Me And My Mature Wife Swinging With Young Couple O

Hi, my names John

A few months back me and my wife Suzanne went on holiday to Turkey.
We stayed in a 5 star hotel which we have visited once before.

Me and Suzanne Enjoy A great Sex Life with each other and also have an open relationship if we are both present.

On The 4th Night of the holiday just after we had eaten our meal , we sat at the outdoor bar and had a few drinks looking over at the beautiful bay with the sun falling into the sea ,
As it got abit later on Suzanne went over to the bar in her hot white dress which expressed her lovely tan even more, as i looked over at the bar i saw she was chatting to a young good looking couple, after about 5 minutes Suzanne walked back over to our table with the them .
They sat down at our table and we all introduced ourselves to each other ,
The Guy was Called Scott and His Wife Was Called Lucy .
They were both really tanned and good looking and was in there 20s .

After about 30 minutes of getting to know each other , Suzanne Asked Lucy To go to the bar with her to get some drinks.
Me and Scott sat back and looked upon them both as they walked away in their hot dresses and heels.

I said 'so scott how long have you been married ' he replied ' nearly 3 years now , i said oh good for you , your a very lucky man and smiled as i looked upon his slender young wife ,
Scott laughed and said you can talk your the lucky one mate,
i said well i guess we are both luck really , the girls walked back over and sat down with the drinks .

As time passed and as we were all a little d***k the conversation started to get a little more heated.
Scott said , so how long have you both been married if you dont mind me asking , Suzanne replied 18 years and were still enjoying it arent we love , as she put her arm on my lap , Lucy said oh thats great whats your secret then ?

Me and Suzanne Looked At each other and smiled , Do you really want to know she said ? Lucy said yes ofcourse , Suzanne said well put it this way we still have a great sex life but we also have an open relationship from time to time aslong as we are both present.

They looked shocked , evryone giggled and we carried on chatting about each other and our marriages , Scott and Suzanne Couldnt keep there eyes of each other.
Lucy said you have always talked about that havent you scott , he said what ? she said about being with an other women , he was quite d***k and said well yh but only if you agreed , Lucy smiled and said and he always talks about older women , you best keep your eyes on him john as she laughed ,i laughed back and said its totally fine with me your both a very good looking couple and i'd happily let my wife be with scott if she wanted .
Suzanne Said So how would you feel about that Lucy ? how would you feel if scott give me a little kiss ? she said a kiss , im fine with that its only abit of fun .
Suzanne Asked Scott are you ok with that scott , he said well yh i guess aslong as lucy is , and she said its fine , Suzanne leaned over her chair to scott who was sat next to her and gave him a little kiss for a few seconds . lucy watched them and looked at me and smiled ,
Suzanne Said Do you fancy going for a little walk? we all agreed , we walked down the stone path towards the beach , Suzanne and scott was infront and she put her arm around him as they walked . i looked back at lucy and she walked up to me and put her arm around me , suzanne and scott looked back and evryone smiled .
we walked down to the beach and sat down on sunbathers next to each other ,
before we knew it Suzanne and Scott were kissing passionatly , i put my arm around lucy and pulled her in so that she was leaning on my stomach ,
lucy looked up at me and i said dont worry just enjoy it ,she smiled and said i have always had a thing for older guys like you , we we looked at each other for a few moments and started kissing ,
moments after lucy looked over and saw Suzannes hand down her mans shorts as they kissed , instantly she started to undue my button as if she was competing , she put her hand down my boxers and felt around for my now huge hard cock , she gasped in shock and looked at me ,she started to wank my hard cock as she kissed and licked my neck ,

Scott stood up , Suzanne still sat down pulled down his shorts and boxers and began sucking his young cock , me and lucy glanced over at them , she started kissing my neck all the way to my ear , she said dont worry yours is way bigger , i smiled and carried on kissing her , she stood me up and pulled down my shorts and pulled out my big tanned cock , she started to suck it with her small mouth barely fitting around it , i leaned back in pleasure as i looked to my side and saw my wife sucking another guys cock i was in heavan , i looked down on lucys young slim tanned body and couldnt take it much longer , i lay on the sun lounger and picked her up and sat her on my face , she leaned over and started to suck my cock agian , suzanne and scott shortly followed , both of us taking dripping wet pussy in our mouths as our cocks were being sucked ,
lucy tatsed amazing , so young and fresh ,
not long after both the wives were sat on our cocks , competing if you wish to pleasure us the most , i looked to scott and smiled as we fucked each others wife hard and deep ,
we bent them over the sunlounger on all fours and started to pound them hard and deep , i didnt have much left in me her pussy was so tight and wet , suzanne got on her knees on the sand and said let me taste you , scott blew his huge load in suzannes mouth as she played with her wet clit , i give lucy my last pound and then to pulled out , she leaned over and i cummed all over her young sweating face , they both licked out cum of our cock for about 5 minutes then we got clothed and walked back up to the hotel , they loved it ,said it was the best sex they ever had ,

to be contined ..........
sorry a little rushed at the end ,

92% (31/3)
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2 years ago
A terrific way to spend a holiday.
2 years ago
3 years ago
That was hot. Can't wait for more.
3 years ago
now im wet
3 years ago
nice story