Getting a haircut

My hair grows like crazy and I have to cut it once a month at least, if I dont, I look like a lion with all that messy hair...

I have one place where I go when it's time to get my haircut. So I called my hair dresser and made an appointment...

I know her her a long time, she around 35, tall, and has meat on her..She's always cheerful and happy, it's easy to talk to her..

So she started her doings around my head. "the usual" I said...having in mind more than haircut itself....

She was wearing black t-shirt with major cleavage, like that her round books were making was track suit, so thin that her thong was showing when she bend down to pick up scissors that had fall down...damn, that round ass is perfect...

I know the moment was coming..i always get it...when she's almost finished she comes close to me form behind, stands next to my back, and pulls my head back on her boobs, they are so soft and warm..mmm, makes me crazy just thinking about it...and asks "is that ok?"...i'm thinking "oh shit, that's perfect"...but I rather say "oh, just here e a bit" and show some place on my head, because I know I will get one more squeeze when she fixes that...

and yea, she was cutting with scissors, then came close again and "boobed" me but this time she was talking how she was sunbathing on beach, as she was talking her boobs were moving on my neck, sweeet moment...and then asked me "is that ok?"...and I said perfect :)

i would made a move, but shes married and I know the guy...

anyway, i'm looking forward for my next appointment with my hair dresser :)
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1 year ago
I liked that!
3 years ago
very nice