Holiday Fuck Fest With My Auntie

I'm Kyle , I Am 19 ,6 ft 2 , muscular athletic build , darkly tanned , 9 inch uncut, dark hair ...

About 2 months Ago I was Having A really hard time , i had just lost my job and weeks later caught my girlfriend cheating in a nightclub.
I was Falling Apart , I was constantly depressed and no matter what anyone said or did i didn't feel any better.
Then One day When i was sat at home during the day the house phone rang , i picked it up and it was my Auntie Liz Who Lives in Cyprus ,she asked me if my mum was home and i told her no , she then said 'how are doing anyway kyle i have not seen you in years ' i replied ' well not to good at the moment and explained my problems to her about my job and my girlfriend.
after chatting to her about it for a while she asked me to come over to Cyprus for a week or 2 to get my mind of Evrything and just get away from it all,
I Wasnt Too Sure at first but after giving it abit of thought i told her i would.
That weekend after chatting with my mum and Auntie Liz I bought a One Way Ticket and told her Liz I would be over on the 22nd which was only 3 days away .

I Packed My bags and off i went to Cyprus , The First Time i had left the country on my own , i was a little nervous but excited at the same time,That Night I Landed In Cyprus and after i had collected my bag i left the airport and Found A Taxi , i gave the driver a piece of paper with the full address on and he knew where it was and set off.

After The 45 minute Drive we arrived at like a holiday complex which looked really nice , all the palm tress were lit up and the houses looked decent aswell
He pulled over and i payed him, he pointed to the house and i walked up the path with my bag and rang the bell.

Liz Opened The door as soon as she saw me she gave me a hug and said come on in i bet your knackered ,
she Came To The Door In A White Dress which made her tan look even darker ,she had dark brown hair and was a little chubby , her tits were huge , i felt them push agianst me when she hugged me,
As She walked down the hall i couldnt help but notice her white thong which was clearly visible through her tight white dress and the size of her fat shapely bottom.

We sat in the living room which was really nice and had a good chat with a drink ,she couldn't believe how tall i was , she kept saying bl**dy hell kyle what has your'e mum been feeding you , i just laughed
after a while she could tell i was tired and took me up to the back room which had a small single bed , i put my bag away and undressed and went to bed .

The Next Day I woke up and got out of bed still rubbing my eyes i walked to the bathroom and washed my face , i shouted Liz a few times but there was no answer , as i walked across the landing upstairs i saw her through the window sunbathing by the pool , i walked right over to the window and moved the see through curtian , there she was lay down reading a book with just bikini bottoms on with her huge tits exposed to the boiling sun ,
i stood and admired her huge rack and started to get hard , as much as i felt wierd them big tits just made my cock grow and grow , after a while she put down the book and started to rub sun cream into her arms and shoulders before rubbing it into her huge tanned tits ,i pulled down my boxers and started to wank my big cock , once her cream had dried she stood up and got into the pool , my hard on started to go so i put sum shorts on and walked downstairs,

i walked through the kitchen and grabbed a drink then straight out into the back yard ,as she saw me walk out she swam over to the side so i could just see her face , she said ' morning did you have a good sl**p ' i said yh it wasnt bad , she said why dont you get in here it will wake you up then we will have some breakfast ,
i walked to the edge and jumped in once i was in the pool i tried to keep my distance to liz , knowing her tits were out i just felt a little wierd now i was older
soon after she climbed out of the pool , i couldnt keep my eyes of her as she got out of the pool , i was entranced by her big fat arse in that tiny thong bikini and her big drooping tits that were shining in the sun ,
she looked back and smiled as she walked over to the house i looked away instantly , i climbed out of the pool and walked into the house liz grabbed a towel and tied it above her tits , i walked into the kitchen with my cargo shorts dripping wet , she grabbed me a towel and threw it me ,she said why dont you jump in the shower quickly before we have something to eat , i said ok , i walked down the hall and went into the bathroom i pulled my wet shorts off and got in the shower when i noticed a big dildo on the sink next to some shampoo i picked it up and laughed , i got back in the shower and became hard instantly thinking of liz using the dildo in this very shower , my cock was rock solid i wanked it hard as the hot water fell down on me the shower windows were steamed up and the shower was loud ,
all off a sudden out of nowhere the shower door opened , i turned around and there was liz stood there looking shocked , i instantly turned around facing the wall , i said liz what are you doing im in the shower , she said well i have just put sum fresh towels on the side for you , she looked down towards my cock and just laughed , i said whats so funny as i covered my cock with my hands , she said nothing just the size of that thing . i went bright red and said why its not small , she said exactly my point thats bl**dy huge kyle , she said let me have a proper look at you , i said no are you mad youre my auntie , she said well whats wrong with that im only having a look bl**dy hell kyle i dont bite ,
she said an older women like me doesnt see much of that these days and i just want to have a little look dont be so shy its natural ,
i sighed ,ok then a little look , i took my hands away to reveal my huge flacid cock that had just come off hard so it was about 6 inches , she looked down and giggled, that is bl**dy massive kyle she reached out with her left hand and grabbed it , i said wow what are you doing i thought i only wanted to see it , she slowly started to pull my forskin back and forth as she looked into my eyes with a naughty smile , she untied her towel and down it fell she stepped into the shower and i moved back until i hit the wall still really nervous , she grabbed sum shower gel and started to rub it into my chest , my cock started to grow bigger and harder , i couldnt help it , she slowly moved down my chest and grabbed my cock with her slippy hands and started to wank me once more , she grabbed my hands and put them on her huge wet tits i couldnt resist it i started squezzing them both hard as she wanked my huge cock with the hot water dripping down on us ,after the soap had been washed away she opened the shower door and walked me out by my cock , i stood up and leant on the sink , Liz fell down to her knees grabbed my cock and started to lick up and down my shaft before taking it into her mouth , i lay back in total pleasure looking down on my auntie sucking my big cock it was madness , she was taking my cock deep into her mouth it was the best blowjob i had ever had she kept grabbing it and wiping my wet cock on her nipples then taking it back into her mouth , she stood up and started to kiss me as my cock pressed agianst her chubby belly as she pushed agianst me , she grabbed my hand and walked me to the bedroom , she pushed me down on her queensize bed and started to crawl up the bed she started to kiss my leg all the way up to my cock and then started to suck me once more.

soon after she crawled right up my body until her big tits were drooping in my face , i grabbed them with both hands and started to suck lick and bite her huge titties ,as she rubbed her pussy up agiant my hard cock .

she finally sat up and grabbed my cock , she aimed it inside her bald dripping cunt and pushed down , i looked at her face as she took my cock inch by inch ,
minutes later she was riding my cock hard as grabbed my sweating pecs ,
i couldnt believe it my auntie was sat on my cock and i was loving every moment of it as she rid me harder and harder ,
i was in full swing now and wasnt shy , i rolled over into missionary and started to really pound her as hard as i could , her loud moans were turning me on even more as i played with her monster tits as my cock pleasured her cunt

for about 20 minutes i pounded her as hard and as deep as i could , we were both dripping with sweat on numerous occasions she cummed allover my hard cock and i was soon about to follow , i really went for it i leaned over and started kissing her and just as i felt i as going to cum she grabbed my arse cheeks and pushed them into her , i started to cum deep inside her as i moaned loudly as her cunt contracted on my cumming cock i lay inside her for a while intil my cock went fully floppy , i rolled over exhausted on the bed ,

from that day forward we shared the same bed and stayed nude around the house together we were like a couple , it was the best sex of my life and i stayed for a 3 more weeks ,

if you like the story please comment and i will write more about the holiday soon thanks for reading x

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16 days ago
Nice but 6 inch cock is not big mate ;p
2 years ago
got me hard,wank time me thinks
2 years ago
2 years ago
3 years ago
whats her address.....good story
3 years ago
great story
3 years ago
Very good
3 years ago
great story,wish i had aunts like that
3 years ago
That happened to me in 1991 in skegness m8 still wank about it now
3 years ago
Always nice to have a horny hot aunt
3 years ago
real nice and very hot.