Tim and Grace--Round I

Their drinks arrived. Tim lifted his glass. “A toast to the case, and your Reno visit.” He smiled, looking deeply into her eyes. Once again, she felt her face flush and her pulse quicken. “Thanks, and to you as well,” she managed.

She’d much rather spend time with this man now than face the night alone.

She licked her lips, gazed into his eyes. “I’ve really enjoyed our time together so far, and I don’t want to fuck it up by pissing you off. Truce?” She held out her hand.

“Truce.” He eschewed her hand, reached around her shoulders, pulled her face close to his, and kissed her gently, then with a bit more pressure. He slipped his tongue between her lips, making her gasp. He kissed with prowess, honed by his broad experience with women. He had an active social life, despite his job. The ladies he dated worked in the casino industry, available round the clock, but not seeking permanency. His reputation as a good lover spread throughout the network of dealers, waitresses, cashiers and entertainment people who depended on tourism for their livelihoods.

So when Grace felt his lips against hers, she responded with a surge of desire. Their kiss deepened, as her breathing became irregular, nipples engorged, her center becoming hotter as his tongue fenced with hers. Her pussy began to swell, and she could feel the wetness begin to sweat through her pores.

“I…wait….” She was stammering. Stammering! This didn’t make any sense at all! Get a hold of yourself, woman!

“No. No waiting.” Tim continued to kiss her, slid his hand into her blouse, and flicked her left nipple into full erection under her bra. “I like your nipples,” he said.

“Mmmmmmm…” She was dripping now, squirming in her seat, a victim of her desire. “Thank you for…kissing me…”

“My pleasure. Any complaints?”

“No…complaints…” This was getting waay out of hand. She hadn’t lost control like this in years. But Tim was such a catch, she couldn’t help herself. Her vagina was soaked, and she felt her clit swelling between her legs. She crossed them quickly, rubbing her thighs together tightly. Tim noticed her agitation, slid his hand up her thigh to her crotch. For a change, she wore a skirt rather than slacks. Her smooth skin quivered as his hand rose up her leg. He could feel her heat radiating from her pussy.

“Your room?” He whispered to her, nibbling her earlobe, letting his breath tickle her skin.

“Yyyesss....now.” She was at his mercy now. An unexpected turn of events.

Tim threw some money on the table, led her out of the room. For once, she didn’t feel compelled to have a cigarette. Just being with him was overwhelming her desire to smoke.

They shared the elevator rubbing against each other. Tim’s erection was pushing against her thigh; she grabbed his enormous shoulders and thrust her hips upward, a new sensation since she broke up with Jake. They continued to kiss as they stumbled into the hotel hallway. She quickly swiped her key, opened the room.

“Come here…” she panted, nearly speechless with desire. She stripped off her blouse and skirt, pulled him down to the bed, and felt his heaviness settle atop her body. He stripped as well, revealing his finely sculpted torso and striated legs. She saw him nude for the first time and a gush of cream traveled down her leg. His silhouette was a perfect triangle above, massive thighs and calves below. The center of his body rippled with strength, rock-hard abs and a round, dimpled ass. His rod was between her legs, dripping pre-cum onto the sheets. He teased her with the tip of his cock, making her shake with passion.

“Fuck me, fuck me NOW!!” she yelled, pulling on his cock. He grabbed her hips, pulled her close and dug his nails into her butt. She surrendered to the f***e of his first thrust, throbbed in unison with him.

“Ahhhhhhhhhh….Oh!” She surrendered to his strength, his passion, and his thick manhood, which was scr****g the inside of her vagina. She felt an earthquake surge through her body, making her legs and arms shake. “Mmmmmm, I…I’m almost…there…” she gasped, thrusting hard against his body. She felt her pussy walls contract, clamping around his thick cock. She was close to coming, rushing headlong from a dark tunnel into bright sunlight. Her breathing became even more rapid, as her climax was just seconds away.

Suddenly she felt the full effect of her orgasm, propelling her into another world. Her vagina exploded with sensation, pulsing madly around Tim’s unyielding cock.

“OH MY GOD!!! UHHHHHHH!!!!” She screamed. Her climax was so strong it nearly took her head off. It had been so long since she had felt a man inside her. Her whole body stiffened for a moment; then, she began to vibrate, quivering from head to toe, seeking his mouth, clawing his wide shoulders and folding her long legs around him, locking her ankles around his back. “Help me, I’m coming….again!” She was at her wits’ end, completely out of control. She could feel another peak sweeping across her belly, as her stomach muscles twitched involuntarily, drawing her pelvis upward to meet his unrelenting thrusts. Her pussy continued to contract, milking Tim’s cock. Now, she was speechless; all of her words were contained in the way her body responded to the man atop her.

Meanwhile, Tim was holding onto this voluptuous tigress, trying not to come too soon. When he felt her pussy grab his cock, he knew that she was coming. He was surprised when her contractions continued and she said she was coming again. It seemed as if she was multi-orgasmic—and inexhaustible.

He loved it. He sped up his motion, pounding into her with a fury he usually held in check. Most of the women he dated couldn’t handle his strength. So he had to tone down his bedroom acrobatics, to keep from hurting his partners.

He didn’t have to do that with Grace. She was plenty strong enough, and large enough, to handle even the most punishing blows he could administer. At last, he could be himself in bed. So their coupling became a test of wills—strength for strength, power for power, blow for blow. Neither one of them wanted to give in. And in the process, both of them were introduced to a lovemaking intensity that was new for each of them.

He could feel his climax beginning to assert itself. His cock swelled even larger as he pounded into her, and he was finally ready to take his pleasure. “It’s my time…I’m going to come inside you…” he said.
“Oh yes, do it lover, do it…” Grace didn’t resist. But in truth, she couldn’t resist.

“Ahh, MMMmmmm, huh, huh, huh…” Tim panted, as he felt his spunk fill her love tunnel. His thrusts became even more intense as he pumped his jism into her pussy. A thin sheen of sweat popped out on his forehead. Grace felt the first throbbing from his cock, and came again.

“UHhhhh…” She was nearly incoherent as she vibrated around his cock, pussy snapping crazily, breathing shallow and rapid. Her nipples stood up like pebbles, but were crushed by his massive, rock-hard chest.

For what seemed like an eternity, they reveled in the climax dance. Grace wailed as she continued to orgasm, a completely new experience for her. Tim growled as his beautiful tourist continued to climax, over and over again.

At last, they calmed down, breathing returned to normal, eyes came back into focus. Tim spoke first.

“You are an amazing lover. Thank you so much!”

Grace wasn’t as coherent as he was. “Ssso are you…Damn!” She had felt an aftershock that made her whole body quiver. It was the first time she’d ever experienced that. She clutched the sheet to keep from falling off the bed.

“Welcome to Reno,” Tim said with a sparkle in his eye. “I hope you’ve found the entertainment…satisfactory.” He was just a bit more cocky than usual. Multiple orgasms on a one night stand were rare. They happened, but much less frequently than the movies would have you believe.

“Yyyes I did, you sonofabitch.” Grace hated being out of control, and wasn’t happy about the way he’d seemingly seduced her without any effort whatsoever.

But then again, she was truly satisfied sexually for the first time in years.

She could thank Tim for that, at least. But she didn’t want him to know how completely she had surrendered to him.

Tim seemed to read her mind. “You can cut the ball-buster crap. I could tell you were on another world when we were fucking. So don’t sit there naked, wet pussy, hard nipples and swollen clit, and try to tell me that you didn’t like it. Because I know you did.”

Shit. He was smarter than most men. But that wasn’t difficult. Most men were idiots.

The other thing, the thing she hated, was that she wanted more. She wanted to feel his body next to hers again, feel him enveloping her in that massive embrace, and perhaps more lovemaking. If he was able to.
When he mentioned her body, each part responded to his words. When he said ‘wet pussy,’ her pussy surged with a fresh round of cream. When he said ‘hard nipples,’ their points tightened further, until they ached for his touch. And her clit swelled to the size of a walnut when he mentioned it. She snaked her hand between her legs to softly rub it, and hoped he didn’t notice.

He busted her. “I see you touching yourself. Wouldn’t you rather have me do that?”

“I….well, I guess so…” She didn’t expect him to be so blunt. But she wasn’t sure he knew how she liked to be touched.

“What is it? Don’t you think I know how to finger you?” Tim asked.

“Well, I’ve got a special way of doing it.” Grace didn’t want to show him.

“Show me.” Tim had seen everything in the way of females touching themselves.

“Fuggedaboutit.” She relied on her Jersey vocabulary, hoped it would put him off.

“No, I mean it. Show me how you touch yourself.” He moved away from her, sat at the desk, waited. His cock flopped between his legs, half-hard. He was waiting for a show.

“Ok, ok.” She sat up, scooted to the edge of the bed, crossed her legs with her hand in between, began to rock back and forth. She was masturbating by rubbing her thighs against her clit and localizing the sensation with her hand. Within a couple of minutes, he saw her face flush, her breathing become raspy. She was enjoying performing for Tim, and as she moved faster, she saw her audience begin to react—his cock started to swell, lengthening along his leg, until it was at its full tumescence. When it reached its full length, she began to pant, squeezing her legs together even more tightly, then quivered from head to toe, feeling her climax, made more intense by the interest of her lover.

Grace stammered, “I…uh, do that on stakeouts sometimes. Keeps me from getting bored.” She was still feeling the little earthquakes, making her toes curl, her legs vibrate.

“Thank you,” Tim said. “That was a terrific performance. Now it’s my turn to touch you.” He moved to the bed, slid his hand between her still-quivering thighs, felt her wetness and her swollen clit beckoning him. He became even harder, and the weight of his cock pressed against her leg, stimulating her in a way she hadn’t expected.

Tim ran his hand across her stomach, felt her breath draw in sharply. She opened her legs to him, grabbing his hand and placing it on her wetness. “Touch me now,” she gasped. He snaked his finger inside her, curled his index finger upward to massage her G-spot. He could feel it swelling inside her, becoming engorged. He knew that if he continued to stroke her, she would have an explosive orgasm. He wanted to watch her face when she did.

She was moving underneath his groping hand, wiggling her ass and grinding her hips. She was on the verge of yet another orgasm, this time on his fingers. She felt a surge of…something, coming from deep inside her vagina. Tim continued to stroke her G-spot, watching her face. It was flushed, her mouth open, her body covered in sweat.

Her hips began to jerk erratically, back and forth; then, a deep contraction pushed Tim’s finger out of her pussy. Next, a jet of fluid sprayed across the bed, landing on his leg. She began to thrash on the bed, kicking her legs uncontrollably.

“OHHHH….MMMMMMMM…AIEEEEE!” She screamed as her climax catapulted her into another dimension. She was shaking, quivering with abandon, as her pussy continued to squeeze, and more liquid poured out onto the bed.

Tim licked his fingers as he watched her have her first squirting orgasm. She was really enjoying herself, even without being touched. Her vagina throbbed for fully 5 minutes, a record for any sexual encounter she had ever had. When she calmed down, he placed his cock next to her pussy. “More?” he asked.

“Now, YES!” She pushed him on his back, straddled his body, quivered as she lowered herself on his cock.

“Mmmmmmm…that feels good….” She ground her hips hard onto the base of his erection, rubbing her clit with her fingers as they pleasured each other. Her tits were hanging over his face; he suckled her hard left nipple, felt her pussy grab his cock. He knew another orgasm was on its way.

She was magnificent in bed. And he was doubly glad that she was a good looking cop, too. She wasn’t beauty queen material, but women like that weren’t his type. He liked ladies who were more approachable and didn’t need to be coddled. Grace was one of those women.

She was nearing her next peak, and pushed her hips down on him even harder. He thrust upward at the same time. He wanted to time it so that they came together.

He got his wish. When his rod started to jerk inside her, he felt her vagina squeeze him. “I’m coming again…humph!” he said. Tim felt his penis leap inside her, filling her with his spunk. He grunted, jerked and thrust into her pussy with the same energy he had shown the first time they made love. Meanwhile, her pussy was clasping his cock, rippling along its length, pulling more and more love juice from him.

“Oh, Tim, I’m coming again…” her voice trailed off as her pussy took control. She slid up and down on his cock, gyrating wildly above him. What a lover he was! She couldn’t resist how he turned her on.

She milked him dry, then slumped onto his chest, exhausted. She was breathless.

“My God, you sure know how to please a woman.” She hadn’t been so thoroughly satisfied for years.

“Thanks, but you did most of the work.” He was amazed at her orgasmic ability. Most women weren’t able to have a multi-orgasmic experience like hers—especially on a first date. They wanted to establish some sort of relationship before opening their legs—which he understood. The fact that Grace made love to him tonight was a puzzle. He chalked it up to luck (his), loneliness (hers), and being from out of town. Funny how a hotel room turns a woman on. Is it the clean sheets? The anonymity? Or is it that it’s a new venue that lets you suspend your ordinary life for awhile?

He thought it was a combination of all of those factors. The way she responded to his body was about what he expected. Most of the women he dated liked that he was powerfully built—the baser instincts still run deep in humans, despite the social veneer we all wear. Indoor plumbing, clothes, airplanes and automobiles don’t compensate for the hunter-gatherer that is deep within the male, and the hearth keeper who craves protection buried inside every female.

In Grace’s case, finding a man larger than her was almost impossible. To have him be a good lover as well as gigantic was just a bonus. But she wasn’t going to modify her life for a man. She wasn’t ever going to do that again. This has already been a good trip, she learned more about the case, and had some fun to boot. So she flatly rejected the idea that she’d get all dewy-eyed and plan on shacking up with him, leaving her career behind. She wasn’t beholden to anyone now, and she liked it that way.

Grace lit a cigarette. “Want one?” She offered the pack to him.

“Nope. I don’t smoke.”

“Suit yourself.” She lit up, took a deep drag. That was always the most satisfying cigarette—after meals and with her morning soda didn’t compare to the cigarette after great sex.

Tim said, “Thanks for making love to me. You are a tigress in bed.” He was still in shock at how many orgasms she had experienced.

“You’re no slouch yourself, you know.” She was still quivering after their multiple climaxes. She hoped she could keep her mind on her job tomorrow. But she was a smart cop; that wouldn’t be a problem, she thought.

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very good and i know a Tim in Reno lol