This past Good Friday I went to see a lady friend of mine who I've not seen for awhile,cause she asked me to come over. She told me that we would be alone all day and there wouldn't be no one to bother us while we were having sex. So I told her to get ready for me to come over and I like to see her in a dress without her panties.Along the way I stopped at the neighborhood store and got our favorite drink,and picked up some Chinese food for us to eat,and the night was all ours.When I got there we ate and begain to drink and we sat on the couch and begain the foreplay,but it came to a halt when her doorbell rang so my lady friend Carmen got up to get the door.When she did her s****r came in and sat down on the couch between us like this was planed. While she was there she was talking about how her and some guy was having problems and she wanted to hurt him,and all the time she talked,the bottle was getting lower and lower.With me my patients were getting shorter and shorter,everytime Carmen would move her dress would ride up on her and I could see her bush.I tried everything I could think of to get her s****r out of that house,I even told the s****r that I will pull my dick out and wave it at her if it make her leave.All she said was that's all men think about,fucking,my commit was you shouldn't be so cold and maybe your man wouldn't got frostbite from you. What did I say that for,she did her best to get in the way and to keep us from fucking.I was so angered that I started souting at her and I wanted to kick her to the moon,for almost ten hours I got blocked from some pussy,then Carmen told her s****r that she could spend the night and if I stay I can sl**p in the livingroom where the television is and that's what I did stayed up all night watching some garbbage on the tube with a hard-on,the only way I could get rid of it was to beat it off and I did.The next morning at first light I went home,right now I'm still mad at Carmen and her s****r.
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