Adventures of my ex: The nine inch dick.

I need to preface by saying the my ex was 5'4", 115lbs, brunette, brown eyes, with a perfect heart shaped ass. Her breast were not large but they were shaped nicely and well proportioned to her body. She was very pretty, with shoulder length hair most of the time we were married. For some reason she would fuck like a mink for men that would flirt and buy her drinks, as long as the man was not me of course. Needless to say she drove me nuts!

I have some details of some of her escapades, which she had a tendency to confess to after my suspicions led to a confrontation. The stories I will write about her will be based on truth with some embellishment on my part based on the fact that for some reason, from the very beginning I was turned on by the thought of other men screwing her.

This is my first here it is.

The nine inch dick.

She stood at the door of his apartment wearing a brown cordoroy jumper type dress with a white blouse. It was three o'clock in the afternoon and she knew I wouldn't be expecting her home for three more hours. Before she left work she had removed her pantyhose because she was instructed not to wear them. so they were neatly tucked into her purse. The excitment she felt in her body was building as she felt her nipples tingle into full erection, the crotch of her silky panties were beginning to feel moist to her. She lightly knocks on the door.

The door swings open and standing there is Mike, 6'3" barely weighing 190lbs, his features are gangly and he has sandy brownish hair with some natural curl in it. He is not wearing a shirt, his chest is not remarkable and neither is his face. It is safe to say that the only remarkable feature is the shape that his semi hard erection is making as it lifts up against the fleece of the gray sweat pants he is wearing, possibly the longest bulge Joy has seen in her 25 years.

Her heart starts to race a little, although she knows this is not the first time she will cheat, it is without a doubt the first time she has agreed through a third party to visit another man with the sole purpose of letting him fuck her. It was set up with her current best friend and running buddy Francis AKA Frankie. Joy, and Frankie worked for a major department store and Mike worked at another branch of the same store accross town. Frankie being a genuine nympho had fucked every swinging dick in the company that would have her. She wasn't ugly enough to snag lightning but she was over weight. She made up for it with a great personality. Frankie had been to Mike's apartment on numerous occasions but lately she had been being turned down when she would approach Mike for some fun. The week before Mike had called her and invited her to drop by. She got her medicine with the promise of more if she could get him hooked up with Joy who he had seen and chatted with in his store one day while she subbed for an absent employee.

Frankie had been spouting all kinds of bullshit about how big his dick was and that the best part was that he really knew how to use it. After a lot of conversations she finally agreed to the meeting. Joy was facinated by the thought of such a huge dick.

Mike motions her in and without a word takes her purse and sets it on the coffee table. Then looking into her face thinks to himself "this girl is prettier than she was the last time i saw her". He puts his hands on her shoulders and slowly turns her around and still without a word starts to unzip the jumper. He pushes the shoulder straps off and lowers the jumper to the floor so she can step out of it. As she turns to face him again she notices the bulge in his sweat pants is starting to strain against the material and it seems even longer than before. He moves a strand of hair from her face and tucks it behind her ear as he starts to unbutton her blouse. The bra she is wearing is just plain soft satin with a catch in the front, he deftly unhooks it with one motion and she feels slightly self concious fearing her breast are to small. She is reasured by the look in his eyes as he caresses her right breast with the back of his hand as he removes the bra and blouse together.

"Are these the ones?" he asked. She nodded in the affirmative knowing by the hand on her ass he was asking about the the milk chocolate colored satin panies she was wearing. In their phone conversation leading to the rendevous they had "role played" a little and he assumed the position of demanding some things of her for the visit. One of which was that she not wear pantyhose, which are required at the store they both worked for, and the other was that she wear her husbands favorite pair of panties. He had fucked several married women and had found that talking to them and getting them to violate a personal secret between her and her husband like the favorite panties always seemed to excite the women more.

He led her to the bedroom and sat her down on the edge of the bed. His cock was full on now and straining to lift up and out of the leg of his sweatpants. He pushed the waist band down to reveal the top of his pubic hair and she took the hint and pulled the pants slowly down admiring the length and girth of his dick as it was slowly revealed. She had to lean over so far to push the pants down that when it sprang free it brushed the side of her face. She sat straight up and wrapped her hand around it and not being able to touch the tips of her fingers together spoke her first words. "I don't think we can do this". "What?" "It's so large, thick..I mean..I don't think it will go in".

Knowing that she had two c***dren at home a four year old and a two year old, Mike didn't quite know how to react. He did know that short of absolute **** this chick wasn't leaving his apartment unfucked. "It's not that big", "It is, I can't close my hand around it, and it is longer than three times the width of my hand" she says as she stacks her hands on top of one another from the base of the shaft and not reaching the head of his cock with the third hand.

"There is a simple rule of thumb to relieve your fears, if you can get your mouth around it, it will fit nicely into your pussy". That line of bullshit has gotten him more head from some of the horniest "nice girls" that don't do that, than you can imagine.

Joy holds his dick like an ice cream cone and slowly licks the head, then licks her lips and gently purses them and places the tip against her moist lips and slowly takes the head into her mouth. Being careful not to let air into her mouth around his cock, feigning a struggle to get her mouth around it. She lets her lips pop over the rim of his cock head. Caressing the tip with the tip of her tongue and gently sucking and rocking her head back and forth she begins to taste the salty slick pre-cum oozing from huge dick.

Her milk chocolate brown panties are starting to get a little sticky between her legs. Frankie was true to her word about him being big.

Mike takes her head in his hands and slowly starts to stroke in and out of her mouth taking care not to break the suction. The sensation of the rim of his cock head popping back and forth across her wet lips is bringing him closer than he normally gets to ejaculation this quick. To keep from cumming before he is ready he finally pulls out of her mouth and glosses her lips with the copious amounts of pre-cum oozing from his dick. She flicks the tip of his dick scooping the pre cum off with her tongue.

"Let me get a good look at those wonderful panties you are wearing", as he pushes her back on the bed. He spread her smooth legs apart and takes in the sexy panties. The front is decorated with an inverted "V" design made from off white lace. the point of the V touching the waistline in the center of the front just below a tiny pink rose on the waist band. The legs of the V comes down and touches the elastic on the leg holes on either side of the seam of the crotch that crosses from one leg to the other right across the pubic mound. The rest of the material is shiney satin the color of rich milk chocolate. The elastic around the legs is stitched in a quilted patern that makes them look incredible luxuriously soft.

He leans over and presses his nose into the softness below her mound and enhales her aroma that is laced with a slight hint of baby powder. The combination begins to make desperate to satisfy himself inside her, but he resist that temptation and begins to caress the crotch of her panties with the head of his dick. Stretching beads of pre cum up and down and across. Pushing the head firmly into the softness and feeling the warmth of her pussy through the satin, he has mini ejaculations of pre cum that he smears up and across the seam of the crotch and over to her bare skin of her thigh.

"He's leaking on me, I think", "Yes he is, I'll clean it up i promise." as he slides down between her legs and covers all of her softness with his open mouth and begins to suck her pussy throught the crotch of he panties.

NOTE FROM AUTHOR: I have to close and submit because of lack of privacy. If you want me to continue with the story please comment.
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3 years ago
Great opening, Bill. I'm headed to part 2 now. Thanks
3 years ago
It`s pretty good so far.
4 years ago
So far so good!
4 years ago
part two is on the way!
4 years ago
yes please continue this very good so far