Never Knock Anything Till You've Tried It.

This story took place a few years back when the city of Detroit didn't have to woory about what its going through now,this was one of the rare times that I got to work on a Sunday.I was working with the Detroit Housing Department at one of the project sites named Brewster-Douglas,doing what they call fire watch since none of the fire systems were working.Our job was to walk the building checking for anything out of place or if you smelled smoke in the building,I had the 4 to mid watch when I walked the building.While walking through the one of the 14 story buildings I would pass this one apartment to where the door was wide open and you couldn't help but look right into the apartment,but there was a couple that lived there that were gay.One had a honey skinned complexion and stood 5feet 5inches tall,the other was about 5feet 7inches tall with a real dark complexion,short hair and a face that'll stop a bus at full speed.Body wise there was nothing there but his friend had a nice round ass shoulder lenth brown hair and soft brown eyes.A few times he stopped me in the hallway and we talked,he invited me come by after I got off work and when that time came I did stop by their place and he was wearing a denim skirt and a cream color top a he was sitting on the couch watching tv as the other one was in the kitchen.After being introed to both of 'em we talked and I learned that he was using the name IsIs and was a dancer at one of the clubs,real name was Raymond.I was told that his mother was a d**g addict and she would let the dope man fuck him to support her habbit,then he just followed suite with the life style.Then he told me he'd liked the way I looked in my pants and he wanted to have sex with me,but the other one named Diamond didn't like the idea I told him to get over it and he was too ugly for a guy like me anyway,your hair was too short and you ain't got no ass,and you're too black and ugly I told him.After all that he went into the bedroom and slamed the door,so we to know each better and I remindered him that I like women not guys,his reply was I can be a girl right now as he pulled the skirt above hie thigh and turning over on his stomach showing me his nice pretty ass that was soft to the touch.For some reason I got hard and he pulled my dick out for me and started blowing me,I really felt good as I wiggled out of my pants and boxers he stopped and said he'd be back when he came he had some KY and a condom.I said I can't fuck with a rubber on and he wasn't fucking without it so after some time he you can fuck me but don't cum in me.With skirt just above his ass he put on the KY and I slid my dick home,he was lying flat on his stomach as I was strokin as mush as I could,it did get good to me and I put my hand round his dick and gently stroked it for him.After 25 minutes I pulled out and came over his ass,as soon as I turned around I saw his friend Diamond begain to cum as he let his cum roll down the end of his shaft.He got me awet soappy towel and cleaned me up then he said I had to leave cause Diamond was gonna take care of him,so I got dressed and left with that good feeling and with that locked away for years.
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