Fucking My Friends Mum On Holiday

Hi I Am Kyle 18 m Uk.

About a month ago i went on holiday To Turkey with my mate Will And His Mum Debbie.

Wills Mum Was Hot she was around 5 ft 6 , short Blonde Hair and really tanned ,she had big tits and had a little weight to her but still looked great for 50.
Anyone who would of saw her would say she didnt look a day over 30.

We arrived at the hotel in turkey just outside marmaris ,it was a 5 star complex and looked great.

Wills Mum just wanted to relax read a few books and get a nice tan while me and Will did our own thing.

One Morning me and will went down to the pool with our towels and stuff and his mum had saved us both a sunbed .
as we walked over and put our towels down i couldnt help but have a little look at his mum in her white bikini , her tits practically popping out of her bra as she read her book.

Me and Will Jumped in the pool and fooled around for a while checking out the hot girls and every now and again i would have a glance over at his mums big tits.
a while later after me and will got sum drinks from the pool bar , we walked back over to the sunbeds and his mum was lay on her stomach with her bra strap undone , i had a quick peek at his mums hot tanned ass while will got his bag , he tapped on her shoulder and said mum , we are going over to the football courts , as she leaned up on her elbows her huge tits drooped down and i got a glimpse of her nipples ,
i looked away instantly incase she saw me and we walked to the courts for a game of football ,

That Night We all went up to our rooms to get ready and have a shower ,
me and will didnt take long and once we was ready we went down to the outdoor bar and got a few beers , because will was a year younger than me he didnt get an adult band for the hotel , so i had to get the beers in.

After about 4 beers i started to feel a little tipsy and soon after Wills Mum joined us , she looked amazing , she was wearing a tight white one piece dress and had sum huge see through platform heels , the white dress made her skin look even darker than it was ,
As we walked up to the hotel Restaraunt i couldnt help but miss debbies white thong and bra strap through her slightly see through dress ,
i was basically entranced with her ass as we walked up the stairs .

As we ate the meal i kept peeping over at his mums huge tits that were popping out of her skimpy dress ,i looked down at them for a few seconds and i saw his mum notice me ,i looked away instantly and went abit red , she just smerked and pulled her dress up a little at the front.

After the meal me and will went into marmaris while debbie stayed at the hotel bar with a women she got talking to .
Later that night and alot of beers later Will was really pissed , he could barely walk and i was feeling pissed myself ,
we stayed out for a while longer but will started to embaress himself falling over and being sick so we got in a taxi and went back to the hotel .

I took him up to the room and dropped him on the bed , he fell asl**p straight away , i put a bottle of water on the side of his bed and lay down on my own bed after 5 minutes my head was spinning , i leaned up and checked the time and it was only 1 in the morning and the hotel bar didnt shut till 2 so i walked down on my own to get another drink ,

When i got to the outdoor bar , i noticed wills mum sat down on her own , with a few more f****ys and couples sat near her , i asked her did she want a drink and got her a brandy and i got myself a beer ,

as i sat down she said where is will ? i said well we had a few too many drinks and he felt abit sick so he went to bed , she laughed and said whats he like hey ..
we talked about college and stuff for a while and then she asked me if i had a girlfriend which i replied no , she said well i would of thought all the girls would be chasing after a handsome young guy like you .
i giggled and got a little embaressed , i said i just cant be arsed with a girlfriend at the moment and so on .

I started to feel a little horny and began looking at her big tits , she caught me and laughed , oi !! she said thats the second time today ive caught you looking , i went bright red and laughed sorry i cant help it . s
she said im only joking anyway i dont mind and give me a naughty smile .
my big cock started to grow in my shorts to a point where it was visible ,
i think she could tell by my body langauge that my cock was erect ,

She shuffled up a little closer to me and put her hand on my leg as she looked over at the bar i just sat there in silence , she started to move slowly up my leg until she reached my raging cock over my shorts , i just lay back in shock as she rubbed my bulge .
She turned her head and started smiling at my shocked face , she said whats up dont you like that and took her hand off , i said woo! well ofcoure i like it , its just a wierd thats all ,

we grabbed a drink and debbie said its time she went to sl**p , i walked up behind her looking at her arse thinking of what i could of had , as we got to our rooms which were next door to each other ,i was just about to open my door when she said well are you coming in or not , without any hesitation i walked into her room , she said thats a good lad , i sat down on the bed with my beer not knowing what to expect as she went into the bathroom .

i was nervous but excited my cock started to grow again thinking of what was going to happen , then she walked out of the bathroom in just her underwear and them huge heels , she looked amazing , her white bra and tiny thong hugging her hot tanned body ,
She walked over to me and turned around pressing her arse agianst my bulging shorts and started to grind on me , my cock getting harder and harder , she grabbed my hand and directed it to her bra strap , i undid her bra and she turned around slowly taking it off then rubbing her huge saggy tits in my face .
she then pulled my t shirt off and fell to her knees infront of me , she undid my short button and pulled them off leaving me with just my white boxers on which clearly shown my raging 9 inch cock , she started to lick and kiss my cock over my boxers teasing me even more , finally she pulled down my boxers and started to kiss all the way up my cock ,

she grabbed it with her left hand and licked my tip before taking me quite deep into her mouth , my cock was rock solid i was in heaven , i lay back looking down at my mates hot mum sucking my big cock while he slept nextdoor ,
she pulled my cock out of her mouth and said do you like that ? i said omg you are the best ever , then she put it back inside her warm mouth as she rubbed her mature cunt ,

soon after she stood up and pulled down her thong revealing her hairy cunt , she pushed me down onto my back on the bed and crawled up me and we started to kiss as i played with her dripping wet pussy ,

she leaned over to me and whisperd , make sure you tell me when your gonna cum !
i just nodded my head , she grabbed my cock from under her and aimed it into her cunt, she pushed down on my cock inch by inch she took me , her pussy was dripping wet and really warm it felt great she started to ride my cock as i played with her big drooping tits ,
we was both dripping in sweat as we fucked ,
she told me to roll over so we did ,
she was now lay on her back in missionary , i grabbed my raging cock and slid it back in with ease i started to pound her as hard and deep as i could trying not to cum , she was moaning loud and digging her hands into my back as i pumped her ,she moaned loud and her body shook she pulled off my cock and started to squirt on the bed and all up my chest ,
She said loudly put it back in , i slid it back in her and started to pump her hard agian i was drippin with sweat and couldnt hold on much longer , i told her i was about to cum , she said come her let me taste you , i pulled out of her wet pussy and she leaned up i started to wank my cock fast until i began cumming , she had her mouth open wide i started to blow the biggest load ever in her mouth and on her tits , once i had finished she started to suck my cock it was so sensitive , she started wiping the cum on her tits with my cock then sucking it off ,

soon after i just collapsed on the bed exhausted and swaeting ,she stood up and went to the bathroom , she said did you like that ?
i said i dont think words can explain how much i enjoyed that ,
she said well if youre a good boy and keep youre mouth shut me might be able to do this agian sometime .
i promised her i wouldnt tell a soul ,
she said right you best get going wills gonna wonder where you are if he wakes up , i put my clothes back on and went back to my room and lay there for ages thinking about what i had just done !!!!

thanks for reading please leave a comment , more to come !

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2 years ago
hot friends mom
2 years ago
2 years ago
wow you do have a thing for this debbie girl
2 years ago
Good story. Thanks.
2 years ago
3 years ago
ok dont worry about the 50 year old looking like a 30 year old it was still a good story
3 years ago
Very good
3 years ago
sorry mate, all this 'my big cock' stuff and a 50 yr old not looking a day over 30; come on, do us a favour! No 50 yr old woman alive looks 30, sorry!
3 years ago
Thanks for the share! Very well written...