Adventures of my ex: The Nine Inch Dick, part 2

Her thighs were as soft as velvet with not a hint that they would ever even need to be shaved they were so smooth. He began to work his tongue under the elastic of the crotch actually lifting it up and away slightly allowing him to begin to taste her sexyness. He reaches for the crotch and pulls it clear and gazes at the beautifull pussy, it was as pretty as it should be to go with the natural beauty of her face. She has the perfect amount of pubic hair. Rarely if ever has she even needed to trim it. It forms a nice V shape above her mound coming to a tuft right at the top of the hood of her clit. Her slit has only a very light s**ttering of hair that fades away as it moves toward the very soft concaved area at the top of each thigh. Those two spots almost demand the presence of a mans cock to caress them. They are perfect in beauty and softness, as if caressing a mouses ear.

He lays his tongue flat against her puss and slowly licks upward ending at her clit, then begins to massage the clit between his tongue and upper lip, carefully swirling the tip of his tongue back and forth along the underside of her clit as he applies a steady rhythm of pressure with his lip. Letting his tongue caress the sides of her shaft at the end of each stroke of his tongue.
His instinct tells him to stay on the clit, but he has the brain of a cunt hound so he stops and plunges his tongue deep into her pussy, practically licking her cervix he goes so deep. Her moans have been growing louder and louder and they continue as he plunges his tongue in, fucking her as hard as he can with it in a steady motion mixed with as much lip as he can on the clit.

She is bewildered, Frankie never mentioned head, she knew he would give her some. Men always did, she has never had to ask for it, her husband is good but god this man's tongue is like a dick on some men, a dick that can crawl and squirm in and out like nothing she has ever experienced. Her orgasm is building to an explosion that means she has to have cock now. "FUCK ME! FUCK ME NOW! RIGHT NOW!" He rises to his knees and using the head of his cock he begins to paint her gash in a verticle motion feeling the slickness of her pussy he begins to push. He dosn't expect the resistence that he begins to feel but it is ecstacy, he withdraws a quarter of and inch and can feel the slickness flood into the void and he pushes again, repeating time and time again as the tip of his dick has to f***e her vagina open all the way until he is crushing the head of his cock against the back of he vagina.

"I need to give it all to you, you need my cock inside you so bad!" UNGH! FUCK ME JUST LIKE THAT, JUST LIKE THAT!" "I'm going to come inside you!" NOT YET! DON'T CUM YET! KEEP FUCKING MEEE! PUSHH! He pushes until he can feel his pubic hair begin to brush her mound lightly the ectasy it to great and the flood is rising and is past the point of no return. "TIGHT PUUUSSSYYYYY! I'M SORRY I CAN'T STOP!" He hears, "I'm cumming too!" as he releases his load against the back of her vagina forcing spurt after spurt after spurt to squish sideways between his cockhead and the wall of her vagina, feeling it being f***ed outward along the shaft of his cock.

Finally after their simultaneous orgasm subsides he colapses to the side and says "That ended way to soon because your pussy is to tight and feels to good, I'm sorry I couldn't finish." "Trust me you finished, I haven't cum that hard in a very long time, I'm kind of used to not cumming at all when I am with a man for the first time. It usually dosn't last near long enough."

"Frankie didn't tell me all of your secrets. She never mentioned your tongue and how long it is and how well you can use it." "As far as Frankie is concerned I don't eat pussy, and I hope you can keep it that way for me. I know you girls will compare notes." "Tell me, just how long is your dick?" "I have know idea" he said. "Frankie said it's nine inches long from the base of the shaft to the tip, measuring along the top" she says. "Maybe, she did measure it once while she was sucking it, but i'll tell you she has never seen it as long as it was just now. When a guy is full on his cock has a very pleasurable ache along with his heart beat, until today I don't remember feeling that since I was in my teens." "Your husband is a lucky man, I'll bet you don't go unfucked much at your house." "He would beg to differ with you there, I only give him some on special occasions." "He begs like a c***d in a candy store and I love it!"
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3 years ago
Great part 2. I hate a woman making a man beg for it, but it was well written and I also love that spot at the top of the thigh. Makes me horny. Thanks
4 years ago
interesting & nice