Cheating On Our Husbands In Hot 4some

I'm Debbie ,I am 41 years old, 5 ft 6 , Blonde Hair , Blue Eyes ,slim Well Tanned and I Have 38E Natural Breast

My Best Freind Karen Is 39 , She Is Around 5 ft 7, Blonde Hair , Blue eyes , she is also has a lovely slim figure with a great tan

And she has 38 DD Implants.

We are both married with c***dren and work together in an office job, we take great care of our bodys and go to the gym most nights.

Both Of Our Sex lives are basically none existant with our husbands and when the do bother their performance is pathetic.

About a Month a go me and karen got talking in work about her 40th birthday which was 2 weeks away, when she said instead of having a pary or anything

Why don't just me and you go abroad for the weekend to a health spa or something and just relax and pamper our selves , I said yes great idead I could do with a little break myself.

On The Weekend Of Karens Birthday Her Husband Mike was away , so he payed for us both for 4 nights in 5star health spa in the maldeves as a away of making up for his abscense.

The week after we packed our Cases and off we went.

We arrived at the Health Spa and it was out of this world , right next to the sea and the golden beaches it was paradise.

The First Day We relaxed on the private beach in our bikinis soaking in the sun , we had our own waiter for drinks who looked more than happy to help us .

That Night, After Our Lovely Meal and a few glasses of wine we went for a massage in a hut by the beach, it was candle lit and had inscent wafting around the room .

We both walked in and was greeted by a thai lady and she took us to the beds and told us to undress and lie down ,

Shorty after we had lay face down with our towels on , 2 male masuesses walked in and greeted us they were both quite young good looking locals guys ,

They Prepared Their Oils and started to rub them into our shoulders softly soon after they covered our bums and removed the upper towel so they could do our lower back ,

They began to massage our backs with the warm oils , I was in heaven , I looked over at karen and we both smiled , I noticed her big tits pressed up agianst the bed .

They then began the back of our legs , my pussy started to become moist knowing he could see up my legs as his hands got higher up my leg, he put his hand on my arse and asked if it was ok to massage , so I said yes

Me and karen started giggling as the removed our towels and started to massage our peachy bums

Soon after they turned us over and began massaging our tits , we was both loving it

Then all of a sudden a female manager came in and said something to the guys and shortly after they had to leave .

Just before they left they mentioned a beach to us which wasn't far from here

So the next morning after breakfast we walked down the beach for about a mile and we found the beach they were talking about

It was a nudist beach, I hadn't been on one for years so we got ourselves some sunbeds and stripped off

The beach was quite busy ,mostly couples , me and karen got sum drinks and put on sum tanning oil and lay there in the sweltering heat working on out tan lines.

We was both getting a lot of attention from the male side anyway but we just laughed it off ,

As it got to about midday Karen Noticed The Guys From The Hotel In The Sea and waved them Over .

As they both walked out of the water naked it was like a scene out of a bond film , as the water dripped down their ripped tanned bodys.

As they got a little closer I said "bl**dy Hell Karen Look at the size of there Cocks" they walked over and said hello ladies in there accent

We both sat up and they sat beside us on the beds , I couldn't stop peeping at there big drooping cocks they were about 6 inches just flacid .

Karen felt one of there ripped stomachs and complamented them ,they both asked us did we want drinks and got us a vodka and lime each.

We sat and chatted for a while laughing and joking with each other and they asked us to go in the sea with them so we did .

We walked into the sea to about waist height and just started chatting again , the guy who was with me was called marcos and the one speaking to karen was called paulo

Karen and paulo seemed to be getting quite close, then as I looked out at the sea marcos came behind me and put his arms around my thighs , I turned around and smiled at him then he pushed his body agiasnt me , I could feel his cock touching my ass,

His hands moved up my body and started playing with my big tits ,I could feel him growing agianst me I turned around and grabbed his big cock under the water and began to rub him , I looked over at karen and they were both kissing and rubbing together , marcos whispered in my ear shall we go back to the hotel and smiled ,

He then said something to paulo in his own language and I walked over to karen , we both giggled and said let's go ..

We walked back to the beds and put our bikinis back on and walked back to the hotel with them ,as we both walked we said we were proper honry ,

Just thinking how young and hot they were made me so hot ,

We got back to our room and all walked in as soon as we got in the room we started kissing again , he pushed me up against the wall and started to kiss my neck and lips , he reached around my back and undid my bra strap and took it off

He grabbed them both in each hand and started kissing and licking my now erect nipples as I looked over at karen and paulo on the bed , marcos pulled off his shorts and I took off my bikini pants .

All four of us was now nude and passionatly kissing , I started wanking marcos huge dark cock before falling to me knees and taking him in my mouth ,

Karen and paulo followed the lead , I was dripping wet knowing I've got a young guys cock in my mouth and I'm cheating on my lousy husband .
Marcos walked over to the bed and lay next to paulo , as me and karen kneeled on the end and sucked there big young cocks ,

They both giggled and said stuff to each other in there language as we blew them ,

After about 10 minutes we swapped over we both lay aside each other as marco and paulo licked out wet mature cunts ,

We both played with there short spiky hair as they pleasured us

We were both getting really horny now and starting to moan , they stuck fingers in us as they licked our clits , I was in heaven and starting to reach an orgasm already

They both stopped and crawled up us and started to kiss us , they grabbed their big cocks and aimed them into out willing cunts ,

We both moaned as they entered us , shortly after they had picked up a rhytm and were really pounding us hard , I was dripping wet like never before , karen was moaning loudly as paulo pounded her ,

They grabbed our legs and picked them up over their shoulders they started pounding us with every inch of their young hard meat ,

Both of us were dripping in sweat and maoning like whores ,

I grabbed his young arse cheeks and pushed them into me as he pumped ,

A minute or 2 later we swapped over and we got ontop ,

I put his cock back inside me and put my hands on his ripped sweating chest and rid him like my life depended onit it , just looking beside me aning my best mate gettinf fucked equally as good made the expierinece 10 time better ,

Our moans were getttng louder as they grabbed and squeezed out tits as we rid them hard ,

Marco pushed me off and told me to get on all fours and karen did the same on the opposite side of the bed so we was both facing ,they started pumping us again hard

Out of nowhere me and karen started kissing as they fucked us , we were that horny we didn't care

Marcos put his thumb up my arse ans he fucked me and they started speaking to each other ,

5 minutes later they both swapped over so paulo was fucking me and marcos with karen

This excited me even more ,paulo put his thumb in my arse and started dipping it in . Marcos did it to karen and she said no , she hated anal where as I loved it ,

shortly after paulo started licking my arse hole and started to slide his cock into my tight arse gradually ,

He soon picked up his rythm and was now fucking my arse hard , I was screaming in pleasure as I rubbed my clit furiously

Karen squirted on the bed as marcos was still pounding her deep and hard .

Paulo stopped and lay on his back and told me to get ontop ,he put his cock in my pussy and I started to ride him .

Marcos said something and climbed on the bed and slowly squeezed his cock in my arse , I now had two big young cocks inside me and I was loving it , they were really going rough on me pumping me as hard as possible as karen rubbed her clit beside us , I was screaming in joy and pain at the same time .

They both pulled out about 10 mins later , they told us both to get on our knees on the floor , marcos with me and paulo with karen , we started to suck them as deep as we could as they grabbed our wet sweating hair and gagged us ,

Marcos said open quick , I opened my mouth as wide as I could and put my tongue out , I didn't even like cum but this was differant , he started to blow his huge watery load in my mouth trying not to waste a drop , it actually tasted nice for the first time . I swallowed his load as paulo began to cum inside karens mouth ,

We both ate evry drop and carried on sucking them until they went flacid ,

Once marcos and paulo left , we lay on the bed exhausted still dripping in sweat and cum and we said that was the best fuck of our lives ,and that we were deffinately doing it again with them ......

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So hot baby!
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very good
2 years ago
HOT story. Thanks for posting.
2 years ago
Great story eager for more.
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Well done, love to hear more if there is any....?
2 years ago
Great story next part please