Adventures of my ex: The Nine Inch Dick, part 3

"Where ya goin?" he asks. "Just to freshen up, you made quite a mess. These will keep you company" she says as she removes the panties she was just thoroughly fucked in and tosses them to him. Mike inspects them hoping they stayed free of his load and was pleased to see he had not contaminated them with spunk.

Joy takes her time to freshen up with a warm wash cloth then brings it back to the bed and begins to clean his cock. Lifting and gently wiping it as if it were a delicate instrument. She looks up to find her panties pulled over his head with his nose pressing against the inside of the crotch. "I wish you didn't have to leave yet." "I don't, I still have an hour and a half before I have to leave." "In that case you need to put these back on." as he hands her the panties. "I want to enjoy these sweet panties on your sweet ass".

She slides them back on and lays beside him on her tummy "You're a panty freak just like my husband." "Anyone that sees your sweet body in these panties will become a panty freak." "Your skin tone is very tanned and the way the shiny chocolate material looks against your skin is amazing." "I have to sneak around to wear them because if my husband sees them on me I'll have to let him play with them and then give him some pussy" "Why, you said you don't have any problem turning him down?" "I know, but he knows that I know that these are his favorite panties. And, since I very rarely wear them for him if he sees me in them it's assumed that I want him to fuck me."

As Mike caresses her ass allowing his fingers to dive between her smooth thighs and press into the soft warmth of the silk covered pussy he begins to feel his cock rise. He lifts up and supporting his weight he lays the nine inch tube on her soft ass and gently slides up and down her ass on the outside of her panties. "I think he has come out to play again." she says.
"Of course he has" As he continues to enjoy the warm silky softness he ask "Did I tell you that you are the prettiest girl I have ever fucked? And, you have the tightest pussy I have ever felt." "Why do all guys say that? It's like they suddenly want something casual to become serious." "Not at all, when a guy tells you that he is telling the truth. I swear it's like your pussy is a custom fit silk glove made just for my cock" "I might be tight for you but your are huge." "My husband tells me I'm tight everytime and I expect that, but evey guy i have ever been with tells me the same thing."

Mike lifts the leg hole of her panties and slides his cock under the elastic and onto the crack of her beautiful ass. It starts to slick up with a film of pre cum. "Do you see that photo over on the bedside table?" "Yes." "Until today she was the prettiest and tightest girl I had fucked." "She is very pretty, and she looks very young too." "She is, she is my fifteen year old niece, or my exwife's niece anyway. Her s****rs daughter." "Your fucking your fifteen year old niece?" "I know, I'm bad, bad Mike! But, I wasn't her first I wouldn't do that, plus she knows it's just for fun and that I have women over all the time for sex." He slowly paints her pussy with the tip of his cock and starts to glide it in as he speaks. "She loves to fuck, just like her mom, I was fucking her mother before I even married my ex and we didn't slow down at all the entire time I was married. In fact we still fuck sometimes." "How old was she the first time you fucked her?" "f******n." "Mmmmmm... I wish my favorite uncle had a nine inch dick." "How long is your favorite uncle's dick?"
"About five inches is all." "Where you a naughty f******n year old girl like my niece?" "Mmm hmm, he always did it slow and easy like your doing right now, and we would look at his collection of naughty pictures while we did it." "I've always loved being naughty."

"Doing it with you brings those naughty memorys back because when I was thirteen he seemed so huge and it felt soooo gooooood...ahhhh...keep fucking me like that Uncle Mike"

Mikes cock is gliding in perfectly with a steady rythm and he begins to have to pace the strokes to keep from cumming to soon. "You feel so smooth and snug and creamy. I wish I could fuck you slow and easy like this all night long."
he says. "Don't go faster, but push firmer and longer at the end." Mike pushes,"Mmmmm....puuuuussshh....ohhh...just like that, keep doing it just like that." "Talk to your favorite niece Uncle Mike." she says. "Your such a pretty little girl with your sexy little panties and your tight little puuussy...mmm..I can't believe you like to let Uncle Mike play with you like this it feeeels soooo goooood." "I hope your mommy calls and says she is going to be late so I can take good care of your sweet little pussy all afternoon."
"Is my pussy better than mommy's pussy?" "Oh yeah, it's so much tighter and softer, I like your mom's pussy but yours is sooo much better." "Your pussy is going to make me cum so hard." "Don't cum yet Uncle Mike."she says. "I'm not going to yet, I'm going to make it last as long as I can."

Mike continues the rythm and Joy squeezes his cock with her pussy matching the rythm. " feels so nice to role play, but tell me how you were able to start doing it with her." "It was after her mom stated letting her come to our apartment after school so she wouldn't be home alone. She was getting off the bus at the corner and walking up. That was when she first started middle school. I worked a late shift and would be up by the time school was out and didn't have to leave for work until after my wife got home." "One day she asked me for a tee shirt and she stripped down to her panties and put my shirt on and layed in the floor doing her home work while I watched TV. As time went on it was as if she started making sure I could see her panties all the time." "By the time she was f******n she was tying my tee shirt in a knot just below her breast and she was wearing smaller bikini style silky panties and I let her know how hot she was all the time." "She started sitting in my lap and squirming around until we couldn't stand it any longer and she begged me to fuck her." "She told me she had given her virginity to a boy at school, but she wanted to be with someone with experience, plus she knew about me and her mother because she had overheard her mom talking to one of her friends."

"God I wish her pussy was as good as yours, Damn Joy you really feel too gooood" "I'm going to have to cum soon, the longer I fuck you the better it feels." He places his hands on her shoulders and begins to pull her back as he thrusts his cock in, picking up the rythm faster and faster crushing the back of her pussy with the wide head of his thick cock. "Give it all to me faster and harder, faster, oh god, ooohhh godddd, it feels so gooood!" He is grinding his pubes against her perfect ass, being able to enjoy that soft ass on his belly while he has his entire nine inches in her pussy is the final ecstacy and he explodes into her pussy. Spurt after spurt of hot thick cum pumping deep into her as he holds her tight against the end of his cock forcing all the cum against the back of her vagina. She is moaning so loud and they are both breathing so hard that when it is over they colapse into a heap. After about fifteen minutes of laying there she pushes him off and gets up and staggers to the bathroom to clean up.

He is snoring when she exits the bathroom so she gets dressed and quietly leaves his apartment without a word.
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3 years ago
Great Bill. Did she ever let you watch? or come home and tell you about it while you fucked her? Thanks for posting.
4 years ago
fuck me
4 years ago
another very good installment