My Wifes First Cuckold Gangbang Uk


I'm John(49)

My Wife Is Called Karen (42) She Is 5 ft 6 and has a Great Body .

She is Very Tanned ,Blonde Hair and has 38dd implants which I bought for her 40th birthday.

She Tends To Look After Her Body And Is Always Buying New Sexy Outfits and shoes .

We Have Been Married For Nearly 15 years and for the past Year Have Had An Open Relationship

Karen Is A Naughty Nympho , Her Sex Drive Is Huge And I Just Can't Satisfy Her Needs .

I Have Always Dreamt Of Seeing Karen With Another Guy and when I finally did I was hooked .

One Of Karen Long Term Fantasys was To Have A Gangbang With Her Being The Only woman ,

Here's How It Happened ......

For A while now me and karen have been using a webcam chat room where we chat with other couples mostly

One Day When We was Both On The Site A guy Popped Up and started that to us ,

Soon after him and karen went on cam together as I watched from the side

He was Only 19 , he was tall tanned and had a ripped up body

He got chatting and he seemed decent and quite funny

Karen Asked would he show us his cock on cam and when he did was in for a big suprise

It Was Huge He said it was 9 inches uncut and it looked quite thick

He started wanking and him and karen put on a show for each other

For The Next Few Weeks We Stayed In Contact With Him , he was called Kyle

We chatted about his fantasy which was to be with an older women and karen really seemed to like him

And karen told him about her gangbang fantasy ,

Kyle then said well if you're free the weekend How About Me and a couple of my mates drive down and maybe live out you're fantasy

Karen was really up for it and I was to to be honest Thinking about her with 3 young guys

Anyway that friday night we spoke to them and they said they were definately going to travel down tomorrow evening

We were both excited , the next morning Karen Went Out and Got Her Hair And Nails Done While I cleaned the house

Just as Karen Got Back From Salon Kyle Rang Her And Said They Were On The Way Down

We both started to get a little nervous and excited

Karen picked out a Hot Pink Bra And Thong And A sexy Little White Dress and Her Huge Platform Heels

About An Hour Later A Car Pulled Into Our Drive , This is it we said

Kyle And 2 of his mates got out of the car they all looked so young ,

They walked to the door and Knocked On , I was a little nervous and I think karen was more excited

We both went to the door and greeted them , karen kissed them all and said come in

As I shaked there hands and shown them into the living room

I went into the kitchen and grabbed them each a beer

We chatted for a while and all had a couple of drinks

Karen then said So How About We Go Upstairs

The lads giggle and said sounds good to me

Karen led them upto our room and I followed behind

She sat down on the bed with her tiny dress and said why don't you take your coats of lads

They took of their coats and threw them on the floor

Karen said why don't you take them tops off so I can see them hot bodys of yours ,

They all took off their t shirts stood facing her as she sat on the bed

She told them to walk a bit closer to her so they all did ,

She started rubbing their young ripped bodys

She looked up at them and then began to grope their cocks over there pants

She told them to take of there pants and boxers and they did

Now all 3 of them were stood right infront of her but naked with the growing cocks pointing at her

She began to suck kyle in the middle and wank of the other 2 lads

She took turns sucking and wanking their big cocks for a while

Then kyle told her to take of her dress they stood her up and pulled it off her
They undid her bra and pulled down her skimpy thong

She lay down on her back and kyle dropped to his knees and began to lick her freshly waxed pussy

The other 2 kneeled beside her and played with her big tits as she sucked them

Soon after kyle popped his cock inside her dripping cunt and began to pound her.

For the next hour they took turns fucking her as hard as they could in her pussy and her arse

She was now ready for a Dp she got ontop of one of the guys and slipped his cock in her strectched pussy

Kyle climbled on and put his cock in her arse with ease
They both started pounding her as the other guy got his cock sucked

They all took a differant turn in a differant hole

Until they were all about to cum ,

She got on her knees and they all gathered around her wanking their big young cocks as she rubbed her pussy

One by one they each blew there huge loads in her mouth and on her face and tits ,

She looked like a whore her mascara was dripping and her hair with sweat

That night they all stayed over in the spare rooms

The next day I woke up early and thought I'd go to the shops and get sum breakfast while everyone was asl**p

When I got back I peeped in the spare room and noticed kyle was gone and the other 2 were still asl**p

As I walked down the hall I could hear moans ,

As I opened my bedroom door there was kyle fucking karen hard in missionary , I said don't mind me carry on

He carried on pumping her until he blew his young load deep inside her pussy ,later that morning the other 2 guys fucked her and after a shower they all set off home

It was probaly the hottest weekend ever

And we plan to do it again ....
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Nice my wife would love that young cum on and in her