Watching My Mum Take A Huge Young Cock

I Am Kyle , 18 m uk

My Mum Is Called Suzanne , She Is 48 years old ,She Has Short Blonde Hair,Blue eyes and is nicely tanned , she is not fat but has a bit of a chubby belly due to age , she has natural 38c breasts and is trimmed down below.

About 4 years ago my mum and dad divorced and my dad moved far away, he still sends me money and stuff at Xmas but we dont really see each other alot due to the distance.
i have lived alone with my mum for the past 4 years ,she has had the odd boyfriend but they have been very short term.
My Mum is a hairdresser and is always busy working and cleaning when she gets home

Around a week ago my mums friend Jane come over to our house after work to get her hair done off my mum.
I was upstairs in my room playing on my x box and i could hear them both chatting away , after a while i heard jane talking about a guy so i turned down my volume and stood at the top of the stairs,

jane said 'i havent told you yet have i Suzanne '' the other week i met this guy on the internet and we got chatting and he said hes got a thing for older women and wanted to meet up with me ,i thought he was joking around at first but he seemed serious about it , so last weekend i met up with him , he came over to my house we had a few drinks and one thing led to another and im telling you now sue , it was the best sex i have ever had .
i Heard my mum say lucky you , jane replied honestly Sue you should of seen the size of his cock , i have never seen nothing like it .
My mum said so how old was this guy ? jane replied 27 ,
i heard my mum laugh , she said 27 bl**dy hell arent you the lucky one .

Jane said so Suzanne , have you been seeing any blokes recently ?,
My mum replied i wish and laughed .
Jane said 'your joking you need to get on the internet .
Jane said ' so how longs it been ?
my mum replied nearly 3 months now and that wasnt exactly great.
Jane said , youre joking , i tell you what ,how about i hook you up with this guy i met ?
my mum laughed and said dont be daft he is 27 ,
Jane replied ' Sue Dont be daft you will love him , hes young, hot and he certainly knows what hes doing in the bedroom ,
My mum said , well i dont know jane its tempting .
Jane said enough of that i will phone him now ,

A few minutes later , i heard jane on the phone , she said ' hiya Ben its jane i have got something to ask you .
She said - well i have just been speaking to my friend Suzanne about last weekend and she wants to know if youre up for abit of fun this weekend ,
Jane said - ok thats great friday night it is , And told him to write my house address down ,

Once jane put the phone down , i heard my mum laughing and going mad a jane ,

soon after jane left , i was rock hard upstairs and looked out of the window when she left , she was quite chubby but had huge tits .

Friday night i got home from college and got a shower and got ready , when i went downstairs my mum was sat down having a cig in her dressing gown and i could tell she had had her hair done , she said to me are you staying out tonight ? i said i dont know why ? she said well i have got somebody coming around so i could do with you staying at your friends or something , i said yh thats fine , i said i will leave you an youre new boyfriend to it and laughed , she said its not my boyfriend hes just a friend from work and i dont want you annoying us all night,

soon after i went in my mates house on my street and played on the game for abit , it got to about 9 oclock and i could see a tall guy walking up the street with a bag and he knocked on my door , i saw my mum let him in , so i said to my mate , i have to go kev and ran to mt back garden through the field behind , i snook up to the patio door and could see them both sat on the sofa talking ,

My mum was wearing a hot blue dress with some big platform heels on and i could see her big tits basically popping out of her tight dress , they guy looked young he was about 6 ft tall , slim and was decent looking ,

they were chatting for about 20 minutes having a few drinks , my mum looked abit shy and was drinking her wine rather fast , they guy sat closer to her and put his hand on her bare leg ,
he run his other hand through her hair then pulled it to one side , he leaned over and started to kiss her neck , my mum put her drink down and lay back ,
they started passsionatly kissing on the sofa ,
my mum uncrossed her legs and the guy slowly moved his hand onto the inside of her leg rubbing up and down as they kissed ,

as her legs opened a little wider he slowly moved his hand up her dress until he reached her panties , he started to rub over her black thong as they kissed ,
soon after he pushed her dress up abit at the front and put his hand down the front of her thong , i could see his hand rubbing under the black thong once my mum widened her legs even more ,

shortly after he stopped kissing her and pulled his hand out of her panties , he started to stroke her leg until he reached her platform heels , he picked her leg up and put it on his crotch as my mum lay back , he started to unbuckle both of her heels , once they was off , he grabbed her foot and raised it to his face and started to kiss her feet , then started to suck her red painted toes as she looked at him with arousing eyes , he started to kiss all the way down her leg and then pulled her thong off slowly , he kneeled down and started to eat my mums mature wet pussy as she run her fingers through his short hair , i could tell by her face she was in heaven ,

After a good 10 minutes of eating her pussy , he stopped and started to kiss my mum agian before standing infront of her , she sat up and started to undue his jeans as he looked down on her , she pulled down his jeans and then his boxers and out popped the biggest cock i have ever seen face to face , it was huge it stood facing my mum rock hard , it must have been a good ten inches , my mum couldnt believe it , she began to licking up and down his huge long shaft as she held it in her hand , she started to suck it as best she could as she wanked him

soon after my mum stood up and grabbed the guy by his huge cock and lead him to her her room which was downstairs in the extension , i ran around the side of the house i could luckily see through the gap in the blinds,
the guy took off his t shirt so he was fully nude ,
my mum stood infront of him as sat on the bed , he unzipped her dress and pulled it down then undid her bra , he leaned over and started to kiss and bite her peachy ass ,
he turned her around so she was facing him and started to suck her big drooping tits , my mum pushed him down onto the bed and he shuffled up , she climbed on the bed and started to suck his massive 10 inch cock , trying to take him as deep as she could as she wanked him ,
he told her to flip around so they wer in the 69 position , she was ontop sat on his face with her hairy mature cunt smothering his mouth as she sucked him , he grabbed her big ass cheeks and squeezed tighly he ate her ,

She jumped off him and climbed into cowgirl so she was facing him , she hovered above his huge cock as she grabbed it and rubbed it over her clit and pussy flaps teasing him before finally taking it deep inside her willing snatch , she started to ride vigourasly until she had ran out of energy , she leaned over to him and he started to pound her hard from underneath , i could hear her faint moans through the window and he aggresivly pounded her ,

they rolled over into missionary with his cock still in her , he held his weight up with his arms and started to really pound her hard and deep , thrusting nearly all his cock inside her , as she grabbed onto his firm young arse ,

not long after he bent my mum over on all fours and began to eat her out from behind , and then stuck his big cock back inside her , he grabbed onto her fat arse as he pounded , her ass cheeks wobbled every time his ball bounced of her stretched cunt , her big tits drooped down onto the bed , he put his thumb her arse hole as he fucked her pussy hard , she was biting her lip as she moaned

he pulled out his cock and started to eat her ass hole as she rubbed herself from underneath , he grabbed hold of his cock and slolwy squeezed it into my mums tight ass hole , she rubbed her soaking wet pussy fastly as he pushed in slowly inch by inch , about 10 minutes later he had started to pick up a rhytm and was fucking her arse hole good as he smacked my mums big ass ,

about 10 minutes into fucking her arse , he pulled out and my mum turned over onto her back , he started to wank his big cock as my mum opened her mouthand stuck her tongue out , his face opened up with pleasure and he began to unleash his huge load into my mums mouth and all over her big sweating tits ,
my mum was wild for it , she started licking her tits as she looked at him and then sucking him off agian gettting evry drop of his tasty young cum ,

about an hour later after a few glasses of wine , the guy got dressed and left after having a long kiss with my mum ,i couldnt hear them talking but i know my mum wanted to meet agian ..........

thanks for reading , please leave a comment

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11 months ago
Great story!
2 years ago
love to hear more of mom
2 years ago
your mom drained the it
3 years ago
That was hot.
3 years ago
thats hot .. similar situation happened with my mum as well
3 years ago
Interesting story.
3 years ago
hot story, lets her more about your mom.