A while back I was visiting a cuckold chat room and enjoying the pix posted of other men's wives. I get great arousal seeing another man's wife posed erotically (taboo). A guy sent me a message saying that he wanted to see my wife. I told him I wasn't ready to post pix of my wife in a public forum, but suggested that we meet at messenger and I would gladly let him see her.

After meeting at messenger and sharing several pix of my wife, Vicki, he suggested that I go back to the cuckold chat room. As I returned to the chat site I was met with an extreme shock. The guy had posted my pix of Vicki in the chat room for all to see! Obviously, I was naive not to know someone could upload my pix onto there pc file.

As I fumed at the thought of this man tricking me into exposing my wife to him then displaying her for all to see (including her face), I realized I was becoming aroused that all those horny guys were seeing my wife's sensual pix. At that moment I realized I, too, was a cuckold and loved them seeing Vicki naked. The sensual feeling I derived from seeing her posted at that site gave me an indescribable feeling of humiliation and intense arousal; I love it!

Am I some sort of anomoly, or is this common for a married man to want men to see his wife?
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9 days ago
The feelings have nothing to do with being a cuckold but rather are the embodiment of the "trophy wife" syndrome so prevalent here in America. Many of us (men) see women as a prize to be won so having other men lust after your wife only accentuates the feeling that you have something wonderful.
2 years ago
i love doing it..see my profile!
2 years ago
I get off with other men seeing my wife. But I have to be careful not to show her face pics
4 years ago
i think many of us love others admiring and more the women in our lives. I love strangers seeing my girl friends
4 years ago
I talked my wife into showing her hot body.At first she did it just for me but now she gets very wet doing this.
Now we are doing a threeway with a well hung guy and we both love it.
4 years ago
You are NOT a cuckold.

The feelings you have are just common symptoms of Candaulism. Look it up on Wiki.
4 years ago
Lots of men like to see their wives being admired and lusted after by other men. Some of us are luckier, and their wives get fucked by other men. My wife had an affair with a friend of mine for over 3 years. I used to encourage her and suggest what clothes to wear in order to turn him on a bit more. A very happy period of my life. If you fancy it, I would strongly recommend it.
5 years ago
nah its not ususual, i enjoy guys looking and admiring my wife, tho not to the extent of being a cuckold which to me includes a little humiliation to ..
5 years ago
Pleasent story.
When fiancé,I was very jealous, and Ann very naive (exposing herself more or less naked, accidentely and unawares). I contributed to expose her naked to men (she did not notice this of course), also to some of her male friends and collegues. And this helped me healing as a jealous.
5 years ago
nice story hope you continue
5 years ago
not one bit abnormal
5 years ago
I love for other men to see my wife.You are not alone.