. He said "You told me you did this before now I want you to do it for me". I gave in and opened my mouth and tasted my ass and his dick. Immediately he was fucking my mouth and I felt his hands stiffen on my head. He grunted and filled my mouth fill with his sweet pungent cum. I milked his cock dry and he had me lick the entire cock clean.

I was instructed to lay on my back and jerk off. I willingly complied and within a minute or so I was spraying cum on my stomach. Harry had me lay there with my cum on me and blind folded. Harry dressed then left. As he left I popped up and looked out the window to see if I could see Harry. But it was to no avail.
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