Getting Fucked Off My Mates Uncle (True)

Hi, This Is A True Story

This Happened About 2 years Ago When I Was Just 17.

My Friend Jake Who Was the same age as me was invited to a f****y christening one weekend.

Because he didn't want to be bored he brought me along to the after party at rugby club function room .

We was both their for a few hours and most the older f****y members went home and jakes uncle ross came over and bought us a drink

He started chatting to us having a laugh and a joke.

I was Gay and Jake Knew and the day before he told me that his uncle ross was aswell.

I had totally forgot and when we was chatting to his uncle jake said" hey ross aren't you bisexual "

He replies "yh why ? " Then jake said " I told will and he didn't believe me

Then told him that I was bisexual aswell , I went abit red and said shut up jake and started laughing

Then his uncle said "what's up there's nought wrong with it "

I laughed and said I know ,

Ross carried on chatting to us for a while and seemed a little more chatty with me

About 45 minutes later jake got chatting with his female cousins friend

Now I was left alone with ross , and I felt a little akward

He was quite chatty and pretty funny to be honest

As we were chatting away ross bought me a few drinks and I started to feel a little. Tipsy

Then ross said " so are you really bisexual yh ? " I replied yh

He then said " so have you done much with guys then ?"

I said yh I've done quite a lot "as I got a little embaressed

He said don't worry kyle there's no need to get embaressed with me and smiled

He looked at me and said " have u ever give a guy a good blowjob"

I giggled and said well yes

He then said " well are you any good at it ?

I went abit red and replied well yh I guess so "

He said " Well How about we go outside and see how good you really are "

I felt wierd I said "what are you really being serious ?"

He said "yh really don't worry about jake he's not gonna know it will be our little secret"

He stood up and said come on let's go out for a smoke

I looked over at danny in the far corner chatting away

I don't know what made me do it but I stood up and walked outside with ross

We walked down the stairs out of the club and down the path past the changing rooms

He lit up a cig and gave me one , we carried on walking until we got to a small concrete building near the back of the pitch

It was dark and we were quite a distance away from the party

I started shaking a little bit being nervous but also a little excited

We finished our cigs and he looked at me and said " well are you gonne show me how good you are then ?

He grabbed his belt and unbuckled it , he smiled and said get on your knees

I looked around to make sure nobody was about and got down on my knees quite nervously

He pulled down his jeans and his calvin klien boxers and out popped his big semi hard uncut cock

He gra it with one hand and put it in my mouth rather fast

I was still abit nervous but started to suck his big cock

He told me to go as deep as I could so I did , I started to deepthroat him until about half way. As his cock grew bigger

He started to grab my head and f***e his cock in deeper and deeper as I gagged

He was 6 ft 3 and quite muscular and really over powered me

I gagged hard on his cock nearly taking all 9 inches ,

Soon after he stopped and said " get these pants off he stood me up and pulled down my jeans then boxers

He told me to get down on my knees so I did

He got on his knees behind me and spat on my ass hole

He put his fingers in my mouth then put 2 in my ass as he wanked his big cock

I was really nervous now but also hard ,

After about 3 minutes he wet his cock with spit then slowly aimed it into my tight hole

It hurt as he put just the tip in ,then he slowly pushed deeper inside me

It hurt but I just closed my eyes and took it because I was a little scared

He started to pick up a little rhytm and the pain started to ease

He grabbed me by the waist and started really pounding me

I held back as many moans as I could but some were just uncontrollable

He then pushed in deep and started to maon I could feel his hot load inside me

He panted and then stopped inside me

He pulled out and stood up , I was still on me knees with a streched arse filled with his cum

He stood infront and told me to taste my arse on his cock
I sucked him off until he went back to flacid then he pulled up his jeans and said ill meet you back in there

I walked back thinking what have I just done but at the same time how horny I was

Thanks for reading ....

93% (35/3)
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2 years ago
Very hot loved it
2 years ago
That was a great story, thanks for sharing it with us
2 years ago
VERY HOTT....please write more
2 years ago
would love to read more from you...thanks for sharing.
2 years ago
Very hot, but that guy was kind of a jerk.
2 years ago
Pretty HOT....