Watching My Mum With Her Black Lover On Holiday


My Mum and Dad have been divorced for a while now and my dad moved out and now lives with his girlfriend not too far from where we live.
I live at home with my mum and my younger b*****r Liam.

A few months back me, my mum and my b*****r went on holiday to Turkey for a week.
We got a cheap deal on a 5 star resort and when we arrived it was really nice it had everything really.

My Mum just wanted to relax by the pool and read her books and work on her tan,
while me and my little b*****r just fooled around in the pool.
After a few days i started to get a little bored because i didnt meet anyone my age but i didnt mind.

On The 4th day my little b*****r met a lad his age from england and they both just messed about in the pool all day.
The lad he met was mixed race and called Reece and they both just run about causing mischief since the moment they met.
Reece and his dad were lay on the sun loungers just next to us by the pool so My mum and his dad called Dale got chatting through the day.

It Turned out Dale had brought Reece on holiday on his own because him and his mum had also split up.

I got chatting to dale myself through the day , he was a really nice guy and proper funny .
He was about 6 ft tall and was black he had a muscley hairy chest and bald head and he was 35 .
My Mum (Debbie)seemed to really get on with dale by the pool they laughed and joked and chatted for quite a while.

As the sun started to go down and everyone began to go upto their rooms to get showered and ready for the evening meal ,we all grabbed our stuff and headed up ourselves , dale and reece where on a different floor to us so we said bye and my mum said im sure we will see you later on.

My mum had her own room and i shared with my b*****r, we had a shower and got changed into our decent clothes we was ready before my mum so we went down to the games room for 20 minutes.
Soon after my Mum came down and found us , i noticed she was dressed a little sexier than usual .,
she is about 5 ft 8 , slimmish, quite short strawberry blonde hair, tanned, and quite busty (38d)
She was wearing a long white maxi dress with white bra and thong which were rather visible through her dress and she wore some black platform heels ,
she looked rather hot for a 46 year old.

As we walked into the hotel resteraunt i couldnt keep my eyes of my mums thong which was clearly visible to all.

we sat down and ate our meal and afterwards walked down to the outdoor bar where evening entertainment was on ,
when we got there Dale and reece joined us at the table , he walked over and said to my mum you look great debbie we all sat down and had a drink then after a while the k**s started to mess about , so i offered to take them down to the games room to give my mum and dale abit of peace and quiet.

We went in the games room for a while and it started to get a little late , so we went back down to the bar and little reece sat on dales knee and started to look abit tired , dale said im gonna have to take you up to bed reece and picked him up and said he would be back soon , i was a little tired myself so i said to my mum id take liam up and have an early night ,

i took liam upto the room and betime i had had a shower he was fast asl**p , i lay on my bed for a while reading my magazine and i felt abit drowzy myself then a few minutes after i heard a door close on the hallway so i presumed it was my mum going to bed ,i walked out onto the balcony a shuffled over the wall to look into my mums room next door and she was there but with dale,
i jumped back into my room and lay on my bed , after about 5 minutes i couldnt take it my mind was goin mad imagining what they were doing , so i sneaked back onto the balcony and leaned over agian and through the gap in the curtians i could see them on the bed kissing both clothed,

It felt really weird seeing my mum kissing a 6 ft black guy but i couldnt pull myself away , i continued to watch as they kissed and rubbed each other ,
dales started to rub my mums ankle then slowly work his way up her long white maxi dress , the further his hand went the more leg she revealed , once he reached the top of her leg he put his hand down my mums white thong and started to slowly rub her as they kissed , i could see his hand moving underneath her skimpy thong , i could tell she was getting aroused , soon after he pulled his hand out and stood her up with her back facing me as he sat on the bed , he took off his t shirt then ran his hands up my mums back until he reached the top off her dress , he then started to slowly pull it down in one , first past her bra then down past her thong showing me her peachy bum in her skimpy white thong , i started to get hard , she kicked off the dress at her feet and undid her bra ,dale grabbed both her arse cheeks and pulled her towards him and began to suck her nipples , i could only see her back and his big black hands grasping her peachy ass , a moment after he pulled down he thong and pushed her down onto the bed , he began to eat her mature pussy with his huge tongue , she grabbed onto his head and shoulders as he pleasured her , i could tell by her face she was aroused .
after about 10 minutes of eating and fingering her moist pussy , he stood up , my mum grabbed his shorts and undid the button and pulled down his shorts and underwear in one , then out popped this big fat black cock , it was huge , it looked about 8-9 inches but it was as thick as my arm it was like a trunk i was amazed , and my mum looked more gobsmacked than me , she grabbed hold of his cock and started to slowly wank it off before starting to suck his huge cock , she could barely fit it in her mouth , dale started to run his hands through her hair and forcing her down deeper onto his cock , she began to gag and pulled out and then began licking his balls as she wanked him , he rolled her over on to her back and got inbetween her legs , he grabbed his cock and slowly pushed it into my mums dripping cunt , her nails dug deep into his back as he entered her , slowly but surely inch by inch he entered her and began to pick up some rhythm doing long deep pumps as my mum clung on to his body tightly , grabbing his big toned arse cheeks as he pumped her ,
i started to hear her faint screams through the window as she got louder and more aroused ,
a while after he rolled over and my mum got ontop , her forehead was dripping in sweat , she began to get wild and ride his huge cock as best she could ,as he played with her big drooping tits , she rid his cock for about 10 minutes hard they were both dripping in sweat ,
he threw her off him and got her on all fours , he slid his cock back in with ease and started to pump her hard as he spanked her arse, her arse cheeks were red soon after they got back into missionary and he really began to pump her as hard as he could , my mum rubbed her clit as fast as she could as she moaned loudly , he pulled out of her dripping cunt and she began to squirt on the bed , he plunged his cock back in and pumped her with everything he had , he pushed as deep as he could and i heard him moan loudly as he cummed deep inside my mums stretched white pussy , he lay in her for a few minutes then they both lay there exhaustion , i think they both got a shower then dale had to leave soon after to go back to reece , as dale cummed inside my mum i cummed allover the balcony it was so hot watching them together.....thanks for reading
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1 year ago
Hot, love to hear if dale got to sort daughter out too mmmm
2 years ago
is a very hot story
2 years ago
very good
2 years ago
Love your work mate
2 years ago
hot story