Orgy just stimulating a nipple.

English is not my first language.
Apologize it.

It was almost twenty years ago.

I sat down with my girl friend in a quite Café. When she took off her coat, I realized she did not wear a bra that day because I could see the shape of her nipple on her thin clothes. I wanted to do a plank of it. So I touched her nipple slightly -almost barely- over her clothes in a way no one could see. It was a public place but she did not complain or resist. So I continued to touch her nipple slightly, barely and gently over her clothes again and again during conversation. Finally she sighed and closed her eyes. Then she became silent. She just seemed like thinking seriously. but I still continued.

After minutes of touching, suddenly she grabbed my penis and dropped her head to the table. I stopped it. Few minutes later, she opened her lazy eyes and said "I felt my orgy" still her head on table.

I knew women can get orgasms with just nipple stimulation, but I was surprised by barely touching could do it. I thought this slick acting made her more horny because it was a public place.

Maybe not hot, but a true story.

That day, I failed to lay her down, because she already got orgy. bitch.

I can not sure where to check the niches.
so last one line I added..

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