Sabrina's Biker Gang Bang

I started talking to a dude we'll call "G-Man" on xHamster. His wife "Sabrina" is a gorgeous black woman with a body made for sin. G-Man told me that he and his wife had fantasized about her being gang-banged. I've always had a "thing" for chocolate and told G-Man so. He immediately asked me if my "buddies" and myself would be interested in gang-banging Sabrina. I told him yes....and since he didn't live that far from me that I'd come and pick his lady up for a day ride. Then he could meet us at our club house later that evening. G-Man was excited and agreed, so we made plans.

I tooled up to their house about 8:00 am on the appointed day. G-Man met me at the door and invited me in for coffee. Sabrina was in the kitchen just making the coffee and G-Man introduced us. I had only talked to them on the phone a few times, mostly this was to put Sabrina at ease. She greeted me with a smile and stuck out her hand to shake. That's when I took her hand and kissed the back of it like a gentleman of old. She liked that, I could tell. I could also tell she was a bit nervous about the bike ride....and what would come after. So I proceeded to chit chat with them both while drinking my coffee, trying to put them both at ease. By the time we were ready to go Sabrina might still have been a little nervous, but she was excited too.

Sabrina has long beautiful jet black hair and I told her that even though she'd be wearing a helmet, her hair would still blow in the wind and by the end of the day would be in tangles so bad she'd spend hours brushing it out. I told her to get a hair band for me and her comb or brush. She looked at me a little funny, but did as she was asked. When she came back I sat her down and braided her hair in two long braids coming down behind her ears. I could tell this small intimate act with his wife not only turned G-Man on.....but Sabrina as well. To tell the truth, my cock was rock hard.

I instructed Sabrina to put on a pair of jeans and that she should wear a top that was comfortable, and to bring along a light jacket too. She came back wearing the jeans, which was just perfect for showing off her gorgeous ass and legs. She also had on red tank top that showed her ample breasts, and a pair of sexy boots that came up to her calfs. I tied a red "dew rag" on her head, and with the gold hoop ear rings and neckless she chose to wear along with her entire outfit....I wanted to fuck her then and there she looked so hot. My Gawd was she ever gorgeous!!!

Saying our good-by's we got on my bike and started off. I instructed Sabrina on how to ride "back seat", as she had never ridden on a motorcycle before, and she took to it like a duck to water. It wasn't long that I relaxed and settled down in my seat for a nice cruse. I had brought my bagger, so Sabrina didn't have to hug onto to me to stay on the bike. She had arm rests, a back rest, and foot boards....and was comfortable. I kinda had wished I had ridden my bobber so she would have had to hug up close to me, but oh well....maybe next time.

As we rode along I reached back and put my hand on her leg, rubbing up and down it's length as much as I could. Sabrina didn't mind, so I kept my hand there.

Our first stop was a little slop shop where we met the rest of my b*o's and their ol ladies. After introductions were made we took off again. The second stop we made was a little park along a scenic highway. When we had gotten off the bike and started walking around, I put my arm around Sabrina and slid my hand into her back pocket so I could feel her fine ass. To my surprise....she did the same. We walked around looking at the sights and taking pictures for a while. As Sabrina and I were standing looking out over some beautiful country, I turned her to me and kissed her hard on the mouth. She resisted a little at first, but then started returning my kiss with as much passion as I was giving it. Our hands were exploring each others bodies through our cloths and soon found ourselves grinding into each other. When we finally broke apart Sabrina looked down at my crotch. My cock was at it's full 8 thick inches and clearly visible through my jeans. Rubbing her hand across my cock she told me she wanted it in her mouth, so she took my hand and we walked off to find a secluded spot.

As soon as we were out of eye sight of everyone else, Sabrina was on her knees tearing at my zipper like a hungry lioness wanting to feed. She took my cock out and rubbed it between her hands, stroking it, petting it, and admiring it as she purred and kissed it's head. Then she slowly parted her lips and took my cock into her mouth. I don't know which one of us was moaning with pleasure the most. Sabrina was a master at sucking cock. She licked my entire shaft, sucked my balls, then would take my full 8 inches into her mouth in a deep throat. Pulling back up she would keep her lips around the head of my shaft and run her tong around the rim of my cock. Then she would take it entirely into her mouth again. Sabrina continued this until I exploded gobs of cum into her mouth, which she swallowed every drop. She sucked my cock, draining every last drop of cum out, and only then was she satisfied.

We walked back to the bike and everyone was there waiting for us. No one said anything, but allot of "knowing" glances were exchanged. Sabrina and I just smiled.

All day long we rode and stopped. Sabrina and I were like two high school k**s out on a hot date. We couldn't keep our hands off of each other. At one point she told me if I didn't quit playing with her ass and pussy through her jeans she would look like she pissed herself she'd be so wet. Finally the day was drawing to a close and we headed to our club house.

When we got there it was already dark and G-Man was waiting in the parking lot in his car. He damn near ran across the parking lot toward us, asking before he even got near us how the day had went. I could tell he was excited and a little nervous at the same time. So I clapped him on the back and said it went fine and that we should go in and have a beer or drink.

AS I was telling G-Man this, two of my b*o's were standing beside G-Man's car pissing into the bushes. As they shook them dry, I realized that Sabrina was staring at their cocks. One of them was massive, and appeared to have a tattoo on it. Catching Sabrina's eye, he waved it in her direction, and laughed out loud. “Do you want a better look at 'The Snake'?” He roared. Sabrina quickly turned away. I knew she and G-Man was feeling very vulnerable, as this gang of hard nuts surrounded them.

When we got onto the club house, Sabrina recounted the day's story to G-Man. “Hey! Sabrina lady!” The one called ‘Snake’ shouted at her. He threw his arms around her, and forcibly kissed her on the lips. With his arm around Sabrina's waist, and his thumb in her waistband, he was squeezing her bum cheek, as he introduced her to the other club members, Egghead, Droop, PJ, Fat Freddy, Windy and Bubbles. He made Sabrina blush when he told them that she had stared at his cock when he had took a piss. “She only saw it when it was a Grass snake – wait until she sees it when it’s a Spitting Cobra!” He looked at her as he chuckled, making his friends roar.

Sabrina was loving the attention she was receiving as we walked through the crowded club, with Snakes arm curled around her waist, and occasionally grabbing a handful of soft tit.

“Short Crotch! Look what I’ve found! ” Snake shouted.

“Hi!” and like Snake before him, he greeted Sabrina with a full kiss on the lips. G-Man was amazed as Sabrina willingly returned the kiss, pressing her face into his beard. Her fear had subsided, and the churning feeling, in her stomach, was now mixed with excitement.

“Do you want a beer?” Short Crotch asked, as he handed us a couple of bottles. I sat on a stool, next to the bar and chatted. The band was excellent, and the place was really rocking. Sabrina and I danced like crazy, and the guys kept us supplied with drinks. By 11 o’clock she had a good buzz going.

“Sabrina!” Snake greeted her again with his customary ‘full on’ kiss, which lasted over a minute. Sabrina threw her arms around his shoulders and ground her crotch into his. His hands were all over her beautiful ass. “Let the party commence!” He shouted, as he put his arms around Sabrina's waist, and led the way into a separate part of the club. G-Man meekly followed.

As we walked, Snake slipped his hand up the front of Sabrina's tank top and tickled her fleshy tit. When she didn’t complain, he let out an almighty howl. His fingers were now, playing with her erect nipple, “That feels good!” Sabrina whispered, kissing him on his cheek.

On the way we met a couple of other club members who talked about bikes with G-Man, while Snake openly played with Sabrina's tits. When we entered the"banquet room", there were about 100men and women congregated in there. Massive stereo speakers was pumping out the band's music, and about 20 people were already dancing.

“This area is just for members,” Snake told G-Man. I looked over his shoulder and could see Sabrina leaning back against pool table. Short Crotch was kissing her and running his hand up her thigh while two other b*****rs were grabbing her tits. “Actually, that’s my wife in there,” G-Man replied.
“Shit, you aren’t going to make trouble,” Snake said, “that bitch is getting just what she wants.”
“Oh no,” G-Man said, “it’s fine with me, I just want to watch.”
So Snake let G-Man into the room, “Well then you can stay and when we’re done with her, we might let you have a piece of her too.” and he laughed.

There were already ten men in the room lining up for a turn at Sabrina. Short Crotch and the first two were kissing G-Man's wife and running their hands all over her. Two other b*o's were standing next to the pool table with their pants down, jerking on their dicks. After giving Short Crotch a long lingering tongue kiss, Sabrina slid down to her knees. Undoing Short Crotch’s pants, she took his already stiff cock deep into her throat. The other two men dropped their drawers. Soon Sabrina had five cocks surrounding her. She took one after another in her mouth, using her hands to jerk the cocks on either side. The circle suck got larger as the other men in the room also dropped their pants and stood in line. I watched in amazement as G-Man's wife licked and sucked on each of the ten men, one after another.

There were cocks of all different shapes and sizes, more than she had ever taken on before. One b*****r had large hairy balls. When Sabrina got to him, he pushed her head down to suck on them. She took each ball, one at a time, in her mouth. I could see her tongue rolling his balls around. Another b*o had a 9″ dick which he shoved with great f***e into Sabrina’s mouth, burying it to the hilt. I could see her struggling not to gag as his long cock went deep in her throat. I knew that was too much for her to take and she was not enjoying it, but it was too late for her to stop what she and G-Man had started. After she had sucked him for a while she moved on to the next man, clearly thankful that his dick was smaller.

When the circle got around to the beginning, Sabrina began pleading to be fucked. The guys didn’t need much persuading. Two of them lifted her up onto the pool table and on her back. There was a sort of etiquette they followed. I, as the one who snagged this fine piece of ass, got the first poke. I pulled her boots and jeans off and tore off her panties. “This whore is wet,” I said, handing her soaked panties to the guy next to me. My cock was 8 inches and stiff as a board. Sabrina spread her legs and I slid it in. G-Man walked closer to the group so he could watch this stranger’s cock plunge deep in his wife’s pussy, and my balls bouncing against her ass. Sabrina’s strong legs gripped my waist, pulling me into her. At first she wrapped her arms around my back, but there were other cocks surrounding her. Soon she had a cock in each hand as well. Another b*o knelt beside us on the pool table and shoved his cock in her mouth. Other hands reached around me, shoved up Sabrina’s top and kneaded her breasts. Sabrina grunted and writhed. Soon I pulled out and another b*o shoved his cock in. This continued until each of the ten men had fucked her on her back.

“I love it doggy style, do her doggy style,” Egghead said. She was flipped over on her hands and knees at the edge of the pool table. One b*o roughly pulled off her top. She was now completely naked. “That’s prime meat there, I can’t wait to fill her with my seed,” one b*o said to another. Sabrina leaned forward on her elbows and spread her legs. A big hairy b*o shoved his cock into her pussy then grabbed her by her ass, pushing and pulling rapidly. Sabrina’s tits bounced as he slammed into her. Another b*o laid back on the table and took one of her tits into his mouth. As Sabrina’s lips parted to moan, a third b*o walked up to the table and shoved his cock in her mouth. Sabrina pistoned back and forth between the b*o fucking her from behind and the b*o fucking her mouth.
By this time another eight b*****rs had come into the room and had dropped their pants. As they joined the action, I could hardly see Sabrina. She seemed covered with sweaty, grunting bodies. It had become an incredible orgy on the pool table. Now and then I could see her on top, riding some guy as she sucked another and a dozen hands stroked her. Then she would be on her knees one second and then on her back the next.

Now there were eighteen guys using G-Man's wife for their pleasure. As I moved in to get a closer look I saw that she was fucking Short Crotch again. She was lying on her back and her head rolled back and forth with an ecstatic look on her face. She kept repeating “fuck me, fuck me.” Then I saw Short Crotch shudder and a different, almost shocked, look came to Sabrina’s face. Short Crotch pulled out and stood up. I could see his dick was wet with Sabrina’s juices, his own cum was oozing out of the head. “First cum,” he shouted. The men all cheered. Looking between Sabrina's legs I could see some of Short Crotch’s semen oozing out.

One of the b*****rs grabbed Sabrina by the hair and looked in her face. “How does that feel,slut? You’ve just been bred.”
“Just fuck me more, I want more cock,” answered Sabrina. G-Man leaned into the group, “Tell them what you are Sabrina, tell them what you are!”
“I’m your whore, I’m a cum slut,” she whispered. “Did you hear that?” G-Man asked the guys. “Say it louder Sabrina.”
“I’m your whore, fill me with cum,” she said, loud enough for all to hear. There was another cheer and G-Man got pushed back as the men once again gathered around his wife.

Clearly several of the men had been holding off on cumming until Short Crotch got the honor of being first. In a few minutes two more had filled G-Man's wife’s pussy with their sperm. I could see it leaking out of her and down her legs. Soon each of the men was taking his turn spewing semen into and on Sabrina. One came on her belly while another choose to cover her tits. One came in her mouth while she sucked and it leaked out of the corners of her mouth. Another fucked her tits until he came, splattering cum on her cheek and in her hair. She sucked and jerked two more until they came on her face. One after another used Sabrina as their cum slut, giving her the cum bath of her life.
When everyone had cum, the group of men parted and I had a clear view of G-Man's wife Sabrina. It was just like the scene in Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test. Sabrina lay there moaning in ecstasy. Sticky cum was in her hair and on her face. Some was on her lips and as she breathed through her mouth, little bubbles formed. Her breasts were slick with semen, which she was slowly rubbing into her skin. Puddles of cum were on her belly and a large pool filled her navel. Her thighs were streaked with cum and every time she moved, cum oozed out of her pussy.

“Do you want to see the Snake!” Snake asked. Unable to stop herself, she nodded vigorously. He stepped back, and began to unbuckle his belt. Flipping Sabrina over and pulling her into his groin, which he was now rotating into her arse-cheeks, while the other hand squeezed her tits. She was panting with anticipation as he unbuttoned his fly, and his jeans dropped to his knees.
To the cheers of the crowd, Snake unleashed ‘the Snake’. It was about 10 inches long, as thick as my wrist and completely tattooed to look like a snake! His huge hairy balls swung below like coconuts. Then Snake f***ed his cock all of the way up in Sabrina's tight ass hole. He held her hips with one hand, and replaced her fingers with his own on her clit. Sabrina was now moaning, groaning and shaking her head, as he slid his cock in and out of her ass, while he rubbed her clit, making her orgasm another two times.

After the second orgasm, Snake slid a finger into Sabrina's hot cunt, then a second and a third. As his ass fucking was speeding up, her cunt sucked his fingers inside of her. Sabrina was now grunting like a pig, as Snake's fucking became fast and intense. Sabrina almost passed out as Snake's thumb touched her throbbing clit, sending her into the most fantastic orgasm ever, as his spunk splashed and splashed into her assehole.

They clung together for a moment or two, and then Snake gently eased himself out of Sabrina's throbbing asshole. His hot juice poured out of her over stretched anus and joined the spunk that was still leaking from her other hole.
Sabrina lay trembling on the pool table not daring to open her eyes as the crowd dispersed, laughing, into the night.

“Here Sabrina, use this.” Snake offered her a shirt to clean herself with. “You looked like you enjoyed that.” He laughed. Sabrina smiled and nodded.
Snake took great delight in telling Sabrina that she had been the horniest woman that he’d ever fucked.
“The others are amateurs compared to you.” He thought that he was complimenting her. As he then handed her top to her, which was sticky with spunk, I looked around for G-Man, but he had disappeared too. Sabrina put on her top, and hobbled back to G-Man's car, with the spunk of 8 or 9 men still leaking from her once private parts. Every inch of Sabrina's body was aching from the debauchery that she had just taken part in.

As she entered their car, I wondered what course her life had just taken and how soon we could fuck her again.
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Thank you so much.
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Great story.
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Thanks....I appreciate the comment.
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great story i soo want to fuck her!
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I wanna fuck her hard and fill her full of my cumQ!
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You should be PROUD of her, shes a special person.
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That's how you FUCK & BREED a Horny slutwife good...
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That,s sexactly how to "breakin" a new member of a SlutWifeClubWhore gang !!!Been there and tore of the Tshirt of a WhoreWife at her initiation !!!!
You,ll know them by the tat of a cock above their ass or kunt. the # on the balls is the # they were broken in by !!!!
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This story was off the hook. You really know how to. Tell a wild and freaky sex story. You should be an author and put. Out your own books giving sex advice. People will read your stories. I know that I would player. So keep telling these crazy sex stories. It is going to pay off someday.
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very good
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great story !! Gang bang would be lots of fun
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