A Friend Of My Mother's

It begain one Saturday when I was gathering all my sports gear together for my afternoon ball game,when my mom told me to drop what I was doing and go over to her friend Doris's house to help her around the house.Me being 17 years old and with all the bad luck in the world I was very upset,"She got sons that can help her don't she?" I asked,"she do"but they're not at home". Now go".mom told me and I went to her house that was two doors down from us,it was a nice summer day not too hot just right,as I walked up on her porch I could see her inside through the locked screen door in just a heavy brown robe that had seen better days.When I knocked she came to the door holding the robe close,Hello Roger".she said unlocking the door and letting me in very quickly.After that she put me to work,when I finished I sat at her kitchen table with a glass of water in front of me,when she called my name for me to come and help her in the bedroom.The thought that ran through mind was she had on a leather outfit with a whip and very long dildo."Roger"would you please come here".she said again.I went into the bedroom andthe room was dark and the only light was from where it was coming in around the shade that was pulled down."I'm right here"she said as I looked down I saw her lying on the bed with nothing on.Looking at her I saw she was a very good looking woman in her younger days,she wasn't looking too bad then at the age of 54."If you do this for me",I'll pay you and your mother will never know".she said to me as she pulled me down on to the bed.She seem to not miss a step when it came to sex,as I gave her all a 17 year old could give at that time.She let me hit it doggie style,from the side,and with me on top,after cumming twice she got me up and we both were in the bathroom cleanning up,as soon as I got dressed and headed to the front door,my own father was coming up on her porch."What the hell you doin here?"he asked in a booming voice.I told him that momma sent me over to help her out and he let me leave,some weeks later I found out that he was over there hittin it too.Well I it lasted for maybe two more times after that,then she got married and moved away,I never told anyone about it and I kind of miss Mrs.Doris Thomas as I sometime just sit and not doing nothing.
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4 years ago
very good story but more detail on the next 1 please
4 years ago
OK story. My mom actually set me up with three of her girlfriends. One was divorced and two married who liked that yooung cock.